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In the Heights

In the Heights

In the Heights is a vibrant musical that first hit the Broadway stage in 2008, written by the brilliant Lin-Manuel Miranda. This energetic production tells the story of the residents of Washington Heights, a tight-knit neighborhood in New York City, and explores themes of community, dreams, and the pursuit of a better life.

Set against the backdrop of a bustling summer in Washington Heights, the film adaptation of In the Heights was released in 2021, directed by Jon M. Chu. The cast brought the vibrant characters to life, with Anthony Ramos in the lead role of Usnavi, and epitomized the heart and soul of the Washington Heights community. Melissa Barrera portrayed Vanessa, Usnavi's love interest, while Leslie Grace impressed as Nina, a young woman returning after a year at Stanford University. Additionally, the talented Corey Hawkins graced the screen as Benny, Nina's love interest, along with a dynamic ensemble of actors, including Jimmy Smits, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Olga Merediz, and Gregory Diaz IV.

The heart-pounding beats of In the Heights were crafted by a remarkable band, and the catchy tunes have become instant classics. The soundtrack features an incredible fusion of Latin rhythms, hip-hop, rap, and traditional Broadway melodies, offering a refreshing and modern sound. Lin-Manuel Miranda himself lent his talents to the music and lyrics, captivating audiences with his signature style and lyricism that he's now renowned for. The songs explore universal themes of hope, identity, and home, providing a relatable experience for all listeners.

If you want to immerse yourself in the vibrant sounds of Washington Heights and the colorful world of In the Heights, you can now play and download the soundtrack, allowing the infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics to transport you to the bustling streets of New York City. The soundtrack captures the essence of the stage musical, bringing its energy directly to your headphones or speakers.

Within the soundtrack, you'll find songs that will lift your spirits, such as "96,000" and "Blackout," that showcase the community's unity and resilience in the face of adversity. The heartfelt ballad "When the Sun Goes Down" tells a tale of longing and achieving one's dreams, while the lively "Carnaval del Barrio" invites you to join in the celebration and joy permeating the streets.

In the Heights speaks to the power of community, the beauty of dreams, and the pursuit of a place to call home. Whether through its heartwarming story or its infectious music, it has captivated audiences across the world. So, don't miss your chance to play and download these incredible sounds that will undoubtedly leave you dancing and singing along.

