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Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3 is a thrilling supernatural horror film released in 2006. Directed by James Wong, it follows a group of high school students who escape a deadly roller coaster accident after one of them has a premonition. As fate tries to balance itself, each survivor begins to experience a series of terrifying and mysterious deaths in the order they were meant to die on the coaster. The film features a talented cast including Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, and Texas Battle.

If you are a fan of Final Destination 3 or want to relive its heart-stopping moments, you can now play and download the intense and chilling sounds from the movie. Immerse yourself in the spine-tingling atmosphere and experience the suspenseful journey that awaits. Don't miss the chance to revisit this hair-raising film and bring the thrill home with you.

A conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy.
A hundred and fifty thousand people a day, actually.
A roller coaster is just elemental physics.
A rope ladder, though. Maybe he might hang.
Ah. Heh.
All right, go back to Lewis.
All right, my dad's here. He's gonna give me a ride back.
All right, wait, wait, wait. So going by the way we sat on the roller coaster...
All right? Go back, look at the pictures, see if there are more clues.
All right? This is just ....
All right.
All right. God.
All right. Let's do this.
All the atrocities they've committed, they're alive and well.
All those people out there wanting to have a premonition or see a ghost.
Almost got it. Gently.
Amber or Perry were probably with her, so they're next.
AMBER: Oh, my God, Julie.
And drive through. I don't want anyone hearing.
And even better, hey, it's gonna save five skipped lives.
And I wondered if maybe here I could feel J's...
And I would give anything to have a second chance.
And I'll ask everybody I see if they know if anyone else got off the ride. Okay?
And I've felt that fear since the moment he said it.
And I've tried.
And if I were you, until something happens to me and then Kevin...
And it did happen, and it may be occurring here.
And that action we take might have an opposite reaction...
And the weight looks like it's coming down on his head.
And we are so totally cool if you wanna come with.
And we'd wanna do that, why?
And we're next.
And what are you gonna do about it, Miss Cutest Couple, rah, rah?
And yours is the picture that I took when I flashed the camera in your face.
And, like, I doubt it if a shot of Stacy Kobayashi's camel toe...
And, look, I'm just guessing that it goes for death too...
ANNOUNCER [OVER PA]: Ladies and gentlemen...
Any takers?
Are there any more pictures from the roller coaster?
Are these it?
Are we the only cool people that come here or what?
Are you guys saying that death is, like, a person?
Are you weirded out by the ride?
Aren't those usually on those big 18 Wheelers?
As soon as I pull out of that parking lot I am so out of McKinley.
Ashley and Ashlyn were first, then Frankie, then you.
ASHLEY: Come on, come on, come on! ASHLYN: Don't look.
ASHLEY: Come on. Go, go, go! ASHLYN: Ashley, you're winning.
ASHLEY: Ha ha ha. I love it. I love it.
ASHLEY: Hello? Hey, Ashley, it's Wendy
ASHLEY: I'm winning, I'm winning.
ASHLEY: Oh, my God! Come on! ASHLYN: Oh, my God!
ASHLEY: Oh, my God! Give me my prize. MAN: Here you go.
ASHLYN: Dude, he said no drinks.
ASHLYN: That was awesome, Ashley. MAN: Good job.
ASHLYN: Totally. ASHLEY: And just, like, talk if you want.
ASHLYN: Yeah, hurry! Okay. Come on, come on, come on!
ATTENDANT: Here we go.
ATTENDANT: How many? Uh, four.
ATTENDANT: Yo. What, you can't read? I'll just put it in my pocket, okay?
AW, Shit!
Baby, I just win!
BARKER: Kind sir, step right up!
Because, look, I know you.
Before riding Devil's Flight? That might kill me.
Behind us!
BEN FRANKLIN: The kite is aloft.
BOY [SOBBING]: I wanna get off.
BOY 1: Come on, back here. BOY 2: All right. Cool.
BOY 1: Come on, come on, man, let's go! Hurry up!
BOY 1: Light! Light! Go, go, go, man!
BOY 1: Sweet. BOY 2: Ha, ha.
BOY 1: This is awesome, dude!
BOY 2: Shit! BOY 1: Dude, we gotta bail!
BOY 3: I told you we wouldn't get away with it.
Boy, I'll tell you. Goddamn. Whoo!
But I never can.
But it never turns out to be what they imagine. Never.
But now that I'm here ....
But why me?
But you can't believe every weird thing.
But, hey, I saw what happened.
