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The Black Dahlia (2006)

The Black Dahlia (2006)

"The Black Dahlia" is a neo-noir crime film released in 2006, directed by Brian De Palma. Inspired by James Ellroy's novel of the same name, it delves into the infamous true crime case of Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the "Black Dahlia." Set in 1947 Los Angeles, the story follows two ambitious detectives, Bucky Bleichert (played by Josh Hartnett) and Lee Blanchard (played by Aaron Eckhart), as they investigate the brutal murder of a young aspiring actress, Elizabeth Short (played by Mia Kirshner).

The film boasts a stellar ensemble cast, including Scarlett Johansson as Kay Lake, Hilary Swank as Madeleine Linscott, and Mia Kirshner in a dual role as Elizabeth Short/Betty Short. The haunting and atmospheric soundtrack, composed by Mark Isham, perfectly complements the dark and mysterious nature of the film.

You can immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere of "The Black Dahlia" by downloading and playing the sounds of the film here. This gritty crime thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as the detectives unravel the web of deception surrounding the Black Dahlia murder.

A couple of hours outside town.
A couple of times. Two or three months ago.
A great people, the Germans.
A murderer?
A regular attraction at the Hollywood Legion Stadium.
A small time pimp with a yard long rap, as the brains behind the job.
A toast
A wild crowd hungry to see what was in us.
Adios yourself back to the Halls of Tripoli, shitbird.
Advertising young love
Advertising young love for sale
After 12 hours on a silent flicker.
After everything that's happened to us, Lee. I will nail this guy, Kay!
After that, we bring back the boxing team.
After tours of duty, Lee and I would go to the house and find Kay.
Ain't you bored yet?
All gate to charity.
All right, easy. Guys, guys. Please.
All right, first question,
All right, listen up. No reporters view the body.
All right, people, let's get back to work here.
All right! I need everybody right now!
All right.
All right.
All the complainants have been coloreds.
Always she'd be there
Ambition, pride,
An old friend stuffed him.
An old friend stuffed him.
An order listing Los Angeles as a restricted area
And as for Betty, she called the tune, she paid the piper.
And built houses out of them.
And captured thrill killer, Tomas Dos Santos.
And focus on where.
And for that,
And for the sake of your pension,
And guess what.
And he knew me,
And he promised me the next spot he can wangle.
And he threatened to tell him that we stole from him.
And he's treated me like a lady
And here we all are...
And his partner, Mr. Ice.
And his plane crashed
And I can't afford to let her down.
And I checked the case file.
And I mean real soon.
And I told him about the bank job and where Bobby was hiding the money.
And I want to do it for you
And I was desperate wicked bad for money.
And I'd been right from the beginning.
And I'm going to do it for you right now.
And it was one of those things that was...
And it wouldn't be our last.
And look at that smile now.
And looking to go straight.
And my dad's apartment into the Black Dahlia's House of Horrors.
And my sister, Martha McConville Linscott.
And neither are his letters of apology.
And now he throws him scraps,
And now he's dead.
And old movie sets from Mack Sennett
And provide for an 8% pay raise for all personnel.
And remember, go back to the beginning, you're begging him.
And she looked just like Georgie.
And speaking of families,
And that you love me.
And that's all of it?
And that's everything.
And that's how you met Lee?
And that's pretty fucking tight.
And the schoolgirl twist, I've never seen.
And the two of you covered it up.
And then last year, the guy...
And then, the next day, he was just gone.
And they never caught the guy.
And washed it clean, probably in a bathtub.
And we get back to our job before Nash snuffs somebody else.
And when that fucker killed them ******s...
And with respect
And you know what he used to do?
And you... Yeah, you. Look at me.
And your husband bought her for Georgie.
And, for esthetic reasons, I hope you both look good with your shirts off.
And, for the first time in my life,
And, in local news,
And, oh! A puncture wound, here,
