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Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Doodle Dandy is a beloved American patriotic song that has become synonymous with American tradition and pride. This iconic tune has deep roots in American history and has been immortalized in various forms of media, including the 1942 musical film adaptation of the same name.

Yankee Doodle Dandy is a film directed by Michael Curtiz and was released in 1942. It tells the inspiring true story of George M. Cohan, an American showman, playwright, and composer, who played a pivotal role in shaping American musical theater and popularizing patriotic songs. The film stars James Cagney in a legendary performance as George M. Cohan, earning him an Academy Award for Best Actor.

The film follows Cohan's life, starting from his early years in a vaudeville family act called "The Four Cohans" to his rise as one of Broadway's most acclaimed composers and performers. It highlights his immense contribution to songs like "Over There," "You're a Grand Old Flag," and, of course, "Yankee Doodle Dandy." James Cagney's energetic portrayal of Cohan captivates audiences with his charisma, singing, and dancing skills that bring Cohan's vibrant personality to life.

The cast also includes Joan Leslie as Mary Cohan, George M. Cohan's wife, who provides the constant support and love that fuels Cohan's ambition. Walter Huston portrays Cohan's father, Jerry Cohan, who instills in his son a deep appreciation for the theater. There are also notable appearances by Richard Whorf as Sam Harris, Cohan's business partner; Irene Manning as Fay Templeton, a fellow performer; and Rosemary DeCamp as Nellie Cohan, George's sister.

The film successfully captures the spirit of patriotism that infused Cohan's work, showcasing his unwavering love for America. It beautifully recreates Cohan's famous Broadway musical numbers, with James Cagney taking the stage and delivering mesmerizing performances that display his incredible talent as an actor, singer, and dancer.

The timeless appeal of Yankee Doodle Dandy's music extends far beyond the film. Its catchy melodies and patriotic lyrics became anthems for American pride and unity. These iconic songs are not only entertaining but also serve as an important reminder of the power of music to inspire and unite a nation.

If you want to relive the magic of Yankee Doodle Dandy, you can easily find the film and its incredible soundtrack online. The songs are available for download and streaming, allowing you to experience the enchantment of George M. Cohan's music in the comfort of your own home.

So gather your friends and family, turn up the volume, and let the infectious spirit of Yankee Doodle Dandy fill your heart with pride and joy. Play and download these sounds here, and let the remarkable talent and patriotic fervor of George M. Cohan take center stage once again.

