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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) is a swashbuckling adventure film and the second installment in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Directed by Gore Verbinski, the movie brings back the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow, played by the charismatic Johnny Depp. The plot follows Captain Jack's quest to find the mythical chest of Davy Jones in order to avoid a debt owed to him, while dealing with various adversaries, including the notorious Davy Jones himself.

The film features a star-studded cast including Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, and Bill Nighy in the role of Davy Jones. The mesmerizing score composed by Hans Zimmer, filled with haunting melodies and pirate themes, adds depth and excitement to the film.

You can immerse yourself in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest by playing and downloading the soundtrack here. Experience the gripping adventure and join Captain Jack Sparrow on his epic quest on the high seas.

A chance to be admired and gain the rewards that follow.
A chest of unknown size and origin.
A compass.
A fair trial for Will ends in a hanging.
A familiar face.
A fearsome creature with giant tentacles that'll suction your face clean off
A great sailor until he ran afoul of that which vex all men.
A heading.
A man of the sea.
A marriage interrupted.
A pair of them strapped to my feet.
A pirate port is what you mean.
A ship with black sails.
A ship? Hardly.
A touch of destiny.
A virgin too, likely as not.
A woman.
A woman. He fell in love.
A young woman, by the look of it.
Abandon ship or abandon hope.
Abandon ship.
Abandon ship. Into the longboat.
Actually, you wouldn't need everyone.
After you tricked me onto that ship to square your debt with Jones...
Against the cold and the sorrow.
Against the crown and empire
Against the wind the Dutchman beats us, that's how she takes her prey.
Ain't that right, poochie?
All evidence to the contrary.
All in all, it's seems some time since we did a speck of honest pirating.
All one needs is the proper leverage.
All right! All right!
All right.
All right.
All your deeds laid bare.
All your sins punished.
An eternity of servitude.
An undead monkey.
And all manner of remorseless pieces of metal.
And already the world seems a bit less bright.
And be called a liar myself for my trouble?
And being captain of a ship, I could, in fact, perform a marriage,
And condemned to death.
And drag an entire ship down to the crushing darkness.
And drag the Pearl back to the depths and you along with it.
And how do you intend to harvest these 99 souls in three days?
And how'd this go all screwy?
And I cannot step foot on land again for near of a decade.
And I don't give an ass rat's if I live or die.
And I don't think it's Kraken, anyways.
And I have another one for a Mr. James Norrington. Is he present?
And I say it was me being clever.
And I thought that even the tiniest hope of escaping this fate, I would take it.
And if there are crewmen?
And it certainly doesn't show you what you want most.
And justice will be dispensed by cannonade and cutlass
And Kraken's closer to that.
And let this day be cursed by we who ready to wake...
And my life.
And one's place in it, don't you agree?
And other fugitives from justice.
And personal hygiene.
And recover a certain property in his possession.
And so him carved out him heart,
And so you hope to save me from an evil fate.
And take your dearly beloved all to hisself, eh?
And that bodes ill by all accounts.
And the key will spare him that?
And the reeking odour of a thousand rotting corpses.
And then just get it back to her.
And there will come a moment when you have the chance to show it.
And they intend to do him the honour of releasing him from his fleshy prison.
And to what do I owe the pleasure of your carbuncle?
And Turner there, I figure he's trying to settle
And we've each left our mark
And what are we running from'?
And what makes you think you're worthy to crew the Black Pearl?
And what would prompt such an act of charity?
And what you want most in this world
And what's your story?
And whatever this key unlocks, inside, there's something valuable.
And when you do, you'll discover something.
And whoever possesses that chest
And you'd have a way of doing that?
And your loyalty to the East India Trading Company.
And/or locating in your discovering the detecting of a way
Any more questions?
Anyways, I ain't stealing no ship.
Are we all to work for the East India Trading Company, then?
Are you certain?
Are you telling the truth?
As I said, persuade me.
As if I could be bought for such a low price.
As soon as you're clear.
As the day that you almost
As your father believes.
Aye, the Pelegostos made Jack their chief.
Aye, the rum too!
Back to your stations, the lot of you!
Bad enough even to go visit her.
Bad for every mother's son what calls himself a pirate.
Be careful!
Be my guest.
Because I would think, you'd want to find a way to save Will the most.
Because if Jones is dead,
Because the finding of this finds you incapacitorially finding
Because you and I are alike.
Beneath us.
Betroth ed.
Big fire. Big fire.
Bill Turner?
Bon voyage!
Bootstrap Bill, you're a liar and you will spend an eternity on this ship!
Bound to hang for helping you.
Brace the foreyard!
Break off pursuit, run out light and douse canvas.
Bring back that compass
But he only remains chief as long as he acts like a chief.
But I guess that honest streak finally won out.
But I wonder, Sparrow, can you live with this?
But if you go and brave the weird and haunted shores at world's end
But it would taste a lie to say it wasn't what I wanted.
But not enough to cause him to die.
But one of the ships did pick up a man adrift at sea.
But only insofar as we keep to the shallows as much as possible.
But the pain it cause him was too much to live with.
But there's a island, just south of the straits,
But through an unfortunate and entirely unforeseeable series of circumstances
But you find a ship there.
But you mustn't worry.
By finding the chest of Davy Jones.
By need, do you mean a trifling need?
By your efforts, Jack Sparrow was set free.
Can you condemn an innocent man, a friend,
Can't let you do that, William.
Cannot say about Jack Sparrow.
Cannot step on land, but once every ten years.
Captain Jack Sparrow?
Captain Jack Sparrow.
Captain Jack Sparrow.
Captain Jack Sparrow.
Captain Sparrow.
Captain, a ship's been spotted.
Captain, I think the crew, meaning me as well,
Captain's orders.
Carry on.
Cast off those lines, weigh anchor and crowd that canvas!
Cast off those lines!
Chart a course to lsla Cruces.
Come along, Turner!
Come and get me. I'm over here!
Come on, go! Go!
Come on, men. It'll take all of us to crew the Black Pearl.
Come on, run!
Come on, snap to and make sail, you know how this works. Come on.
Come on, who's first?
Come on, Will. Step to!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Is that all you got?
Come on! Let's go!
Come on! Who wants it?
Come on. More wood.
Come to join me crew, lad? Welcome aboard.
Come to negotiate, eh, have you, you slimy git?
Commodore Norrington resigned his commission some months ago.
Complications arose, ensued, were overcome.
Consider into your calculations that you robbed me of my wedding night.
Consider that in your calculations.
Could he?
Cruel blackguard!
Cut it loose! Find a rock!
Damn you, Jack Sparrow!
Darling, I am truly unhappy to have to tell you this,
Davy Jones?
Did he, now?
Did We kill it?
Do excuse me while I kill the man who ruined my life.
Do explain.
Do not ask me to endure the sight of my daughter walking to the gallows.
Do not blame the bird.
Do not underestimate her.
Do not.
Do we have a heading?
Do what you can for my daughter.
Do you fear death?
Do you fear that dark abyss?
Do you have the compass?
Do you hear me?
Do you not fear death?
Does it matter?
Doesn't matter now.
Don't eat me.
Don't eat me. No. Don't eat me.
Don't listen to him!
Don't mind if I shine your shoes, sir.
Douse the lamps.
Down on your marrowbones and pray.
Down, then!
Drink and the devil Had done for the rest
Due to be married.