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The Double

The Double

"The Double" is a fascinating psychological thriller film directed by Richard Ayoade, released in 2013. Inspired by Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novella of the same name, the movie takes viewers on a mind-bending journey through the life of Simon James, brilliantly portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg.

Eisenberg’s portrayal of Simon is nothing short of remarkable as he brings both vulnerability and intensity to the character. Simon is a meek and overlooked office worker who leads a monotonous existence, overshadowed by his more competent co-worker, James Simon. James is also played by Eisenberg, but with a stark contrast in personality. James is confident, charismatic, and everything Simon wishes he could be.

As the narrative unfolds, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between the two characters. Simon's life takes a turn when he meets Hannah, played by Mia Wasikowska, a co-worker who bears a striking resemblance to a woman Simon spies on through his telescope. The presence of Hannah further blurs the lines between reality and Simon's unraveling psyche.

"The Double" is a masterclass in visual storytelling, as Ayoade adeptly creates an oppressive and dystopian atmosphere. The film's aesthetic mirrors Simon's descent into madness, with its dark and claustrophobic setting reflecting his inner turmoil. The use of shadows, harsh lighting, and unsettling camera angles all contribute to the film’s haunting ambiance.

The supporting cast of "The Double" brings an extra layer of depth to the story. Wallace Shawn portrays Mr. Papadopoulos, Simon's tyrannical boss, and Yasmin Paige shines as Melanie, Simon's only friend in an unforgiving world. Their performances help to emphasize the isolation and desperation felt by Simon throughout the film.

Complete with an evocative and haunting soundtrack, "The Double" further immerses viewers in its nightmarish world. The film features a mesmerizing score by Andrew Hewitt, beautifully capturing the underlying tension and growing unease throughout Simon's journey. From the eerie piano melodies to the dissonant strings, the soundtrack perfectly enhances the unnerving atmosphere of the film.

If you are looking to delve deeper into the soundscape of "The Double," you can play and download the film's score via the official soundtrack release. Immerse yourself in the haunting melodies that accompanied Simon's descent into madness and feel the emotions intensify as the story unravels.

The Double is a captivating and thought-provoking film that delves into themes of identity, isolation, and the fragile nature of the human mind. Jesse Eisenberg’s outstanding dual performance, combined with Ayoade’s meticulous direction and the film's immersive atmosphere, make it a must-watch for lovers of psychological thrillers.

So, grab a bucket of popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare to question your own sanity as you embark on the mesmerizing journey of "The Double." And remember, you can experience the soundscape of this gripping film by playing and downloading the haunting soundtrack right here.

