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Hairspray is a beloved American musical that gained immense popularity after its release as a movie in 2007. Set in 1962 Baltimore, the story revolves around Tracy Turnblad, a plus-sized teenager with big dreams of becoming a dancer on a local TV show called "The Corny Collins Show."

Directed by Adam Shankman, the film boasts an incredible ensemble cast that brings the vibrant characters to life. Nikki Blonsky portrays the infectiously optimistic Tracy Turnblad, while John Travolta takes on the role of her mother, Edna, in a groundbreaking performance. Christopher Walken stars as Wilbur, Tracy's supportive and loving father, and Michelle Pfeiffer shines as Velma Von Tussle, the rigid and prejudiced producer of "The Corny Collins Show."

Joining the cast is Zac Efron as Link Larkin, Tracy's crush and fellow dancer on the show. Amanda Bynes plays Penny Pingleton, Tracy's best friend who goes through a journey of self-discovery alongside her. James Marsden portrays Corny Collins, the charismatic host of the TV show, and Queen Latifah adds her incredible talent as Motormouth Maybelle, an influential figure in the fight for racial equality.

The music of Hairspray is an integral part of the movie's charm and success. With catchy and energetic tunes composed by Marc Shaiman, the film's soundtrack is a joyous celebration of 1960s pop and R&B music. The songs not only entertain but also serve as a powerful catalyst for themes of inclusivity, acceptance, and breaking down societal barriers.

Some memorable songs from Hairspray include "You Can't Stop the Beat," performed by the entire cast in an epic finale that will have you dancing along. "Good Morning Baltimore" introduces Tracy as she embarks on her journey to stardom with infectious enthusiasm. "Welcome to the 60s" is a toe-tapping number that showcases Tracy's transformation and newfound confidence. Queen Latifah's powerful rendition of "I Know Where I've Been" brings weight and emotion to the film's message of equality.

You can immerse yourself in the music of Hairspray by playing and downloading these sounds here. Whether you're a fan of toe-tapping tunes or songs that inspire change, the Hairspray soundtrack offers something for everyone. From lively dance numbers to heartfelt ballads, the music captures the essence of the film's infectious energy and empowering narrative.

Beyond its musical numbers, Hairspray is also known for its colorful and energetic dance sequences. The choreography, led by Tony Award-winning choreographer Jerry Mitchell, is exuberant and showcases the talents of the cast members. The vibrant costumes and retro set design further transport viewers back to the nostalgic 1960s.

Hairspray is more than just a movie – it's a celebration of diversity, acceptance, and the power of music to unite people. Its timeless message continues to resonate with audiences of all ages, and its infectious energy leaves a lasting impact. So, grab your dancing shoes and get ready to join Tracy Turnblad as she takes the world by storm. Play and download the sounds of Hairspray today, and be prepared to be swept away by its uplifting spirit and infectious rhythms.

