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Funny Girl

Funny Girl

Funny Girl is a beloved musical film that was released in 1968. Directed by William Wyler, the movie tells the real-life story of Fanny Brice, a captivating comedic actress and singer. This iconic role is brought to life by the immensely talented Barbra Streisand, who delivers a performance that is hailed as one of her finest.

The film follows Fanny Brice's rise to fame as she navigates the world of show business and battles against societal expectations of beauty and conformity. Streisand flawlessly captures Brice's wit, charm, and larger-than-life personality. Her powerhouse vocals and impeccable comedic timing make her portrayal truly unforgettable, earning her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Streisand is accompanied by an exceptional cast that includes Omar Sharif as Nick Arnstein, Fanny's handsome love interest. Sharif's chemistry with Streisand is palpable, making their on-screen relationship both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Other notable cast members include Kay Medford as Fanny's loving and supportive mother, Rose, and Walter Pidgeon as Florenz Ziegfeld, the famed theater producer who recognizes Fanny's exceptional talent.

The film features an exceptional soundtrack that showcases Streisand's incredible vocal range and emotional depth. From the exuberant and catchy "Don't Rain on My Parade" to the heartfelt and poignant "People," the songs in Funny Girl perfectly enhance the story and bring Fanny Brice's journey to life. Audiences can easily get lost in the beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, thanks to Streisand's masterful performances.

If you are a fan of Funny Girl or simply appreciate timeless musicals, you can now relive the magic of this extraordinary film. With the ability to play and download these incredible sounds, you can have the soundtrack of Funny Girl at your fingertips. Whether you want to dance along to the lively tunes or immerse yourself in the powerful ballads, these songs will transport you to the vibrant world of Fanny Brice.

Funny Girl not only captivates with its remarkable performances and outstanding music but also explores themes of resilience, self-acceptance, and the pursuit of one's dreams. Fanny Brice became an inspiration to many by embracing her unique qualities and celebrating her individuality. Her journey serves as a reminder that staying true to oneself is truly the key to success and happiness. Funny Girl is a must-see for anyone looking for a heartfelt and uplifting cinematic experience.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the iconic sounds of Funny Girl. Let the sweeping melodies and Barbra Streisand's incredible voice transport you to a world where dreams come true and nothing can dim your sparkle. You can play and download these extraordinary songs here, ensuring that the magic of Funny Girl is never far away.

