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Being the Ricardos

Being the Ricardos

"Being the Ricardos" is a highly anticipated upcoming film directed by Aaron Sorkin. Set to be released in 2021, the movie sheds light on the lives of renowned television couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, who played the iconic characters of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo in the classic sitcom "I Love Lucy." This captivating biographical drama takes viewers behind the scenes to explore the complexities of their relationship and their successful collaboration in the world of entertainment.

Playing the lead roles, Nicole Kidman takes on the challenge of portraying the vivacious and talented Lucille Ball, while award-winning actor Javier Bardem embodies the charm and wit of Desi Arnaz. Both Kidman and Bardem have received critical acclaim for their remarkable performances throughout their careers, making them a promising duo to bring the dynamic partnership of the Ricardos to life.

The supporting cast of "Being the Ricardos" adds further depth to the narrative. J.K. Simmons portrays the role of William Frawley, who played Fred Mertz on the show, while Nina Arianda assumes the character of Vivian Vance, who played Ethel Mertz. Additionally, Tony Hale takes on the role of the iconic executive producer, Jess Oppenheimer, with a stellar performance. With such a talented ensemble, audiences can expect a captivating and authentic portrayal of the beloved characters from "I Love Lucy."

The film delves into the challenges faced by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as they navigate their professional careers and the intricacies of their personal lives. Set in the 1950s, the story explores how their marriage is tested by the pressures of fame, conflicting priorities, and Desi's infidelities. Lucille's determination to break the mold for women in the entertainment industry shines through as she fights against the constraints of an era that often restricted women to domestic roles. "Being the Ricardos" provides audiences with a glimpse into the strength and resilience of Lucille Ball, who played a pivotal role in television history.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of "Being the Ricardos", there is excitement surrounding the opportunity to revisit the legendary show that revolutionized television comedy. Audiences can relive the timeless humor and endearing moments of "I Love Lucy" by watching reruns, downloading episodes, or even purchasing the complete series. The show's iconic sounds, such as Lucy's infectious laughter, Desi's catchy conga drum beats, and the memorable theme song, continue to bring joy to audiences of all generations.

In conclusion, "Being the Ricardos" is an upcoming film that immerses viewers in the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. This gripping biographical drama provides a deeper understanding of their relationship and their groundbreaking contributions to the world of television. With a talented cast and the allure of the classic show "I Love Lucy", this movie promises to captivate audiences and pay homage to the enduring legacy of the Ricardos. To enjoy these unforgettable sounds and revisit the golden era of television, you can play and download "I Love Lucy" episodes here.

