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The Love Bug

The Love Bug

The Love Bug, a classic Disney film, is a beloved tale that captured the hearts of many viewers. Released in 1968, this iconic movie introduced the world to an adorable little Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own. Directed by Robert Stevenson and written by Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi, The Love Bug quickly became a success, spawning several sequels and leaving an indelible mark on pop culture.

The cast of The Love Bug included various talented actors who brought their characters to life with charm and charisma. Dean Jones starred as Jim Douglas, a down-on-his-luck race car driver who stumbles upon the lovable car named Herbie. Jones perfectly portrayed the frustration, hilarity, and eventual fondness that Jim develops for this extraordinary vehicle.

The amazing Michele Lee portrayed Carole Bennett, a fellow racer who becomes a love interest for Jim. Equally skilled in both comedic and dramatic moments, Lee's portrayal of Carole added depth and complexity to the story. Her chemistry with Dean Jones on-screen was undeniable and lent an extra layer of authenticity to their characters' romantic relationship.

David Tomlinson, best known for his role as Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins, played the role of Peter Thorndyke. As a wealthy, arrogant competitor, Tomlinson injected The Love Bug with comedic tension that elevated the story's conflict. His interactions with Jim and Herbie were a constant source of amusement and provided a stark contrast to the film's overall sweetness.

Arguably, the true star of The Love Bug was Herbie, the lovable Volkswagen Beetle with a knack for mischief. Though there were no band members in this feature film, Herbie became an endearing character in and of itself. With its vibrant blue and red racing stripes, expressive headlights, and vivid personality, Herbie established itself as another icon within the Disney universe. The sounds of Herbie's engine and the delightful honking weaved throughout the movie added an extra layer of charm and enchantment, immersing the audience in the world of this lovable car.

If you'd like to experience the sounds of Herbie yourself, you can play and download them here. Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Herbie and relive the magic of The Love Bug. Close your eyes and transport yourself to a time when a simple bond between man and machine could warm hearts and captivate audiences.

Beyond its endearing characters, The Love Bug also offered a delightful story that combined elements of comedy, romance, and adventure. The film's plot follows Jim Douglas as he discovers Herbie's extraordinary abilities, leading to a series of hilarious and entertaining misadventures. From unexpected racing victories to encounters with eccentric characters, The Love Bug takes viewers on a journey filled with laughter, heartwarming moments, and an underdog story that resonates with audiences of all ages.

The Love Bug remains a memorable and cherished film that has stood the test of time. Even over five decades after its release, its impact can still be felt in popular culture, making it a must-see for fans of classic cinema and Disney enthusiasts alike. With its stellar cast, well-crafted story, and the unforgettable presence of Herbie, this film continues to capture the hearts of new generations, spreading joy and instilling a belief in the unexpected power of love.

So, if you're looking for a heartwarming film that embodies the spirit of friendship, adventure, and a touch of Disney magic, The Love Bug should be at the top of your list. Play and download the iconic sounds associated with this beloved film and prepare to fall in love with Herbie, Jim, and the delightful world they inhabit.