Absolutely gorgeous.
Abuela, Abuela.
Adios. I was saving that news for dessert.
Admit it.
Adopted our sueñitos , too.
After I left your place last night, I just...
Ah, bueno. There's no shame in waiting tables.
Ah, Miss Morales.
Ah. the hustle never ends.
Ain't that some shit?
All right, all right. Everybody sit down, sit down.
All right, all right. Oye, oye, oye.
All right, let's clean this up before Abuela gets here.
All right.
All right.
All right. Put your feet up.
All them doodles you made.
An independent, stubborn lady. Like you, hija.
And all it just got me thinking about is, like... all the people I care about the most.
And all the servers, all Latino, shot me this look,
And don't tell me no $500. I spent a lot of money on these tickets.
And figure out how every undocumented kid gets a pathway.
And I built my little dream, my sueñito,
And I could tell you.
And I just stood there.
And I just thought about you.
And I saw one of his drop cloths, and...
And I was like John Wick. I'd be like...
And I wore this black cocktail dress and I was walking to my seat,
And I'm just his big cousin, but...
And in the middle!
And it's not so pretty.
And one of the patrons shoved her plate into my arms
And said, "I ordered the vegetarian option."
And searched me and they...
And teachers and lawyers, first generation, fifth generation...
And that, those things will complete you."
And that's good.
And the garbage trucks smelled like island flowers.
And then eventually, they found it... in her bag.
And then I apologize like an idiot.
And then I apologized.
And then I ran into Pete.
And there's no shame in having a different path.
And this might not be feasible.
And we emptied our savings to put a down payment on Rosario's.
And when it comes to dreams... we had to keep scraping by.
And who cuts your hair better than me?
And, you know, I know you're his dad,
And... he was, like, "Wow, that's gonna be my son's name."
Appearances, appeals, to a final decision...
Are we popping champagne?
As a personal favor?
Ask your mother.
Asserting our dignity in small ways.
Assuming they can prove income 40 times the rent.
Atención, if you don't have a fare, I want you over on 125th.
Ay, Dios mío.
Ay, Dios. Try my mother's old recipe.
Ay, no!
Ay, Usnavi.
Banana hat lady?
Because the next time I could charge a dime.
Because this place... this is it.
Because you sold half the business, and it barely covered freshman year.
Bendicion, Abuela. Bendicion.
Benny, not hungry?
Benny, you know, before I bought Rosario's...
Best days of my life were there.
Best days of my life.
Best days of my life.
Best days of my life.
Bro! Get back here, man!
Bueno, mijo...
But every nickel went to shoe polish, right?
But I still got one tonight, Nina.
But it could be an opportunity to bring it back to life.
But it's my responsibility to make sure that he knows...
But Nina did.
But Nina Rosario's dreams were all about reach.
But no college?
But now... I'm like, almost 30.
But that we all had a sueñito.
But the gloves hid that.
But the ticket was never turned in.
But Vanessa needs a co signer, and not one who's about to leave the country.
But, I can't.
But, there's a chance, right?
But, they won't.
But, you never finished high school?
Bye, people!
Café con leche.
Call 911!
Can we go in the water now?
Can we go to the water now?
Can you get her there? Thank you and happy birthday.
Caramba, buy me a bikini!
Cash or credit?
Celia, Dolores, Isabel,
Celia, Dolores...
Check out the fireworks.
Chill out. You're hovering.
Chillax, you know you love me.
Chita, Rita, Frida,
Christmas, summers...
Come find me in the Bronx.
Come here with some towels!
Come on, Tio.
Come on!
Come on! Let's go.
Could be five months.
Country codes, actually.
Dad, I know what I have to do.
Dad... the deadline passed.
Dad... the deadline passed.
Dani, I'm taking lunch.
De verdad? Of who?
Diablo. It's like they've given up.
Did you not hear what I said?
Dile, mi gente, isn't she the best we got?
Do I look like Jesus to you?
Do what you gotta do.
Do you have two minutes?
Does your cousin dance?
Dominican Republic's gonna blow your mind.
Don't forget how you got your name.
Don't forget to take your medicine.
Don't get hit by a car, girl, you just got here.
Dreamed of being a downtown fashion designer.
Early July...
El Sueñito 2.0.
El Sueñito will be a labor of love.
Emptied my drawers, turned over my purse...
En un barrio called Washington Heights.
Ever wonder why?
Everything okay?
Excuse me?
Exhibit A: Daniela's salon.
Fiesta in the Heights,
Fiesta in the Heights!
For a green card or a rejection.
For you, mamita, front of the line! Oye!
Free. I got tons like that.
Girl gets into NYU, she gets into Columbia...
Girl was a rocket, determined to go far.
Girl, what the hell?
Go get me a soda, please?
God bless you. Dios te bendiga.
Good luck.
Half the roof got taken in the hurricane.
Hand embroidered by your mother.
Handmade by an old friend.
Has been meaning to ask...
Have a date tonight, so...
He cares.
He doesn't have an apartment. He doesn't pay rent anywhere.
He has an opportunity to have a life that you and me didn't have.
He saw a passing ship on the horizon.
He's a good kid. He's smart. He's funny.
He's bouncing between two girls' houses.
He's my next ask.
Hello? Yes, what time do you close?
Her hands were cracked from the cleaning fluids.
Here comes Usnavi!
Here I come.
Here we go. [chuckles]
Here, in Washington Heights.
Here, just in case. Sorry, here.
Hey, boss, I got your caffeine.
Hey, built in customers.
Hey, good morning to you, too, sweetheart.
Hey, Pop.
Hey, Pop.
Hey, y'all. Good morning.
Hey, you.
Hold on.
Holy shit, that's a lot of money.
Holy shit!
Hopefully, I won't be going alone.
How do you pay him?
How much fight does this buy us?
How much for this?
How much will you take for 'em?
I called her twice and I texted her.
I called them! Stop trying to protect me here.
I can pay for his flights, to and from.
I can't. Just stick with Usnavi.
I don't have time to cash in now.
I don't want you doing something else crazy.
I e mailed you a few days ago, but I brought an extra copy.
I got café but no con leche.
I got my island, okay? Go get yours.
I got searched.
I got searched.
I got that kid working to the bone, but look, I'm...
I got to visit some old friends. You know how it is.