A big hit television show... what does it get?
A couple of days before shooting started,
A hit television show today...
A list of insane restrictions, which might even include
A long time ago, Lucy accidentally checked the wrong box on her voter registration.
A lot of choices.
A man named Sydney Guilaroff was Metro's chief hair stylist.
A more handsome, charming man than Desi you've never met.
A private session, called her in again, and that's why we're sitting here.
A secret session in California.
A ton.
A witch puts a curse on a woman.
About a minute.
About Desi when Winchell came on.
After all, I gave him the best years of my life.
After hours of testimony, the committee concluded unambiguously
After the testimony, they stamped "canceled" on the card,
Ah, baby.
Ah, Des, I'm begging you, don't ask.
Ah, I'm way ahead of you.
Ah, it's not.
Ah, let's go back.
Ah, Ricky Ricardo loves America.
Ah, you're on a roll.
Ah! What do we have here?
Ah. (sighs)
All right, all right, now you're even.
All right, holding. Get Des.
All right, let's go.
All right, no problem.
All right, then.
All right, well, we'll get back to the flowers.
All right.
All right.
All right. (clears throat)
All right. Nice.
Also you ran with a bottle of champagne in your hand?
Am I comfortable with that?
Am I right, Jess?
Amor, get it through your head.
An eight episode arc starting with Lucy telling Ricky the happy news
And action.
And all I have to do to keep it is kill every week for 36 weeks in a row,
And and even if they did, we don't want to see this girl pregnant.
And and it's not the first time you've asked me to do that, is it?
And answering questions about why motherhood is too salacious
And at the world's worst time.
And covers her eyes with his hands."
And Desi gets his back up and says...
And Desi said?
And do I call you Charlie?
And doing it in front of the whole crew!
And Ethel is married to her grandfather, and it's understood,
And following your advice, maybe every once in a while,
And for the next 30 minutes, I don't want to hear a word that is not in this script.
And go skinny dipping in the pool?
And Hamer's a Communist?
And he misses you when you're in two different places.
And I can cinch the back a little.
And I cut one of the stems, but now it's too short.
And I cut you off.
And I didn't check the wrong box.
And I don't know what you think I owe you.
And I don't want to do the version with my pants off in front of 200 people.
And I have no idea what the fuck you were talking about, Bill.
And I haven't been here because I've been directing at Danny Thomas.
And I haven't heard anything.
And I made one more call to someone, and I believe he's still on the line.
And I pretend I'm stupid, so I'm moving out.
And I saw the card.
And I still can't believe it... an even worse movie.
And I will never doubt your love for me again."
And I'd have to stand behind them anytime I wasn't doing the wash.
And I'll do something about it, but right now...
And I'll do whatever you decide."
And I'm trying to get them just right.
And I've put the decision in his hands.
And if Little Rusty is a Communist,
And if that wasn't enough, he is camera ready on Monday.
And if they don't applaud?
And in previous episodes, we've established
And it takes me a minute and a half to pick a horse.
And it worked out.
And it works pretty well for you, too. Very well.
And it works.
And it's not like you don't owe me a couple.
And Madelyn was a hundred percent right.
And my fervent wish for you is that, one day,
And neither will Philip Morris. Lucy...
And nobody's picked it up?
And not for nothing, but the women are happy.
And now a new message, which is that I look too good.
And now those crappy little parts in pictures you wouldn't pay a nickel to see
And our editor died.
And pull your fucking lungs out. (pops lips)
And put it back in my pocket.
And she needs to be smarter?
And she stomps g****s.
And she'll be back when she's back.
And that man, believe me, is nobody's second banana.
And that wasn't even why I married him.
And that's something for which they won't soon forgive you.
And that's why no one's reporting on Winchell.
And that's why you're talking to me and not Jess.
And the four of us, the cast, we can see the audience.
And the script indicates that Ricky takes his hands away from Lucy's eyes,
And the stage direction for Ricky says "burning."
And the star of I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball!
And then another seven weeks after that before I won't fit in the frame.
And then do it again the next year.
And then I'm going to bring you out
And then merrily, in a slightly exaggerated manner,
And then notices the table setup."
And then took my handkerchief and wiped the lipstick off
And they get their money's worth, so give us a minute, would you?
And they'll loan us Holliday or Hayworth,
And they're smart and tough and they outsmart the men.
And this morning, we'd be reading about it on the front page of every paper.
And to be clear, by "cut the flowers," I mean...
And turns her around."
And unless you count his wardrobe, Donald Glass doesn't understand
And we are joined by a number of members of the press.
And we can put it on the agenda?
And we didn't want to lose Fonda.
And we put her in situations where it's hard not to lie.
And we think it's a shame that no one gets to see it.
And we work from there. What's that one?
And we're about to run into a penalty, so...
And we're having the baby on the show.
And what do you mean it's not the first time
And what was with you at the table read?
And when can we expect you to be funny?
And you abandoned the car there?
And you also know what it is Desi does around here.
And you cheat on me every chance you can get,
And you know what? She'd have blown the doors off the place.
And you liked my answer.
And you said you'd never done that before.
And you say, "Guess who."
And you should go fuck yourself, Betsy.
And you should remind props that I need garden shears in the opening scene.
And you're gonna want to hear what they have to say.
And you're Lucille Ball.
And your ambition is to live in a bigger house.
And, yes, I would.
ANNOUNCER (over radio): It's time, America, time for Walter Winchell.
ANNOUNCER: And now, Lucille Ball with Richard Denning
ANNOUNCER: Yes, it's the gay family series,
Another generation?
Any cultural differences will make for good comedy.
Anyone as brilliant as you were in The Big Street
Anyone at Philip Morris?
Are none of them professional television directors?
Are on an empty soundstage at 2:00 in the morning,
Are there any g**** vineyards around here?
Are they being polite or do they not recognize us?
Are we supposed to believe that Ricky believes that Lucy
Are you being funny right now?
Are you drunk?
Are you interviewing me?
Are you out of your mind?
Are you still with me, sir?
Are you sure this isn't a joke?
Arguing about why we don't have more time.
As a voter intending to affiliate with the Communist Party.
As Liz and George Cooper, two people who live together and like it.
As the underlying premise for a running joke,
As we've heard him do a hundred times, he says...
As you can see, it was not picked up by any newspaper.
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Okay, positions, everyone.
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Quiet on set. Bell!
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Quiet please! Rehearsal's up!
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: This is places for scene "A"!
At the end of the broadcast.
At the top, it should be clear
Ay, maybe it'd be better if we didn't spend the little time we have
Ay, what do I mean?
Back onstage for notes!
Back then, it wasn't considered much worse than being a Republican.
Bataan was a hit.
Because he plays Ricky, which he does get a screen credit for.
Because I have talent.
Because I think you should get off this loony diet you're on.
Because it's television.
Because the front door is, you know,
Because the show is tomorrow and I'm fine talking about it now.
Because they're Spanish names.
Because this is the evening edition headline in the Herald Express.
Because we want you at the weight you were when we cast you.
Because you are the "I" in I Love Lucy.
Before the table read. You told them I checked the wrong box.
Believe me, you checked the wrong box!
Believe me, you do not want me to read this sober.
BELLMAN: There is one little town called Turo
Bette Davis, Bacall, Hepburn.
Between 9:00 and 9:30 on Monday nights.
Bill and I can work out the moves.
Bill said, "One way or the other." That's gallows humor.
Bill? Sam?
Bob and Jess and I were up all weekend
BOB: I think we can get more out of "hypocrite."
BOB: The part.
BOBBY: You got it, Bill.
Build us a little apartment, and that's where we'll live most of the time."
But all your other ideas were good.
But he cared about workers, the working man.
But he holds out his hand and blocks the way."