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Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Requiem for a Dream (2000) is a haunting and powerful film directed by Darren Aronofsky. This psychological drama dives deep into the lives of four individuals as they spiral into addiction and despair. The movie showcases addiction's devastating effects on their dreams, relationships, and overall well-being. Featuring a stellar cast including Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Marlon Wayans, and Ellen Burstyn, the film delves into the darkest corners of human existence. The haunting soundtrack, composed by Clint Mansell, perfectly captures the emotional intensity of the story. You can play and download the sounds of this mesmerizing film right here.

A cupcake? You want something to eat?
A day? Shit!
A few days? Angel, what am I supposed to do?
A ha! Dynamite!
A little bit, a little bit lower.
A little nosh, a piece of cake? I could go and get something.
About the nasty things I'm about to do to ya.
Actually, I've been designing...non stop.
Ada told us. It's gorgeous.
Ah, come on! I almost fit in my red dress.
Ah, screw it!
All Angel said was meet at Waldbaum's.
All day! It's one o'clock!
All I want out of life is a bit of peace and happiness. That's all.
All I'm sayin' is take a little taste so we know how much to cut.
All mixed up.
All right, we on our way.
All right.
Although I'm not so sure how good it is. And you?
And green at night. Just like that.
And have those fools cover the street for us.
And I want you to be happy. So I got you a brand new TV set.
And I want you to be happy. So I got you a brand new TV set.
And I'm beautiful.
And if it should be happening, it would be all right.
And if we get there right away we can name our own price,
And it was meaningless.
And it's not impossible!
And neither is this. But soon I'm going on a diet.
And the television and you and your father.
And we'll start savin'.
And you don't seem to be responding.
And you don't seem to be responding.
And your father.
Angel, there's gotta be something. Anything. Help me.
Anybody wanna waste some time?
Anything else? Huh?
Anything. What?
Ass to ass!
Ass to ass!
Aw, shit. Now what?
Back up.
Beautiful view.
Because he'll tell my parents that I've stopped therapy.
Before you go bouncing all over again and make me forget, just...
Being schlepped back and forth to old Abe's.
Big deal?.
Big deal. I'll sneak another wedge of g****fruit.
Bitch, get over here!
Black broads know nothin' about head.
Blue in the afternoon.
Brody says you comin' up quick.
Brody wants to promote you.
But a little stuff will take care of that.
But he ain't sellin' it!
But I didn't know what I was gonna get, until now.
But I didn't take it out for air.
But I don't get it. Why are you so hard on your folks?
But I want you to know that...
But I'll be back.
But if we get wasted...
But maybe you gave me a weaker one last time.
But something isn't the same.
But you'll be proud when you see your mother in her red dress on TV.
Buy some pieces and we got some whole other shit.
Bye, Son.
California, here we come.
Can you come today?
Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Care for.
Christ, you are really something else today, you know that?
Come back to bed, baby.
Come back!
Come here.
Come on in.
Come on now, Alice. Got plenty of time for that.
Come on out. Please, Ma?
Come on, Ma, who's pulling your leg?
Come on! I already told you, all right?
Come to me.
Could you do any better?
Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!
Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!
Did you put her in a sweatbox?
Did you see who had the best seat?
Do you know if this train goes to Madison Avenue?
Do you know Maylin and Block?
Does it make you feel good and give you pep?
Does this train go to Madison Avenue?!
Don't move!
Don't put it all on me, OK?
Don't talk like that when someone's on a diet.
Don't worry, man. We'll fill it up again.
Dope fiend? Am I foaming at the mouth? He's a nice doctor.
Either way, your pale ass getting a tan.
Ever since I first saw you.
Everybody likes me.
Everyone and their mother.
Everything's fine.
F A R B!
Feed him yourself.
Feed me, Sara!
Feed me, Sara! Feed me, Sara!
Fellas, meet Marion.
Finally, I get up so big, I got five $100 black chips in my pocket.
For my mother. I've been thinking about getting something for her.
From Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.
Fuck it.
Fuck you.
Fuck, the table too!
Get your John Hancock...
Get your shit together. You made bail.
Getting the money is not the problem, Harry.
Give you more responsibility. Interested?
God damn! How long you had that?
God, It was great out there. I mean, everybody is thirsty.
Goldfarb, Goldfarb. Sara Goldfarb.
Good. You bring her.
Got a winner! We got a winner.
Great. Thanks.
Harold, I wouldn't do that.
Harold, please, not again the TV.
Harry, I'm goin' to a doctor.
Harry, I'm not gonna sleep with him.
Harry, oh!
Harry's my only child. He's all I have.
He just got engaged, and is about to get married this summer.
He knows what it's like for his mother living all alone.
He only givin' up for pussy.
He won't be puttin' any more dope in that.
He's big in women's undies.
Help me!
Help us! Somebody fuckin' help us, please!
Here, Mrs Goldfarb, sip this.
Hey, look, I ain't trying to jive you, Jim.
Hey, Ma, easy. You'll crush me, for Christ sakes.
Hey, Ma.
Hey! Don't shoot in there!
Hey! Hey! Hello?
Hi, Harry! Hello! We'll have a little visit.
Him being a good Christian and all,
House on the esplanade. Garment business.
How am I? Enormous. That's why I'm here.
How are you, Mrs Goldfarb?
How come you know so much? How come you know more than a doctor?
How good he was to us.
How many years we know each other? Who's to count?
How much?
I always thought you were the most beautiful girl I ever seen.
I am telling you, he's no good.
I believe we might want to try some alternative methods.
I believe we might want to try some alternative methods.
I can't take it, man! My arm! My fuckin' arm!
I can't, I'm busy.
I do them, but why should I?
I don't care, just as long as we get our bread.
I don't know what I'll have to do to get it.
I don't know what I'll have to do to get it.
I don't know why.
I don't know, it's...
I don't know.
I don't know. I don't know or even care if they were.
I don't need a present. Just have a baby.
I don't understand why you gotta see him.
I don't wanna be runnin' the streets my whole life,
I don't want that. I don't want that!
I got a great diet book.
I got an appointment in Manhattan in a little bit,
I got no one to...
I gotta call Marion, man.
I gotta do something about my arm.
I gotta go, Ma.
I have 50lbs I'm willing to donate.
I have their address. It's on Madison Avenue.
I have to know when I'm gonna be on television.
I haven't seen him in months.
I I guess so. You know?
I just do.
I just have to find out when.
I just wanna be on television! Please!
I just wanna be on the show.
I just wanna know when.
I just wanted to be on the show!
I know where to get a real nice taste,
I know.
I like the way I feel.
I like thinking about the red dress...
I love you, Harry.
I mean, everything was goin' good, and then...
I mean, I know I can't change anything that's happened,
I mean, I know I can't change anything that's happened,
I mean, like what's in 'em?
I mean, they give you everything.
I mean, we could do it together.
I mean, you know, you could do it.
I need a doctor, man.
I need some money.
I need the number of that doctor.
I never thought I'd be on television. I'm just...
I owe her a new set, with all the wear and tear it got
I put together some numbers and...
I really hear it.
I swear to God. The hours are going by.
I thought I'd catch a little sun today.
I told ya, Mom, one day I'd make it.
I told you. I'm going to a specialist.
I told your ass, stay away from that arm. See?
I wanna play blackjack all night long.