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Pitch Black

Pitch Black

Pitch Black is a captivating science fiction film that takes you on an exhilarating journey through the depths of space. Directed by David Twohy, this critically acclaimed movie was released in 2000 and instantly became a cult classic. With its gripping plot, stunning visuals, and impressive cast, Pitch Black has left an indelible mark on the genre.

The movie is set in the distant future, where a transport ship carrying a group of passengers crash-lands on a desolate planet. As they battle to survive in this harsh and unforgiving environment, they soon discover that they are not alone. The planet is home to dangerous creatures that come alive in the darkness, forcing the survivors to rely on their wits and courage in order to make it out alive.

The cast of Pitch Black is led by the incredibly talented Vin Diesel, who delivers a spellbinding performance as the enigmatic anti-hero, Richard B. Riddick. Diesel's portrayal of Riddick, with his trademark gravelly voice and stoic demeanor, adds an air of mystery and intensity to the character. Radha Mitchell also shines as Carolyn Fry, the pilot of the crashed ship, who must navigate the treacherous planet while facing her own demons.

The supporting cast includes Cole Hauser as the tough-talking mercenary Johns, Keith David as Imam, a Muslim cleric who finds himself challenged by the circumstances, and Claudia Black, who plays the resourceful and cunning prisoner, Shazza. Each actor brings a depth and complexity to their characters, making the viewer fully invested in their survival.

Pitch Black stands out not only for its stellar cast but also for its innovative visuals. The film boasts breathtaking scenes that seamlessly blend practical and digital effects, creating a rich and immersive world. The dark, desolate landscapes of the planet perfectly contrast with the intense moments of action, creating a sense of isolation and vulnerability.

One of the standout features of Pitch Black is its exceptional sound design. The movie's score, composed by Graeme Revell, perfectly complements the on-screen tension and enhances the eerie atmosphere. The utilization of sound effects, particularly during the encounters with the deadly creatures, adds an extra layer of suspense and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

If you're a fan of Pitch Black, you're in luck! You can now immerse yourself in the thrilling sounds of the movie by playing and downloading the soundtrack. Whether you want to relive the heart-pounding moments or simply enjoy the haunting melodies, the Pitch Black soundtrack is a must-have for any fan of the genre.

In conclusion, Pitch Black is a captivating science fiction film that has left a lasting impact on audiences since its release in 2000. With its gripping plot, stunning visuals, and exceptional cast, this movie has secured its place as a cult classic. The intense performances of Vin Diesel and the supporting cast, combined with the innovative visuals and impressive sound design, make Pitch Black a must-watch for any sci-fi enthusiast. So, turn down the lights, brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure, and don't forget to play and download these mesmerizing sounds that will transport you back to the eerie and thrilling world of Pitch Black.

