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Waterworld (1995)

Waterworld (1995)

Waterworld is a movie directed by Kevin Reynolds and released in 1995. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where the polar ice caps have melted, the Earth is now covered in water, and the remaining human population is left to scavenge for survival. Kevin Costner stars as the lone drifter known as "The Mariner," who navigates the vast ocean in search of dry land. The film follows his encounters with a young girl named Enola, played by Tina Majorino, and a villainous pirate known as "The Deacon," played by Dennis Hopper. With its thrilling action sequences and unique water-based setting, Waterworld transports the audience to a dystopian world unlike any other. To experience the sounds and atmosphere of Waterworld, you can play and download them here.

A child.
A fluke of evolution.
A man this rich will buy for a fellow outwater, I'm sure.
After centuries of shame.
After the atoll,
After what you went through back there on the atoll,
Ahem. Let's not do anything rash here.
All done.
All of this! It's fresh!
All right, all right, all right. Okay, okay.
All right, the only thing that is important is the tattooed girl.
All the go juice onto one boat and run the freak down.
All this time...
All we gotta do is figure out this map. Turn her upside down.
And before the holy most moment is upon us,
And does he know how precious his cargo is?
And he said to me:
And if I ever see him again, I'm gonna cut open his head and eat his brains!
And if there's a tree, we'll ram it.
And it feels like cold shit!
And let's get this tub of shit up to speed.
And no one's gonna save you.
And th the music box? That...
And that reflecting glass?
And the first one that does that, lives.
And the runner up... Well, actually, there are no runners up.
And this.
And you know what it is that I saw.
And you're movin' around all the time.
And, uh... And we're going?
Announce me, cousin.
Another atoll 30 horizons west of here.
Answer me this, somebody. Why is that boat still firin'?
Anyway, I've come here because I need to ask you a question.
Aren't we?
As long as it takes.
Askin' the wrong person.
Bad luck, English.
Because I've sailed farther than most have dreamed, and I've never seen it.
Because we weren't made for the sea.
Been out there a long time.
Bring me the trackers.
But he's not here.
But I'll give you this one for free.
But it is our destiny!
But not here and not like this.
But she's a child.
But the Slavers are producing a good grade of poxy these days.
But too much of that sort of thing gets... undesirable.
But you ran away. L... What?
By what right...
Can you get us outta here?
Can't kill him. He's even meaner than you are.
Can't we outrun them?
Careful with her. Careful with her!
Children. Children of the provider.
Choose 'em. One, two. Live or die.
Choose 'em. One, two. Live or die.
Citizens of the good ship. Please now, hear me speak.
Come here! [Indistinct Shouting]
Come on, eh? What do you say?
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Cost you a handful of dirt... or maybe that wind chime.
Could you say that again, please?
Couple hours ago, I was potential dirt to you.
Covering the Earth with water.
Crank it! Crank it!
Cut it!
Deacon? What...
Do you know what this is?
Does, indeed, constitute a threat.
Doesn't have a home or people to care for.
Don't ever touch anything on my boat again.
Don't find many who follow the rules anymore.
Don't hit the kid.
Don't let it die with you.
Don't touch anything.
Don't you do it.
Don't you?
Dryland is the mother lode.
Dryland's a myth!
Eight days east, if you're interested.
Enola wanted to give you this.
Enola, what are you doing?
Enola, what'd I tell you?
Enola! Enola, come here!
Enola! Go below.
Enola! Up here!
Enola. Hey, what are you doing?
Enola's been there. I know that now. I saw what she drew.
Fair. Come, come, come, come, come!
Faster! Faster! Whoo!
Find her! Get the girl!
Find him. Find him!
First time in your life you got nothin' to say?
Flag's down, drifter. We got enough traders.
Floor it! Floor it! Floor it!
For 12 days?
For that ichthy freak.
Forty five minutes with the wee one right there.
Four feet, nine inches of black stuff.
Get 'em up now.
Get him!
Get in.
Get off!
Get over there. Get out of the way.
Gimme that rifle. Boy, if you wanna do somethin' right,
Girl, I don't give a shit what he'd like. He took out my eye.
Give it a rest.
Give me that. What are you doin'? It's just a game.
Give me the key to the city now.
Go get that guy! Go! Kill him!
Go grab your things quickly. Quickly. Come.
Go to the helm.
Good. Then you know if you look for trouble while you're here,
Goodness gracious. Sakes alive.
Got hands... and feet.
Got yourself a wee harem goin' here now, do ya?
Grab on!
Gregor. Gregor, wait!
Guess it's been more than a while, actually.
Ha ha. Yeah.
Half an hour.
Half an hour.
Half an hour.
Half your chits.
Happy now?
Have I been asleep long?
Haven't seen neither for trade in lunars now. Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
Haven't we all?
He can hear a hundred miles and see a hundred miles underwater.
He could be right behind you, and you won't even know it 'til you're dead!
He doesn't even know which direction they came from.
He even kills little girls.
He is hereby sentenced to be recycled...
He wasn't really a man.
He... No, no, no. Helen, up here. Above you!
He'll come for me. He will.
He'll expect us to expect him to change course,
He's fast and strong like a big wind.
He's had too much sun or too much to drink.
He's hurt.
He's killed dozens of people, and he doesn't have any mercy or anything.
He's not a freak, and he can take you anytime.
He's not afraid of anything, men least of all.
He's spotted us. Sound it!
Helen said that it's only land sickness.
Helen says you don't like my singing 'cause you can't sing.
Helen, help! Helen! Helen!
Helen, I tried. There was an accident. I can't make it stop. Hurry!
Helen! Helen!
Helen. Where's Enola?
Hello. Good morning. Or night,
Help me to me boat.
Here we go! Go! Drive! Drive!
Here. Get over here. Get down.
Hey, it's drivin' better.
Hey! [Gasping]
Hey! [Laughing]
Hey! Can you steer?
Hey! Hey!
Hey! What are you doing?
His tendons to trees. His blood to brine.
Hold on!
Hold on. Okay, almost...
Holes so big, there's room to breathe.
How can I find...
How deep can you go? Look, I'm only here...
How many people have you killed?
How'd you come by so much of it?
Howdy, darlin'. Come on in here now.
Huh? But you know somethin'?
Huh? Now they're yours...
Huh? Too bad.
Hurry! Come on!
Hyah! Hyah!
I been savin' it for a special trade.
I can understand why you would want to.
I can't stand it. We gotta go help him. I can't ask him to do this alone.
I can't.
I changed my mind.
I didn't board you.
I didn't know.
I do have somethin' that'll make you change your mind.
I don't care about Dryland.
I don't get nervous.
I don't... l l... I don't think you're gonna drop that torch, my friend.
I drop it, you burn.
I found something!
I got all the supplies I need. Just came from an atoll.
I got two pages in here, man! I mean, I'd get half a dozen girls with this, you know.
I hate this boat. I hate this boat!
I haven't a key.
I haven't eaten in, well, you know, forever.
I haven't figured out the tattoo on her back.
I I I don't have it. Don't have it. Don't have it.
I just did.
I just thought she was special.
I know what you are.
I like that rod. It's a nice rod. [Babbles]
I like to do the talkin', if you know what I mean.
I like you.
I may have.
I mean, a deal's a deal, eh?
I mean, uh, are you sure she's worth all this?
I mean, you're gonna die for your friend.
I promised them results, and I'll get 'em if I gotta cut 'em out of her goddamn back.
I said slow! [Screams]
I saw a girl. I'm not sure,