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Spies Like Us (1985)

Spies Like Us (1985)

Spies Like Us is indeed a movie released in 1985. Directed by John Landis, this American comedy film takes a satirical look at the world of international espionage during the Cold War era. With witty humor, subtle political commentary, and a stellar cast, Spies Like Us remains a beloved comedy that brings laughter to audiences even decades later.

The film follows two bumbling government employees, Emmett Fitz-Hume and Austin Millbarge, brilliantly portrayed by comedy legends Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd. Fitz-Hume is a low-level diplomat, while Millbarge is a pencil-pushing analyst. One day, they are unwittingly thrust into the world of espionage after being selected as decoys for a high-stakes mission. Tasked with ensuring the success of a nuclear missile test in the Soviet Union, they find themselves in a wild and unpredictable adventure.

As Fitz-Hume and Millbarge navigate their way through this new world, they encounter numerous hilarious characters along the way. Their journey leads them to a group of eccentric and unforgettable spies, including the beautiful Agent Karen Boyer, played by Donna Dixon, and the enigmatic General Sline, portrayed by the late, great comedic actor, Steve Forrest.

Spies Like Us also boasts an impressive supporting cast, including seasoned actors like Bruce Davison as the villainous Defense Secretary and the legendary comedic talents of Terry Gilliam, who makes a memorable cameo. Furthermore, the film sees appearances by notable figures from the era, such as Dr. Joyce Brothers, a popular psychologist and media personality at the time.

Throughout the movie, Chase and Aykroyd's impeccable comedic timing shines. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they deliver countless quotable lines and memorable scenes, creating a hilarious dynamic between their characters. From the duo's attempt to cheat on the spy examination to their ridiculous antics during their mission, Fitz-Hume and Millbarge keep audiences entertained and laughing from start to finish.

Spies Like Us brilliantly combines slapstick comedy with clever satire, using the concept of spies as a backdrop to explore themes of government bureaucracy, military excess, and political posturing prevalent during the Cold War. While the film pokes fun at the spy genre, it also delivers its fair share of action and suspense, keeping viewers engaged throughout.

Moreover, the film features a fantastic soundtrack, which includes the catchy title track, "Spies Like Us," performed by Paul McCartney. The song perfectly captures the film's energetic and humorous vibe, further enhancing the overall enjoyment of the movie experience. Playing and downloading these sounds truly allows fans to immerse themselves in the world of Spies Like Us and relive the cinematic magic.

In conclusion, Spies Like Us is an enduring comedy that continues to entertain audiences. With its hilarious cast, sharp humor, and satirical take on the espionage genre, the film remains a beloved classic. Released in 1985, this John Landis-directed gem brings together the comedic talents of Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, and a stellar supporting cast. With an entertaining plot, memorable characters, and a catchy soundtrack, Spies Like Us offers a delightful movie experience that stands the test of time.