A big hand for Baltimore's own Trinklettes.
A big strong line, ladies and gentlemen. It's "Madison Time."
A Corny Collins record hop, and I've got craters.
A foot in the door, that's all it is.
A fortune teller told me My love with you was through
A hey hey
A hey hey
A hey hey
A little somethin' to eat?
A little...
A local group with a big hit record.
A massive manhunt is underway for Miss Turnblad...
A new Council Member making her first appearance on the show...
A no no, a no no
A spokesgirl?!
A warm welcome for the queen of Baltimore soul...
Aah, I
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Let me down!
About earthquakes and volcanoes.
About your daughter's whereabouts.
Absolutely not.
Again I love you
Ah, damn. Just when I was gettin' it.
Ah, whoa. Sorry, little darlin'.
Ahh! Ohh.
Ahh. Your mother and I...
ALL (CHANTING): No, no, no!
All around the limbo clock
All around the limbo clock
All around the limbo world
All at prices you can afford. Big is beautiful.
All of greater downtown Baltimore...
All over the neighborhood
All ratted up like a teenage Jezebel.
All right, all right.
All right, boys.
All right, here she comes, looking very fine.
All right, here's I. Q. Jones and Lou Ann Levorowski...
All right, hon.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, ladies and gentlemen...
All right, ladies, let's go. Let's play dodgeball.
All right, Miss buttercup.
All right, Motormouth, just three couples left.
All right, now. After school, you know where to go.
All right, now. I want to introduce you to my main man.
All right! Yeah!
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Hold on to your hats, all you continental rockers...
All right. Now...
All right. Time y'all knew.
All right. Yeah.
All the girls and the guys
All the ratings she deserves?
All the way from Louisiana...
ALL: Aw!
ALL: Five?
ALL: Free Tracy Turnblad!
ALL: Free Tracy Turnblad! Free Tracy Turnblad!
ALL: Free Tracy Turnblad! Free Tracy Turnblad!
ALL: Good morning, Mrs. Shipley.
ALL: I pledge allegiance to the flag...
ALL: Ooh! WOMAN: Boyfriend.
ALL: Segregation never! Integration now!
ALL: The Corny Collins Show.
ALL: The Corny Collins Show.
ALL: Tracy!
ALL: Tracy! Tracy! Tracy!
ALL: Two, four, six, eight! TV's got to integrate!
ALL: Two, four, six, eight! TV's got to integrate!
ALL: Yeah!
ALL: Yeah!
ALL: Yeah!
Already hid, you better holler Billy goat
Always the charmer, Amber.
Amber Von Tussle and the Roach.
Amber will be so proud of us.
Amber, I'd like to talk to you.
Amber, stop it!
Amber, stop it.
Amber, that move is far too dirty.
Amber, you're such a comedian, heh.
AMBER: I said no.
AMBER: Yes, Corny. Please, wait outside.
Amen, amen!
An ill fitting tux, snapping bar mitzvah photos.
And all mashed up against a crooner?
And as exciting as that might sound...
And at the same time frustrated by the lack of sizes in stores today.
And away we go
And back in front of the cameras where you belong.
And bewildered by the world we see
And come to a final decision.
And dedicate it to some of my special friends...
And discuss the details.
And don't tell me what to say
And each new day
And everything's all right
And fight, fight, fight.
And girl you know about Emmy
And he's always downstairs in that shop workin' late.
And hold it right there
And I bet some people will find it quite difficult.
And I came down from that cloud real quickly, I'll tell you that.
And I do absolutely nothing else!
And I gotta dance with mine.
And I knew that, but how could she go that far?
And I overheard it on the news.
And I replaced them
And I think we oughta call it a night.
And I want you to absorb my 15 percent commission.
And I won't stop tryin' to change them.
And I'm Motormouth Maybelle remindin'...
And I'm Tracy!
And I'm your fabled Miss Motormouth Maybelle...
And I'm... Link.
And if you were president, Tracy...
And is currently being held at Montrose.
And it started right here in Baltimore.
And let them know that we will not stand for racism.
And may I be frank?
And maybe even give the Hardy Har a little p p p plug, heh.
And my diet pill is wearing off.
And no one can hurt you, oh, no
And now a fast girl who loves to slow dance...
And now for the talent portion of our competition...
And now here she is on local daytime TV.
And now it's time to move on to a little something we call the spotlight.
And now, broadcast live in front of a live studio audience...
And now, it's the moment you've all been craving for.
And oh, my darling
And oh, my darling
And others who could not practice their religion in England.
And our cameras also caught Tracy Turnblad...
And our first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, does it.
And out negotiating them.
And Penny, don't you be listening...
And please, when I go out with you
And show them that special education is nothing to laugh about.
And thank you, Tammy.
And that title wasn't handed to me on a silver platter. I worked for it.
And that winner is...
And the black kids you try to hold back.
And the hits a turning with Mr. Gene Chandler...
And the new Miss Hairspray is...
And the show biz offers are pouring in.
And the way to a man's heart is through his funny bone.
And then to just cancel n**** Day like that.
And then twist again Like we did last summer
And then you buzz around the floor You can do it if you really try
And then you throw the bomb.
And this is Link.
And this young lady right here...
And those lines have been burnin' up our switchboard.
And to top it off...
And Tracy, you keep this up and you just may be crowned Miss Auto Show 1963.
And under psychiatric care?
And we already have telegrams. Introduce yourself.
And we are out.
And we mix those kids in with the rest a the Council.
And we will march on WYZT.
And we're back.
And we're live in 5, 4, 3...
And we're off!
And what about this one?
And what's your favorite record from the survey?
And where did you see it first, kids?
And who will be the dancing princess from our council to be crowned queen?
And why would ?
And you will never leave this room again.
And you would remain completely obtuse.
And you, I.Q.?
And you, you are my girl
And you're too sweet
And you've locked yourselves out?
And your dream will be comin' to you, sweetheart...
And, my personal favorite, x ray specs.
And, of course...
And, once again, that's the Stricken Chicken.
And, Penny, go home before your mother shoots you.
And... picked her.
Angelheaded hipsters burning for The ancient heavenly connection
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, Corny Collins.
Any dance that you wanna do
Any time!
Any words for your opponent who many feel was the more popular winner?
Anybody can get grass stains all over their back.
Anyway, ahem...
Anyway, she was right in the car...
Are chords of the circle.
Are you all hungry for some good fun?
Are you aware n**** Day is the last Thursday of every month?
Are you big boned, got a glandular problem, but still want glamour?
Are you crazy? You gotta dance with your crowd...
Are you listening to me?
Are you now, or have you ever gone steady?
Are you OK, Trace?
Aren't you aware of the Supreme Court ruling on segregation?
ARVIN: Thank you. Thank you.
ARVIN: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Quiet.
As I said, it is not Mount Everest.
As soon as possible.
As you know, we've kept the lines open up to the last minute.