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The Monster Squad (1987)

The Monster Squad (1987)

The Monster Squad is a cult classic film released in 1987 that follows a group of young kids who form their own monster-fighting club. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, they must assemble to battle against iconic creatures including Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolfman, and more. Directed by Fred Dekker, the movie features a talented cast including Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Stephen Macht, and Tom Noonan. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic sounds of The Monster Squad by playing and downloading them here.

A great deal about monsters,
A hundred years ago?
A monster!
A vampire, perhaps?
A virgin? Yeah.
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! No!
About this Monster Squad thing.
Absolutely no grown ups. Okay?
Accident patrol,
Accident with power tools?
Ah! It's here!
Ah... Ja.
Ahem. Look.
All I'm saying is, Sean, he could if he had to.
All of these monsters!
All right, pal!
All right, pal!
All right, son... where are they?
And as long as it's here, nothing bad can happen.
And at that moment,
And B, he's German.
And carved with intricate symbols.
And I'm a werewolf! Take it easy.
And I'm in the street where Fat Kid is blocking traffic.
And if it's monsters, nobody's gonna do a thing about it but us.
And it was okay with him?
And keep this up,
And let me, out of my own personal curiosity,
And mailed the rest of the pieces to Norway,
And maybe, well... well, gosh...
And number two, my Dad's a cop.
And rethink it with the other guys.
And take a look at this?
And the coroner guy was dead.
And the football roster.
And there is no one to stop us!
And they shot him. And the body disappeared from the coroner van.
And this part is underlined...
And we draw those pictures to put on our clubhouse walls.
And we'll call it a day.
And we're sitting here with Pirate Bill.
And what about the amulet?
And where the hell am I supposed to find silver bullets?
And where's the big Limbo thing?
And wouldn't you know it, there's a space
And you put the candle next to your bed like this.
And you want to shut up about it?
And you're not gonna look at those monster magazines.
And you're sayin' you didn't hear anybody
And your Dad's a cop, so if we get your Dad...
And, blamo, we blow a hole in Limbo.
And, guys...
Anybody fools around with us, he kicks their ass.
Anything you say, fella.
Anyway, I thought they killed him in the last one.
Are in constant flux,
Are these forces balanced.
Are you a...
Are you absolutely sure
Are you gonna yell at him?
Are you two sitting comfortably?
Are... are you dead?
At Jane Burgess' garage sale.
At least I don't have a... stupidity problem.
At midnight,
At the stoke of midnight,
Back and forth.
Because you get a call from some guy
Because, you dweeb, Dracula's obviously here looking for it.
Between good and evil
Bitte, moerden zie uns nicht.
Bon voyage!
Boring guy, boring guy, boring guy, boring guy.
Buddy, I'd like nothin' better! Hold onto your pants!
Busy day?
But a Mummy disappeared from the museum tonight.
But I am not, you know.
But I can't read it. It's all in German.
But I still may if you don't wash up for dinner.
But if they shot him...
But she's boring and has an odd shaped head.
But that's not the issue here. The issue is...
But then, um,
But we're going a hundred miles an hour!
But... But what do I do, Sean?
Bye. Thank you very much for all your time.
Can it, Frank.
Can somebody tell me what the Sam Hell is goin' on around here?
Can swallow the forces of evil forever.
Can we?
Can you guess what's in these file folders?
Can you hear me now? Hello?
Can you reschedule that appointment?
Can't you hold it? God!
Can't you read?
Children... possess it.
Church! He's right.
Church. What?
Claims there is a way to stop the forces of darkness.
Come again? You're... What?
Come and get it.
Come in here or leave. Is that right?
Come on, all of you monsters, outta here!
Come on, Sean! I know about monsters.
Come on, Sean.
Come on, Sean. Man, we're dead.
Come on, this isn't... No, come on!
Come on!
Come on! Don't be chickenshit!
Come on! Hurry!
Come on! Let me in the club! Two ways to kill a werewolf.
Come on! Yes! Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. I want to show you my friends.
Come on. Somebody go up and knock.
Come on. Where are you,
Confirmed. That makes two tonight, right, Lieutenant?
Cool. All right.
Correction, Mr. Crenshaw.
Creature stole my Twinkie.
D Dead?
D Del, what's happening?
Dad! I'm here! We're almost to Town Square.
Damn, son, look!
Damn! Really, you should read it!
Damn! Where is he?
Del, I don't know if you're aware of this,
Del. Del!
Did you ask him?
Did you hear a word I said?
Did you take him?
Discipline reports.
Dispatch to Unit 28. Please respond.
Dispatch, Unit 7.
Dispatch, we got a 10 35.
Dissect him.
Do not get up and walk away by themself.
Do they ask for more of the little almond things?
Do they ask for more of the little almond things?
Do they complain? Do they get airsick?
Do they complain? Do they get airsick?
Do we meet up here a lot?
Do you see these file folders?
Do you think we could talk him into joining the Monster Club?
Does he?
Does Mom know about him?
Doesn't count?
Don't be a wuss!
Don't call him a monster.
Don't go away, Frankenstein!
Don't go away!
Don't go!
Don't kick the church! It's religious!
Don't look up.
Don't you see? It's all true!
Don't you think?
Down to 666 Shadowbrook road!
Dracula might be here, too.
Dracula, Mom.
Dudes, check it out.
Eugene, get away from there!
Eugene, make Pete shut up.
Eugene, stop it.
Eugene! Man!
Eugene's whining,
Every day.
Every night I have a lousy night.
Faster, faster!
Fat Kid, can't you stop eating?
Fat Kid, get a map. Find Shadowbrook Road.
Fat Kid, use your eyes. Does it look like you can help him?
Fat kid?
Fat Kid... you're bein' a wuss.
Fine. Can I have five bucks anyway?