A blue marble egg and yellow roses...
A feeling deep in your soul
A guy with a deal for me offered Nick a thousand to put in a word.
A telegram for Mrs. Brice!
A thousand jokes Stick around for the jokes
A walking illustration
Ace of diamonds...
All my life is just despair
All right
All right, just a second. Hold it there.
All right.
All right.
All you had to do was say that Peterson tricked you.
Alone at last.
Amateur contests, Gottlieb's Southern Repertory...
And even if I was...
And how wonderful you look.
And now a singing bride Who vocally encompasses
And poets often say
And such
And that, Miss Brice, is the end of this discussion.
And that's six expressions more Than all them Barrymores put together
And the hard knocks, and the setbacks you're supposed to learn from?
And the joke's on you
And then we rehearse a new show after that. What about you?
And we are the very lucky gents
And woman loved Is woman glorified
And you don't have to... I mean, I'm all yours anyway, but...
And, well, it's hard to quarrel with five curtain calls.
Are you out of your mind? What are you gonna tell Ziegfeld?
As Camille I just feel I've so much to offer
At least I can tell Mrs. Strakosh things are looking up.
Be a standard size that Fits a standard dress
Because when you look at him, you only see what you want to see.
Believe me, I know that.
Bravo, Miss Brice! Perfectly charming, and I'm delighted.
But don't get me wrong. I mean, I know a million guys.
But first be a person Who needs people
But guess who is Gonna be dessert
But I didn't do it out of spite. I didn't plan it.
But I don't care
But I need a strong voice in the finale.
But I still have other plans. And I really must go.
But I was watching you.
But maybe we ain't
But no one knows it
But there's no way I can catch up with you.
But tonight I was winning. I wouldn't have left that game for anything...
Can I come and watch with you?
Can I watch with no expression?
Can you watch with no expression at all?
Can't you see to look at me That I'm a natural Camille
Can't you see When you look at me
Click your skates Spin your wheels
Click your skates Spin your wheels, twirl your hips
Come back, silly. Get yourself a drink and sit down.
Come on, children, sit down.
Come on, let's try this.
Come on, telegram!
Come on.
Conductor, baby. What time is it, and where are we?
Darling, listen. Please.
Did you ever hear the story About the traveling salesman?
Did you hear that, Mrs. Strakosh?
Did you see the baby, darling?
Do for me, buy for me Lift me, carry me
Do I have to hear a lecture Such as that?
Does it take more explanation Than this?
Does it take more explanation Than this?
Don't know how I thought of going without you.
Don't tell me not to fly I've simply got to
Doubled in half
Enter the star.
Even our piano in the parlor
Everyone knows that I'm just Second hand Rose
Except the theater on opening night.
Fanny, love him a little less.
Father bought for 10 cents On the dollar
Fifty thousand.
Finally got a guy to marry me
Fine bunch of crooks I introduced you to.
Five hundred. Bettor.
Florenz Ziegfeld Now presents
For once in my life, I didn't say too much, I didn't say too little.
For whatever my man is
Frances? She's the cutest little thing I ever saw.
Free beer. You come, huh?
From Fanny Brice? The last of the 5 cent tippers?
From three faces that could cause ya To have temporary nausea
Furnishing a bed In restaurants
Go ahead, get dressed.
Go on, say it.
Go out, see people, do things, enjoy yourself.
Good evening.
Good reviews?
Goodbye, Fanny.
Half? All.
Have a bite. Keep your strength up. Food and liquor right over there.
He's a gentleman.
He's hurt?
Help him a little more.
Her. On her. Over there!
Hey, nice place, Nick.
Hey, the place looks wonderful.
Hey, you all packed? So, what are you doing around here?
His love makes you beautiful
His love makes you beautiful
His love makes you beautiful
Hold it, Eddie.
Hold it. Perfect. This'll just take a minute, Miss Brice.
Honey, if this is a hotel, I don't think they're ready for us.
How about a smile, Miss Brice?
How about you?
How could I go to bed?! I've been sitting here waiting, hour after hour.
How does the defendant plead?
How it ain't so funny
How wonderful to see you.
How would you know, darling?
I am by far
I am his
I am not angry! Why don't you answer a question?
I am not bossy with you or anyone.
I am the beautiful reflection
I am the greatest
I ask my looking glass
I bought her something.
I came here to meet another girl, named Elsie.
I came in early to tidy up, and the doorman said you were in.
I came straight here.
I don't even know if Nick wants us to go on...
I don't know exactly. I may go right on to Europe or the coast...
I don't know what you're paying me, but I bet it isn't enough.
I don't want anyone going around behind my back...
I expect to make another with this Florida deal. There's nothing to worry about.
I feel like a kid on a blind date.
I feel the feeling Down to my toes
I got it in Rome ages ago.
I guess it's not funny
I guess we're both happy
I had to do something.
I haven't had time.
I hear they haven't been running too well.
I just dropped by to make Nick a little proposition.
I know a lady who knows the lady who makes his shirts.
I know.
I like to feel free.
I mean, a song, you know, it's a very, very intimate thing.
I mean, it's really between me and the audience.
I mean, Mrs. Arnstein paid us.
I once dropped 20,000 on Monday...
I ought to fire you, but I love talent.
I pass.
I played Baltimore before, but never realized it was the most beautiful city.
I say, I caught your show last time I was in port.
I simply gotta march My heart's a drummer
I think we even struck champagne.
I told him.
I wanna see you too much. We've such a lot to catch up on.
I want a personal life too, and I'm gonna have it. Why not just wish me luck?
I wanted to stay away from you.
I was going to, I decided yesterday.
I was just sitting here and... "Oh, look. What do you know?"
I'd better find out. Please get him on the phone for me. Emma.
I'd like to, Nick. I think it would go.
I'd march my band out
I'll be waiting.
I'll get it, thank you.
I'll give you $25 a week. Take it or leave it.
I'll light up like a light Right up like a light
I'll look for it in lights.
I'll march my band out I'll beat my drum
I'll reserve it for 8:00. I hope you'll change your mind.
I'll watch it from the balcony. Turn on the rails.
I'm coming.
I'm going to live and live now
I'm good for a laugh
I'm offering 35.
I'm proud to think that I'm the man...
I'm Sadie, Sadie, married lady
I'm sorry.
I'm touring with the Follies. A week here, then a week in Chicago.
I've got a better idea.
I've got a lot of experience, honest. I've been on stage since I was 10.
If I can't tell what you're ordering...
If these bonds were phony, you don't think he knew it, do you?
If you hadn't looked exactly the way you did...
Instead of just kicking me
Is going to rain on my
Is it all over town, Tom?
Is Mr. Branca here yet?
Isn't this the height Of nonchalance
It cleaned up fine.
It is.
It was indecent, wasn't it?
It went beautifully. You were all very good...
It'll be all right.
It'll change.
It's a feeling I like feeling very
It's absolutely the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in my life.
It's against my religion to break a winning streak.
It's been the most beautiful week in my whole life.
It's comfortable and very convenient.
It's coming too easy. That's what's got me scared.
It's heard every place You find the grand ole flag
It's late. I'll walk you to the car.
It's my work, and I haven't had a smash hit for a long time.
It's one of my favorite things so I thought you might like to have it.
It's terribly late, Sadie. You should have been in bed ages ago.