A few hours? A day, tops?
A great pilgrimage.
A long time between stops.
A long time for something to go wrong.
A lot of questions, whoever we run into.
A path, direction from Allah.
A planetary body in this position,
About not touching the handle?
Actually, the only reason we're alive is because of her.
Actually, you asshole, I'm trying to say that I'm sorry.
Ain't all of us gonna make it.
Ain't that right, captain?
Air lock doors not secure.
ALI: Imam?
Ali? Ali?
All but the primitive side,
All deserts have water.
All praises be Allah, for His many blessings to us.
All right, all right. My turn.
All right, how long can this last?
All right?
All the more for me then.
All you people are so scared of me.
Allahu Akbar. Yes.
An advance team, moves around from rock to rock.
An eclipse.
And are entering the atmosphere of
And check your cuts. These bad boys know our blood now.
And he'll leave you all out there to die.
And here's my real problem.
And I absolutely hate the fucker.
And I am not leaving anyone on this rock with those fucking things,
And I can feel it pressing against the cord.
And I'm just a payday.
And let me come up with a plan
And let the sun come up.
And lost just one, that'd be quite a feat.
And not believe?
And that blue uniform,
And the docking pilot being?
And there would be a lasting darkness.
And they only take the back roads.
And we are getting there.
And you are sure you can get us there, even in the dark?
And you pay him 20 menthol Kools
And you'd never hear him coming,
Antiquities dealer, entrepreneur.
Anyone not ready for this?
Anything over 45 proof burns rather well.
Are we actually going to do this?
Are we close?
Are we getting close?
Are you all right?
Are you ready, Johns?
Are you saying you'd cut me loose?
Are you sure you can keep up?
Around 79 kilos.
Ask him.
Ask why your crew pal had to scream so painfully before he died.
Back of the ship. That noise.
Back to the ship, huh?
Battlefield doctors decide who lives and dies, it's called triage.
Because that's all he has. You're playing right into it.
Because you do not believe in God
Before nightfall, while it's cooler.
Besides your next spike?
Better try everything twice, 'cause we don't just flush out...
Blind spot.
Bloody hell.
BLue sun, blue water.
But at least this way, I don't have to worry about y'all
But he can.
But he's just a merc.
But I do know once the dying starts
But it ain't me you gotta worry about now.
But that sand cat is solar.
But then we saw this.
But they forgot to lock the cellar.
But this, this is something else.
But we'll still need more cells.
But what route?
But whatever it is, it got Zeke and it nearly got me!
By all means, please help yourself.
Can I have a little help here?
Can we just get back to the ship?
Can we just get the hell out of here now?
Can we pick up the pace?
Canyon ahead. I circled once to buy some time to think.
Check these containers out and, uh,
Christ. What the hell's wrong with you?
Click your fingers, and he's one of us now?
Come back here!
Come on, Riddick! Get up!
Come on, Riddick.
Come on!
Come on! Move!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Just tell me we're still in the shipping lane.
Come with me.
Company says we are responsible
COMPUTER 1 : Air lock doors not secure.
COMPUTER 1 : Center of gravity too far aft.
COMPUTER 1 : Rate of descent beyond known limits.
COMPUTER 2: Deploy lower air brakes now.
Could even be a merc ship.
Crikey. I thought it was him.
Cute kid.
Did I kill a few people?
Did I kill Zeke?
Did you hear what I said?
Did you run away from your parents
Did you?
Do I even wanna know?
Do me a favor.
Do not look up!
Do we have a deal?
Do you even know where we are?
Do you feel that?
Do you think...
Do you want to shock me with the truth now?
Doesn't change what came before. It's stupid.
Doesn't mean God does not believe in you.
Don't look.
Don't stop burning.
Don't take the chance that I'll get shiv happy on your wanna be ass.
Don't tell me you're going, too.
Don't touch it!
Don't use him like that.
Don't waste my time.
Don't you cry for Johns.
Don't you dare.
Don't you touch that handle, Fry!
Don't you touch that handle!
Dropping 20 mb per minute.
During the crash she tried to blow the passenger cabin,
During the landing, when things were at their worst,
Either way, I figure it's something you can grab onto.
En route to the Tangier system
Enough for fucking what?
Enough of this shit.
Escaped convict, murderer.
Especially with the girl bleeding.
Even if it means...
Ever wonder why Johns shakes like that?
Ever wondered why I'm an atheist?
Exactly. Leave!
Excuse me.
Extremely bad timing.
Falling asleep and not waking up.
Finally found something worse than me, huh?
Five total to launch.
For all of these. This is my personal stuff.
For every single one of those people.
For what?
For you.
Fourth lumbar down,
Free settlers.
From northern Papua New Guinea.
Fry, where the hell's our comms?
FRY: Come on. IMAM: Stand up.
FRY: Could be a breach in the hull. I don't know.
FRY: Get in!
FRY: Get off her!
FRY: He can pilot?
FRY: How many bottles you got?
FRY: I don't suppose this will help you at all.
FRY: I was wrong. I admit it.
FRY: I'm in here!
FRY: Is it alive?
FRY: Is there anyone here?
FRY: It could have been a meteor storm.
FRY: It's okay.
FRY: Jack, wait. Wait!
FRY: Let's go!
FRY: Okay, maybe that's a good thing.
FRY: Slow down.
FRY: So we got one cutting torch,
FRY: There's a cutting torch on the floor. I just can't find it.
FRY: They're killing each other.
FRY: Wait.
FRY: What the hell are these?
Fully loaded clip. Safety's on.
Get away from us.
Get down!
Get it off me!
Get it out of me!
Get off her!
Get out of here, everyone.
Get out of here.
Get that thing off my neck.
Get up!
Get up. Come on.
Ghost me. That's what I'd do to you.
Give me your goddamn hand.
Good girl.
Guess if it were trickeration, he'd just "X" me out, huh?
Hack up a body, leave it at the start of the canyon
Has anyone checked the coring room?
Has anyone seen the little one? Ali?
HASSAN: Captain! Captain!
Hassan. Suleiman.
He asks what could have killed so many great things.
He could probably get you right here, under the jaw,
He did not know who he was fucking with.
He died fast. If we have any choice,