A fresh, young sprout gets rich between 8:30 and 11 p.m.
A George M. Cohan discovery. Nobody ever had a better start.
A George M....? Oh, I see.
A good one, Dad.
A kid had to believe in himself to buck that.
A man may give his life to his country in many different ways, Mr. Cohan.
A mother isn't supposed to punish. She just gives her permission.
A real live nephew of his Uncle Sam
A real live nephew Of my Uncle Sam
A real live nephew Of my Uncle Sam
A second round of champagne on me, if you had any.
A stix a nix hix a pix
A stix a nix hix pix
A Yankee Doodle Do or die
Abe, I've got to change for the second act.
Abe, isn't it about time for the curtain to go up?
Actors are considered a very bad risk by insurance companies.
Ain't no southern frown
Albee, Coster, Beale, and Proctor...
All aboard
All aboard
All babies sleep 20 hours a day, Jerry.
All except the last act. Alecson suggests a new finish.
All he needs is a little more experience, and he'll be a genius.
All is for the best, my daughter.
All right, all right, let the blackballs fall where they may.
All right, Miss.
All right, no need to get excited.
All right, not on the hand.
All right, not on the mouth. Come here.
All right, on the boat.
All right, sir, if you'll wait just one moment, I'll call.
All right, you write a bad play. The only thing to do is forget about it.
All right. Come on. There's a piano in the private room.
All right. Here it is.
All right. Take this paper and report to Sergeant Cooper for your examination.
All set up for you, boys. Go get them.
All the backslapping and the applause, well, it became unimportant.
All the best of the best to you
All we'd like to do now is spend the rest of our days here on this farm.
Always carrying a flag in a parade or following one.
Am I in the show?!
Ambition, pride, patriotism.
Among them, to take the bitter with the better.
And all the luck I've had is due to the things you two have taught me.
And any actor with a conceit like yours...
And as for New York...
And buys her chicken every day for lunch "Come seven"
And don't forget Wednesdays and Saturdays, 2:30 till 5.
And every American loves it because it happens to be his own private dream.
And everything's running so smoothly.
And finished up the Boulder Dam To give the boys a chaser
And for my friends in Washington Who complain about the taxes
And forever in peace may you wave
And forever in peace may you wave
And he's lived to see his son an American institution.
And I heard about Little Johnny Jones.
And I lost no time, either.
And I read the critics... Pfft.
And I want you to know that I'm not the only one that's grateful.
And imagine Broadway Only 45 minutes from here
And insults for the gentlemen
And it isn't long before we're looking up anxiously...
And it's all daylong
And look here...
And never a man can say A word against me
And now that we're in it We're going to win it
And only secondly does he think of the woman he says he loves.
And put it all on Yankee Doodle Johnny Jones is up
And put the goulash at the head of the table and keep everything...
And quite often, he isn't the best judge of how much he has given.
And say that you'll be there ere long
And say that you'll be there ere long
And say that you'll be there ere long
And someday, Mr. Senior Partner, you're gonna come to me and admit you were wrong.
And style enough to kill
And that government...
And that's for the record
And that's going some For the Yankees, by gum
And the white was the white of the snow at Valley Forge.
And then came your wire, and I was really worried.
And there is something there
And there is something there
And there is something there
And there is something there...
And they join in the chorus Of Nellie Kelly
And to hold every kid on your knee too
And we find that you'll be suspended for throwing the race.
And we were worried about the success or failure of a show.
And we won't come back Till it's over
And we won't come back Till it's over over there
And we won't come back Till it's over over there
And we won't come back Till it's over over there
And we won't come back Till it's over over there
And we'll all be longing for you, Mary
And we'll all feel gay When Johnny comes marching home
And what is my junior partner's name?
And what's more, I phoned Sam right back and told him I'd play it.
And you always have trouble casting the front end.
And you was just singing and dancing all about the grand old flag.
And you, master magician, you sit over there with the Cohans.
And you're a farmer only three weeks.
And, uh, I wouldn't worry about this country if I were you.
And, well, new shows need new faces and new feet to go with you.
Another like Molly Malone
Any act that lays off as long as you have, any offer's all right.
Any faster
Any mail for Mr. Cohan?
Anybody who owes me two months' board bill, I just keep alive.
Anything about a Yankee That's awful neat
Are you or are you not going to produce my play?
Aren't you going roller skating with that, tlick tlick, Pipperino?
As long as those critics don't eat off my leg.
Asking impossible terms and conditions.
At the dancing you have yet to learn
At the dancing you have yet to learn
At the dancing you have yet to learn
At the dancing you have yet to learn
At the half mark, he's cruising But seems to be losing his lead
At the quarter, he's gaining At the turn now, he's reining his horse
Because he's the whole darn country squeezed into one pair of pants.
Because her name was Mary
Because her name was Mary...
Because you've got What it takes to win
Before I put $10,000 into a show...
Before we sign with Dietz and Goff, I made some change in the lyric...
Behind the man Behind the gun
Being versatile, I was playing my mother's father.
Besides, he never said so, but Sam's broke.
Besides, I've got a run of the play contract. Fine time to make lame jokes. Hmm.
Blue skies, gray skies
Book, music and lyrics, all by George M. Cohan.
Books and lyrics, music, and direction by George M. Cohan.
Born on the Fourth of July
Born on the Fourth of July
Born on the Fourth of July
Break away there Show them how to earn their hay there
Bring down that curtain!
Bring down the curtain!
Bring her back to supper after the show.
Broadway nights A million dancing lights
Buffalo is such a beautiful city.
But all the money in the Bank of England Couldn't pay
But are you having fun, George?
But folks always come back to where their heart is...
But here's a little present for you and mother.
But how will everybody know that I'm the Mary?
But I didn't write it for the millions of Marys.
But I have found a way Of dropping a hint
But I love the name Billie
But I love to park and hide there
But I spiked my shows with prewar stuff...
But if ever the rent does come due and you can't meet it, well, you know...
But it was a good life.
But it was Mary
But it was Mary
But it was Mary...
But it won't be the same going back on the road without you, Georgie.
But nobody wants Georgie.
But on the other hand...
But plain as she could be
But should old acquaintance be forgot
But should old acquaintance be forgot
But that's off the record
But we've done more than make a lot of money...
But what about the libretto? It's a grand story, isn't it?
But what are you all so surprised about?
But with propriety
But with propriety
But with propriety...
But you can't do that. You can't put an actor out to grass. Fresh air kills him.
But you will admit I was a bumpy wheel. You'll roll along a whole lot easier without me.
But you've been away from that theater for years, George. Years.
But you've got to remember, Fay, we're having a tough time...
But, darling, no matter what she asks?
By a pair of roguish eyes
By trade I am a dancing master
By trade, I am a dancing master
Call a rehearsal for 10:00 tomorrow morning.
Can we have a picture of you tearing up your contract?
Can you think of any more reasons?
Can't help thinking a theatrical era is dying in there.
Can't I be both?
Carriage for Mr. Albee!
Certainly keeps himself in billing, this George M. Cohan.
Chances are, the way you're going, you won't be either.
Cohan may find out he isn't either one.
Cohan, you're fired.
Cohan, you're surely not going to your dressing room now.
Cohan. George Cohan.
Cohan. George M. Cohan.
Colored gentlemen say "That lady certainly is a beaut"
Colored gentlemen say "That lady certainly is a beaut"
Come along with me
Come along with me away
Come and see when your show closes.
Come here. Look at that. Funny, isn't it'?
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Come on, Dad. Come on, let's have it.
Come on, Jack. Let's make this hop up solid.
Come on, kids. Time's a wasting.
Come on, we got places to go and things to do.
Come on, we've gotta get off to the Lyceum. We've got to see Fay Templeton.
Coming at a time like this, with everything he has on his mind...
Congratulations, George, old boy. You did a great job.
Could I, uh, see some of the script?
Could've been a lot better.
Courage, Emily, courage.