Another Billy Conn you might have been.
Any names, Mr. Short?
Any reporter crosses it, arrest him.
Anything new you need him to add?
Are you a fight fan, Miss Lake?
Are you familiar with the English language?
Are you familiar with the neighborhood, Mr. Bleichert?
Are you feeling well?
Are you fucking nuts? It's all right.
Are you sure there isn't anything
As God is my witness
As God is my witness
As long as they wore a uniform.
Asking questions about you and Elizabeth Short.
At a stickup near Leimert Park, Tuesday morning.
Attention all units in the vicinity of Crenshaw and Stocker.
Baby, he's gonna cut us a real good deal on this.
Back then, I told myself I didn't care.
Bad, and he wanted the whole world to know it.
Balto was bringing in the paper
Baxter Fitch, and then DeWitt.
Baxter Fitch.
Because I can just bring it back like that.
Because I think you're handsome.
Because I'm a whiz with accents and I basically do every accent in the world.
Because that girl,
Because the truck don't wait!
Because you'd rather fuck me.
Before the war, the City of Angels
Benzedrine, I think.
Besides, police work gives him a sense of order.
Better far than they
Betty and I made love once, that one time last summer.
Betty called, short of cash, as usual.
Betty talked about the latest issue of Screen World.
Betty, maybe one time. Lorna, a couple.
Big fish, small pond.
Bigger than Louis Schmeling.
Blame it on the poor, dead gardener.
Blanchard cracked the Boulevard Citizens Bank robbery case in 1939
Blanchard knew the white guy, I guess.
Blanchard, behind you!
Blanchard? Look at me!
Blanchard's the hero here.
Bleichert served with distinction during the Zoot Suit Wars.
Bleichert, get out of my sight.
Bobby DeWitt?
Bobby DeWitt.
Bobby DeWitt's probably in L.A. by now.
Bobby did do the bank job, Dwight. Don't get the wrong idea.
Bobby's got a drug deal somewhere
Both legs broken at the knee.
Boy, you sure know how to tell a funny story.
Boyfriend? They were all her boyfriends.
Bragging about getting her big break.
Broadway and Seventh, and Hill Liquor in Chinatown.
Broadway and Seventh, and Hill Liquor in Chinatown.
Bucky and I want to catch a 9:30 show.
Bucky Bleichert.
Bucky, look out! Get down!
Bucky, please stay.
Bucky, that's it. I swear.
Bucky, this ain't a random job.
Bucky, this is Chief Ted Green.
Bucky, this is my mother, Ramona Cathcart Linscott.
Bucky, wake up.
Busted him once.
But all I know is what I read in the papers,
But duty brought them to the Los Angeles Police Department.
But he doesn't want to talk about it and he gets out in a week.
But he was her father.
But I do remember them being up on Hollywood Boulevard
But I do.
But I think if we can drum up some publicity
But I will not.
But I'm holding this suitcase till she ponies up the back rent.
But it was just that once.
But it was love at first sight.
But mark my words that someday we'll regret
But not
But not to the murder.
But please be discreet.
But she just paraded Hollywood Boulevard
But she was the best.
But the Los Angeles Police Department assures the public
But the way people described Betty
But you don't have the guts to do either.
But you know that. You've been watching.
Came down here, same as you, to keep from getting killed.
Can I get you something? Sure.
Can you finish that?
Code four.
Come clean or I'll slap a contributing beef on you
Come here.
Come on, baby! Come on.
Come on, private! That spic's quick!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Bring him in. Get him in here.
Come on. Let's get out of here. No, I'm staying here with her.
Come with me and climb the stairs
Congratulations. How about Betty?
Construction Tycoon's Daughter Questioned in Dahlia Case.
Cops popped her in '43. Santa Barbara.
Coroner's men, put a sheet on the body as soon as they are done.
Corpses. Ghosts.
Cute. Answer the question.
Cute. Answer the question.
Daddy bought rotten lumber
Daddy paid to have him buried at the family plot in Scotland.
Daddy spying on me again?
Daddy's heard of you and he insists you stay for dinner.
Darling, I'm in.
Date of birth, July 29, 1924,
Deputy District Attorney Ellis Loew.
Detective Bleichert, Mr. Short.
DeWitt gets out tomorrow, Lee.
DeWitt got 10 to life in San Quentin.
DeWitt never spoke the entire trial, never coughing up the dough
Did she mention me?
Did you come to pay your respects or fuck my sister?