Call me on my cell right away.
Camera's not working. Sorry.
Can you drive?
Can you feel how vicious it was?
CARRIE: Awesome. Here, get a pic of this. Ahh!
Check this out. Lewis is down at State for football training camp.
Chick's on something.
CLARK: Okay, okay.
COLOUITT: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
COLQUITT: You relax! Hey!
Come here.
Come on.
Come on. Get hyped.
Come on. Here we go.
Could there be anything in these prizes?
CROWD: Ahh ....
Cut him off!
Damn. "it's gonna crash. The hydraulics, the coaster."
Dare you to, uh, flash me them sweet titties when we go through the loop.
Death fears me!
Death is a fucking Denver fan.
Death is afraid of me!
Death wear blue and orange.
DEVIL: This is the beginning of the end.
DEVIL: You can run, but you cannot hide.
DEVIL: You may never return from Devil's Flight.
Did I do something...
Do I cause your death?
Do you remember Julie being on the coaster?
Do you think we care if you laugh at us?
Don 't you wanna ride, girl?
Don't be down, Frankie. Be proud of your ability to make everything...
Don't, Wendy.
DRIVER: This is Booth Street. Next stop is Oswald. End of the line.
Dude, let me off!
Dude, let me oft. I gotta make sure she's okay.
Dude, think it through. Charlie Manson made it to 70.
Easy. Okay? Easy.
ERIN [OVER RADIO]: Zip, it's Pip. Have you out those plywood orders yet?
ERIN: Aah! Erin, hang on!
ERIN: Get off of him. Ian. COLQUITT: Relax!
ERIN: So, let me get this. I OD on nail polish...
ERIN: Top shelf. ...the end of biological function.
ERIN: Zip, it's Pip. Come over here.
Even thought it maybe somehow caused the hallucination, but...
Everyone imagines weird stuff when they get scared.
Ew. "Celine"? "Britney"?
Ew. Ugh. Let's go.
Except for something that hasn't happened yet.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
FATHER: Okay. He doesn't like it.
Fifteen seasons with four Super Bowl rings on his fingers.
Fine, what the fuck? it's the same ride, right?
Fine. All right. All right. I'm fine. All right.
For all those kids that died that night who will never get a graduation.
For all we know, whoever was sitting behind Erin is already dead.
Four years from now, Lewis Romero going in the second round to Oakland.
Frankie Cheeks is old school, ladies.
FRANKIE: Check out those booties.
Fuck that. I'm going to Berkeley and I won't get to do this for a while.
Fuck you, Ben Franklin.
Fuck you, Kevin.
Fucking boring.
Fucking intense, but she got a hunch.
Get him out of here! Hey! Calm down! Relax!
Get the fuck out of here, McKinley!
GIRL: it's so fun!
GIRL: Let's go on again!
Give me some right here, man. What you doing? Get the fuck back. Hoo!
Go on diets. Deodorize. Stretch.
Go. Go ahead. Bye, babe.
God, and it was just to get me on the ride, he said:
God, I'm usually such a control freak but I didn't do enough to stop it.
God, it's not only horrible, but can you feel...?
God. You know what? There is no "it."
Gr maybe it's not that literal.
Great. Mine has no clue. it's just me...
Guess who's back.
Ha ha ha! Whoo!
Hang on! Help me rock it!
Happy, beyotch? Nothing to spill.
He couldn't get it fixed on a holiday.
He freaked out and seven people got off the plane.
He was behind Ashley and Ashlyn, but there was no ladder here.
He won that tacky mudflap girl chain on this game, though.
He's gonna romp and stomp.
Hello, babies.
Help me!
Here 's my heart
Here 's my heart
Here we go. Here we go. Big prize. Watch out. Come on.
Here we go. Hey, J! Keep your hands to yourself, man. I'm serious.
Here you go!
Here's my cell.
Hers came to her from nowhere.
Hey, baby.
Hey, I'm just celebrating our town's tricentennial.
Hey, if you ever have to come to my funeral...
Hey, J. Come on, man, let's go.
Hey, Julie. You three need to come with me.
Hey, just relax, okay?
Hey, no drinks in the room this time, okay?
Hey, SpongeBob lives underwater.
Hey, uh, just do me a favor. Keep an eye on her, okay? She's freaked out.
Hey, wait. I need to talk to you about something.
Hey, Wen? We're meeting some guys at that centennial thing...
Hey. After I restock this stuff...
Hi, Ashley, this is Wendy.