A Drogan's decoder wheel?
About an hour?
Acknowledge compliance on Satscram now.
Actually, I could operate without my hands.
Actually, if this is the lower Kohistan district...
Ah! Oh!
Ah! Oh!
Ah. Forget it, get on with it.
Ah. Oh. Mind if I play through?
All right, everybody, please stand back!
All right, Sky troopers! Let's go! Let's go!
All right. All right. I'm an American agent.
All right. Let us begin the operation.
All right. Let's go to response level yellow.
All this cloak and dagger stuff. The military love it.
And at this particular time, you do not need to know.
And Dr. Imhaus of the Zurich relief fund.
And it's not going to be for nothing!
And let that be a lesson to you!
And now, I will incise.
And now, the first incision.
And now, the first incision.
And of course, the slightest misperceived phrase or gesture...
And they told you this over a public phone?
And to think my high school guidance counselor said I'd never amount to anything.
And we should never forget the words of President John F. Kennedy, who said:
And with that, I give you Dr. Julius Greenbaum.
And, uh...
Anyway, we were just talking and we'd like to go home now.
Apparently the aliens from the silver disk dissected the ox...
Approach SS 50...
Are there any Paraguayans here? No?
Are you my mother?
Are you suggesting we assign this job to inferior personnel?
Aren't you Drs. Trowbridge and Greenberg?
As far as I know, that's how it'll always be. Is that clear?
As far as it takes us.
As the disarmament talks continue through closed sessions...
Ask not what your country can do for you...
Austin. Your turn to drive.
B, act surprised.
Besides, I've arranged for an intimate lunch with our supervisor.
Bigger than a bread box?
Both the U.S. and Soviet response chain on full recall.
Both the U.S. and Soviet response chain on full recall.
Bounce mode engaged.
Bounce pulse failed to connect with target, sir.
Boy, you don't know how glad we are to see you guys.
Boyer, start sending the launch sequence in reverse order.
Boys, it would be a shame to have to kill you now.
Bring all birds into final bounce mode.
Broke my arm.
But can't you tell? He's already been given the required injection of Pentothal.
But under the circumstances...
But with four other GLG 20s...
But, alas, I recently suffered severe nerve damage in my left hand.
By the way, good luck on the test tomorrow.
By your actions, sir, you are risking the future of the human race!
C, deny everything...
Can I borrow your pen?
Can I borrow your tent?
Censure? Departmental prosecution? What?
Christ, will you look at this place?
Colonel Rhombus, Special Projects Training. We've been expecting you.
Colonel, we were just talking...
Come in.
Come on, come on. You can't do this! What are you doing? Aaah!
Come on, let's get out of here.
Come on! Come on!
Come on.
Come on. The others are anxious to meet you.
Common sense.
Congratulations, men.
Damn. Recall.
Depress red key switch.
Did you see me cut into his chest? Did I cut his chest?
Didn't exactly say where on the road, did they?
Didn't work? Where did the pulse go?
Do you think those men are following us?
Do you wanna do the operation? Fine. You come on up here, and you do it.
Doctor. Doctor. Ha. Glad I'm not sick.
Doctors Stinson, Marston, and Gill of Northampton Trauma Institute.
Don't do that, Alice.
Don't I get a phone call?
Don't know, sir, but it definitely didn't connect.
Don't touch me.
Don't you think I'm capable of determining my own time to go to the bathroom?
Don't you worry. I'll be with you.
Dr. Boyer, Bacteriology.
Dr. Greenbaum could be my hands.
Dr. Hadley was going to remove it, but now that you're here...
Dr. Hadley!
Dr. La Fong, Communicable Diseases.
Dr. Trowbridge Homer, when you walked into this tent...
ED: Mr. Fitz Hume. Hi, Ed.
Emmett Fitz Hume.
Error. Stand down.
Every minute you don't tell us why you're here...
Everybody at home is most anxious to know how things are going in there.
Everybody looks fine here. What do you say?
Everything's fine.
Everything's under control, Mr. Fitz Hume.
Except that here in Intelligence Operative Training...
Excuse me, but what was all this...?
Excuse me.
Excuse us.
Figure 20, 22 until the first impact of our retaliatory strike.
Figure two for our response, say 20 until total commitment.
Find control box at front of transporter.
Fitz Hume, hold these together.
FITZ HUME: Uhn. Heart attack!
FITZ HUME: What other choice do we have?
FITZ HUME: What's she saying?
Fitz Hume!
Fitz Hume! Boyer!
Fitz Hume! Boyer! Get up! Get up!
Fitz, you have to take the test.
For after you've reached your final objective.
For erector panel, push red button.
For once, I am in complete agreement. We should all get up and leave immediately.
Foreign Service Boards, tomorrow? I can't take that test tomorrow.
Forget it, that's behind us. Our first priority is to cover those bodies...
Genius is a pretty strong word, but if you insist on using it...
Gentlemen, begin radical vertical impact simulation...
Gentlemen, I think you both should realize the gravity of this moment.
Get in the closet.
Get us the hell out of here!
GILL: Doctor. Doctor.
GILL: Doctor. Doctor.
Give me a break.
GLG 20s acknowledge programming and compliance.
GLG 20s don't grow exactly on trees. I'd hate to waste two as targets.
Go ahead and mention it. There's nothing I wouldn't do.
Go ahead, will you? I'm getting hungry.
Go? What does he mean, go?
Goddamn it!
Goddamn it. He gives himself up.
Good Golly Miss Molly?
Good morning. Is there an airport near here?
Good move. Good move. Headquarters.
Grab a rock! Grab a hammer! We can divert it!
Great Balls of Fire?
Greenbaumberg. We're doctors.
Ground deflectors opened and locked.
Guidance? Source Programmable guidance!
Ha. One night studying for a grade 19 FSB exam?
Hadley, London College of Medicine.
HADLEY: Why don't you gentlemen relax.
Hair... Hairbrush... Headrest.
Have we received the last shipment of penicillin yet?
He is now forever entombed in a snowy grave.
He started there in '74 as a mail boy.
He's a repair supervisor in DIA's code breaking arm at the Pentagon.
He's already been given the required injections.
He's an information officer at State.
He's good with hardware, got some Russian.
He's on line seven, sir.
Hello, gentlemen.
Hello. I'm Austin.
Help me!
Help! Help!
Hey, listen. Could we stop?
Hey, look! It's Dr. Boyer!
Hi weather transmitted this an hour ago.
Hi yo, Silver! Away!
Hi! Just me.
Hi. Bud Schnelker, liaison office. U.S. consulate, Karachi.
Hi. Heh heh heh.
His father got him his job.
His last job before joining Defense was fixing office copiers.
History demonstrates conclusively that naive wishing for peace...
Hold it, sister. We're not going near that thing. That missile is tipped with...
Hold on one moment.
Honestly. You two are unbelievable.
Hopefully, there won't be any guard posts where we're gonna cross.
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Hours, T minus two until designated target apogee.
How can we get there? It must be 1000 miles from here.
How can you say we aren't spending millions on spraying...
How did you get my papers?
How do you like that? She lets a little thing like death interfere with romance.
How do you spell Sartre? Ow!
How far do we have to go on this bus?
How you doing? Remember me?
However, we can tell you to make immediately...
Huh? Huh!
Huh. What about that Chinese radio chatter?
I agree. Let's send them over the border.
I am extremely pissed off. My partner and I were set up.
I believe we've found our decoys.
I can't What page?
I can't take it! I can't! I can't do it!
I cite as an example what happened to a great American
I could tell him what to do, and he'd do it for me.
I don't care how painful it is, you've got to hold them together.
I don't care what you two do, but I'm fulfilling my obligation.
I don't think that's fair. They had swords. What are we supposed to do?
I figure we have 42 minutes until the end of civilization as we know it.
I greased the House Committee for covert appropriations.
I guess that takes care of that.
I guess we walk.