A couple of weirdos, Guinevere.
A little bird's nest soup never hurt anyone.
A little trouble gettin' it started.
A moment ago you mentioned teaching me a lesson.
A most worthy adversary.
A quality not necessarily to be despised.
A rum lot you've taken up with, my dear.
A usted también.
A very loyal girl.
A wise man once said...
A year and a half, almost two. Why?
Aah! Aah!
About $75.
Actually, at this hour, only one car is unaccounted for.
Against the remaining payment.
Ah, Douglas.
Ah, shut up. You want Herbie to hear you?
Ain't you got no pride?
All cars off the starting grid and through turn one.
All gone.
All I do here is sell food,
All of my drivers are 18, 19.
All right, boys, you heard Mr. Thorndyke. Tear it apart.
All right, don't do anything sudden.
All right, it looks like Chinese Camp's about three miles from here.
All right, let's get the spare wheel on and get Herbie back on the road.
All right, Miss Bennett, I'll see to this gentleman myself.
All right, tell me.
All right, you can take it here.
All right, you guys, get out of there.
All right. Do you want me to tell you something,
All the cars looking very smart on the grid.
Altogether now.
An oil job.
And after all, who should know it better than I?
And allow me to say, sir,
And apparently is out of control.
And as you said before, it does have some peculiar traits,
And assault my personal Rolls Royce!
And Carole?
And Douglas, number 53, making the pass.
And Erwin in third place.
And furthermore, I ain't no mechanic.
And give you $1,500 for it.
And goes crashing into the number four shut off card.
And he's going to work on your car.
And how he hates it sometimes, mostly, how he loves it.
And hung a beautiful Buick Special on the back fence.
And I agree with you completely.
And I would hawk them and buy lunch.
And I'm perfectly willing to increase my previous offer
And if ever I find it here again,
And in just a moment we'll have the start.
And is in hot pursuit of Thorndyke in the number 14 car.
And is rapidly making up lost ground as the two pacemakers near the famous
And it makes me wait six seconds longer than anybody else. I timed it.
And it would grab cameras and watches, and drop them down a hole to me.
And now, sir, the terms of our wager.
And one or two of them turn out to be something special.
And that ain't too good.
And the proceeds given to Mr. Wu.
And the usual monthly payments, the car will become his.
And there he goes by us.
And third place!
And this four wheel contrivance dropped into the bay!
And this one tells us that the Thorndyke car
And Thorndyke goes rocketing by into the sweeper turn.
And very strong.
And we can't see it.
And what does that mean?
And when I ask myself, "Could this man be capable
And while here in Virginia City,
And you two clowns can have your little laugh.
And, actually, at any moment now,
And, by golly, so are we,
And, if you don't mind, some pretty fair country driving.
ANNOUNCER: All cars getting off to a very nice start.
ANNOUNCER: And now the starter has his flag in the air.
ANNOUNCER: And now, here in Virginia City,
ANNOUNCER: As we come down the back straight,
ANNOUNCER: Attention, drivers and owners, report to Mr. Granatelli
ANNOUNCER: Now car number 53, Douglas, starts to make a move!
ANNOUNCER: The standings at lap 23...
ANNOUNCER: There is some passing as they leave the starting grid.
Another kind of a civilization is gonna take a turn.
Anticipation of victory is the purest form of aspirin.
Any sign of them?
Any style of car and crew you wish.
Anything goes.
Are approaching the historic mining towns of the mother lode.
Are the chances of victory for the Douglas car?
Are you all right? Are you dizzy?
Are you not the gentleman who originated the idea of small print
Are you presuming to tell me what to do in my own establishment?
Are you suggesting that I would stoop to such tactics?
As a matter of fact, bring it in tomorrow, and I'll find a replacement for you.
As a matter of fact, I don't know...
As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to like it.
As I realize you have the best interests of this organization at heart,
As I, too, am interested in the vehicle, I took the liberty of looking you up.
As they go down the back straight, coming on very hard to pass now
As we come to the midway point in the first day's racing,
As you know, this is open formula racing.
At 7:30?
At a time like this, whatever kind of time it is,
At the finish line in a very few minutes.
At the moment, the leaders of the race
At the president's headquarters.
At Willow Springs... Was it a year ago last February?
Atta boy.
Attaway, Jimmy boy!
Auto wrecking company in San Francisco,
Back to Yosemite Valley.
Balderdash! There isn't a driver in the world
Based then on what you now know, what would you say
Be serious, will you?
Because I get credit for winning those races.
Because the other people would say, "Ahhh..."
Before you suggested it.
Believe me, Jim. It'll be happier up there.
Believe me, when I was in this car alone, it was...
Blast you, Havershaw! How dare you patronize me!
Boy, was he lucky.
Break a leg, Thorndyke.
But can you imagine how I'd make it with equipment like this?
But don't make it look too easy.
But he has to sell Herbie back to me for a dollar.
But Herbie doesn't fit.
But I am nothing if not always a man of my word.
But I can use your money.
But I gotta stop kidding myself.
But I think I can make something out of that sad little bucket of bolts.
But I was beginning to think I'd never be anything more
But I'm sure that car's a real cutup when a convention comes to town.
But if I sold this gentleman the car, I feel a certain responsibility.
But it didn't work out, did it?
But now I see it makes all kinds of sense.
But the other people, they don't tell no other people,
But the Thorndyke car is moving up!
But we gotta draw the line somewhere.
But we'll return to the El Dorado at 7:30 tomorrow morning
But why should I think that's such a good idea?
But you gotta admit that this little guy backed you all the way.
But you said yourself earlier, it's a very nice little car.
But you're driving superbly.
Came over me all of a sudden.
Can you do something?
Can you help me, please?
Can't hear myself think.
Can't help feeling yippie.
Can't you understand? I'm not a mechanic!
Car number 53, Douglas, making his bid.
Carole, put your feet back here on the bumper.
Carole, turn around.
Carole, will you tell him how it is?
CAROLE: Oh! Ooh!
CAROLE: You don't look well in these pictures lately.
Cars stretching out now.
Cheap, honest transportation.
Clear the grid, please.
Clear the grid, please.
Come in!
Come in! Come in!
Come on, baby, it's gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow.
Come on, baby.
Come on, back in your seat.
Come on, come on, will you? I'm in a hurry!
Come on, come on.
Come on, push!
Come on. Come on!
Coming right up, sir.
Coney Ireland.
Contrariwise, the traffic light down the street hates my guts.
Dare to think that I drove you here on purpose?
Did a little car come by here?
Did you see this thing take off?
Didn't mean to disturb you.
Didn't say a word.
Do I now detect a note of timidity?
Do you hear something?
Do you mind if I try it?
Do you mind standing clear?
Do you mind?
Do you want to sell it back?
Does not greatly concern a gentleman like yourself.
Doesn't he take care of his car after a race?
Don't forget, he isn't the first guy ever to lose his head
Don't give him any trouble.
Don't let it get you, Herbie.
Don't lose your grip, old buddy.
Don't make a fuss. I need the money.
Don't panic, don't panic.
Don't pay any attention. Don't even look at it.
Don't talk to me.
Don't worry, Jim will be back soon.
Don't worry, little guy.
Don't worry... Hey!
Don't you even know how to open a map?
Don't you?
Douglas has just come alive and is pressing the leader now.
Douglas is slowing down
Douglas, number 53, is drawing close on Thorndyke in the number 14 car.
Down the backstretch, all by himself now.
Drivers signify that they're ready to race with their hands extended in the air.
Dual quads, all synchro box, zero to 60 under five.
Easy, fellas.
Even as you, I believed in the little car.