A bright young man who I'm sure will be an asset.
A lot.
A person.
A while.
According to the system, you've never existed.
Actually, I'm working on something at the moment, sir.
Ah, good, thank you. No, not now.
All bloody morning, you know.
All right, so I will leave you to finish up and get out of your hair.
All the boys in my school are so childish, so immature.
ALL: Just people.
And a beer. Anything else?
And collection and computers and stuff,
And demeaning whatever the fuck it is you do here,
And he did.
And he got fixated? Or did he get fixated and then move in?
And he told me that you sometimes watch my apartment from a telescope in your room,
And I couldn't see the type of man that I wanna be
And I do think being forthright certainly has its place.
And I don't want Hannah coming up and making another scene.
And I know that I'm doing it, but I'm incapable of doing what needs to be done.
And I said, "do you think just staring at me
And I thought, "that's strange." But, you know, whatever.
And I want you to stop messing around with Melanie.
And I want you to tell Papadopoulos that I've been
And I'd always see him, no matter where I went...
And I'm not, like, criticizing your behavior or anything.
And identify the next figure in the sequence.
And it kills me.
And it was very early, so she won't feel too much pain.
And it's a good thing I fixed my printer. Just used a little elbow grease,
And landed somewhere about there.
And like they say...
And purse snatchings. Anything else is gay.
And says, "I think I'm falling for you."
And so I looked at him square in the eyes and I said, "what do you want from me?"
And the Colonel knows that you demand
And the guy, he thinks for a second.
And the husband says, "that was great, that was really great.
And you hate music.
And, uh, Rudolph, no rush on the coffee.
And... pay attention, Rudolph, you'll like this.
Any friend of James's is a friend of mine.
Anything else?
Anyway what's your story?
Apparently he's written this incredible report on how to increase efficiency.
Are there, Simon?
Aren't you like a million years old?
As if to say, "who, me?" Like he hadn't been stalking me.
As special people.
At your discretion. She's a good girl,
Because I made the introduction is all. Thank you, good.
Because I'm talking to you. Yeah.
Because if I were to find out how depressing
Because the Colonel knows people.
Because the Colonel knows there's no such thing
Because you don't exist. I can't put someone who doesn't exist in the system.
Bit of a non person.
But did you notice anything strange about him?
But I don't have my I.D. Or my supplementary I.D.
But I think he knows a lot about my work, so maybe I'll just...
But I wanted to ask 'cause I made the introduction.
But my printer is actually broken again.
But now is a time for family. Just don't engage.
But that's okay, you can just give me your key.
But the Colonel knows people are different.
But then I found out that he lived above me and I thought, "that's really odd."
But to abuse a young woman's trust like that?
But you need to realize that data entry
Can I... could you...
Can you please not lean on my work station?
Cere bral... Cerebral occurrence.
Cold Turkey for a few days. All right?
COLONEL: There aren't too many like you.
Come and get 'em.
Come up. I want you.
Corrupted? What does that mean, "corrupted"?
Did he?
Did you know that people in here are carrying weapons?
Did you see a man who looks exactly like me
Did you want me to photocopy that?
Do not test my strength.
Do that? 'Cause then I'd feel responsible
Do you see this sort of thing often?
Do you think you know who I am?
Do you think you'll go? I don't know if I'll go.
Do you think you're being encouraging? Is that why you keep saying things?
Do you wanna know what I think?
Doing all your work for you since you got here.
Don't go anywhere.
Don't make a jest of this, sir.
Don't think I would feel comfortable talking to someone like that.
Drugs can be healthy for a person. Just leave it out of the office.
Each person out there, apart yet connected.
Enough is enough." Because it was actually getting frightening.
Er, actually, I have some rather exciting ideas
Er, don't take this the wrong way, but I think it's unlikely you'll be able
Er, no, that one. And it's worth checking
Er, this and that.
Especially right now, with the big push and all. (CLAPS)
Even the cockroaches didn't survive.
Every day. That's what we do... suicides.
Everyone, please welcome James Simon.
Excellent job. That's the type of initiative we need.
Exceptions are drive by shootings, bomb throwings
Excuse me.
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
Fantastiche. How many pills do you think she swallowed?
Feel like Pinocchio.
Following a major ce ree bral
For you to see me every day. I.D.
For you, right away.
Friday. Yeah, oh, by the way,
Frumpy looking guy named Simon?
Get off your knees.
Get up.
Get up.
Good stuff. Well, these things happen.
Great work, James!
Guess who.
GYPSY: You're still not right.
Hannah, this is James.
HANNAH: This is obviously making you uncomfortable.
Harris, could you please tell her who I am?
Harris, have you spoken to the new employee?
HARRIS: Yeah yeah, you look just like him.
Has she ever tried anything like this before?
Has she tried anything like this before?
Have a drink of water then get back to work.
He didn't look like you. He had brown hair.
He doesn't even know what we do here.
He is about to jump.
He says, "you want breef with broccori?"
He seems all right.
He told me he felt like Pinocchio.
He wants to feel like a real boy. Do you understand?
He was the only one not fired in the final cull at our sister office.
He was this person who'd been following me around for a while,
He waved at me.
He would have landed on that awning if he'd just jumped a few feet to the right.
He'd just be there, watching.
He's been here a while; Just between you and me,
He's good and right and true.
He's in your heart.
He's not a very good guy.
He's taken a particular interest in my findings lately.
He's this wooden boy. He's held up by strings.
Hell knows she's handsome, she's a Papadopoulos,
Hell! Why don't you work with James here?
Here is your coffee,
Here, play a song for me. Hannah."
Hey, ah, I was just wondering...
Hey, Hannah, can you stay late?
Hey, I just got my ears pierced.
Hey, Mr. Papadopoulos.
Hey, you're fucking boring; What's regression analysis?
Hey! You fuckers!
Hi, I don't think we've talked.
Hi, uh, this is a message for...
Hi. Uh, I know the policy, but my printer is actually broken again, so.
His note said he was lonely. He should have got a dog.
Hmm. And when did you think our food will arrive?
Hmm. Strange.
Holster your blaster, Jack.
Horribly maimed, of course, but still.
How come you don't have a girlfriend?
How did he wave?
How long has this been going on?
How long have you been here, son?
How long have you two been married?
I always work late.
I am a person!
I am a person.
I am an employee of this company.
I bought you a present, but I decided it wasn't appropriate.
I bought you a present, but I decided it wasn't appropriate.
I didn't know him.
I don't know how to answer that.
I don't know if she's fertile.
I don't know, I would have never done that.
I don't know, I've always felt that emotional maturity
I don't know.
I don't know. I wasn't there.
I don't think anybody would believe that.
I don't want to be a boy held up by string.
I exist!
I feel better.
I have all these things that I want to say to her, like...
I have nought to 10, 10 to 20, 20 to 30, or 30 plus.
I have worked here for seven years.
I haven't actually met him in person,
I haven't done anything wrong.
I just hope you can raise the level of your performance.
I just started.
I just...
I knew we hired the right man, I just knew it.
I know I'm a disappointment.
I know it's kinda strange to ask but I wanted to see for myself,
I know, that's why you're gonna die alone.
I know!
I like that. Very admirable.
I like this show.
I live in that building.
I look forward to it.
I mean, I have... I... We're the same person.
I mean, maybe he just wanted somebody to notice him.
I might be forced to feel sorry for you.
I missed you at the Colonel's ball the other night.