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Contact (1997)

Contact (1997)

Contact is a thought-provoking sci-fi film released in 1997. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, the movie explores humanity's search for extraterrestrial life through the story of Dr. Ellie Arroway, played by Jodie Foster. The star-studded cast also includes Matthew McConaughey, Tom Skerritt, and James Woods. With its mesmerizing visuals and compelling storyline, Contact takes viewers on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the universe. To rekindle the magic, you can now play and download the film's soundtrack, filled with captivating sounds and music, right here. Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of the cosmos.

A couple guys wanted to build something called an airplane.
A final gesture of goodwill to the people of this little planet that have given...
A fraction of a second Earth time, yes.
A higher power intervened.
A man with the means, motive and opportunity to play you and the rest of us...
A nice presentation, doctor.
A phenomenon known in psychiatric circles, I believe, as a self reinforcing delusion.
A second signal at double the frequency. It looks like a...
A series of them.
A sniper has fired at President Kennedy.
A vision that tells us that we belong to something...
A vision...
A whole planet called Venus...
Actually, first, could you ask the gentlemen with the firearms to wait outside?
Actually, I quite like it up here.
Alignment symbols, a registration mark, but they don't line up.
All controllers stand by to initiate drop sequence...
All controllers stand by to initiate IPV drop sequence. On my mark.
All controllers, I need a go no go for test initiation.
All I know is that I wasn't alone.
All I'm asking is for you to just have the tiniest bit of vision.
All Machine systems are go.
All right, 1221.46. That's well within the L band.
All right, all right, back to your stations.
All right, as you'll see...
All right, do you have a source location yet?
All right, freeze.
All right, great.
All right, great.
All right, how about dinner, then, tomorrow night? I know a great dive.
All right, it's definitely an image. Let's try and stabilize it.
All right, it's restarting.
All right, let me hear it.
All right, let's see if F.U.D.D.'s reading it too.
All right, no more stalling.
All right, people, I want things double and triple checked here.
All right, we've got a security breach here.
All right, you see that sort of large, W shaped constellation right there?
All right.
All systems are go.
All systems are go.
All systems ready for drop sequence.
All test subject instrumentation looks good.
All vibration and G levels are in the green.
Always, I can only get three corners to fit.
Amid a flurry of accusations and counter accusations...
Amid a flurry of accusations and counter accusations...
An alien intelligence has got be more advanced...
An all powerful, mysterious God created the universe...
And a few more of these.
And augmenting our restraint and communications console subsystem...
And Cassiopeia A gives off a whole lot of radio signals.
And Dr. Arroway will be spending her precious telescope time listening for, um...
And Drumlin told you exactly what you wanted to hear.
And everybody that you care about...
And for the first time in my life I wasn't scared of nothing, you know?
And he said that it wasn't really a star at all. It was actually...
And how guilty would we feel if we destroyed a few microbes on an anthill?
And I believe you've already met our tireless research assistant, Mr. Fisher...
And I suppose the fact that I discovered the message means that I have PR value.
And I'll grant them their wish soon enough.
And in breaking news...
And leave the LO frequency where it is.
And maybe that's an understatement.
And now yesterday they start broadcasting primes. Why?
And pretty soon they called my dad and they asked him...
And tell Willie to break out the big boy.
And that means when you put them together with all the radio telescopes...
And the message itself. To put something like this together...
And then I felt something. I don't know, I...
And there are many governments, business interests...
And there's no chance that...
And they don't want the high priestess of the desert using them anymore.
And two probabilities. One, there is intelligent life...
And we continue this final edition of our Maxwell House Good News of 1939.
And when can I get some dish time?
And when it comes to my investments...
And yet every scientific instrument confirms...
And your career will be over.
Another signal, look at that.
Anyway, I've had my fill of life on the ground.
Are there other people out there in the universe?
Are we happier as a human race?
Are you anti technology? Are you anti science?
Are you feeling it down there?
Are you really gonna sit there and tell us we should just take this all...
Are you there?
Are you there?
Arecibo, right?
Aren't you...?
As a person of faith, I'm bound by a different covenant than Dr. Arroway.
As a scientist I must concede that. I must volunteer that.
As a scientist...
As soon as I found out about the Machine, I called the president.
Attendance at religious services has risen a dramatic 39 percent in recent days.
AWACS status is negative.
Awarded full scholarship, M.I. T, graduated magna cum laude.
Back home that's what we call an overcooked ham.
Because I can't.
Because it's a historic opportunity. The world needs...
Being alone.
Bottom line is...
Boy, this is really gonna change the Miss Universe contest.
Brilliant and blue white.
Bring you tens of thousands of light years and then send you home without proof?
Brook's looking at the black hole at the center of M 87.
Buried within the message itself is the key to decoding it.
But a voice from the sky...
But before I do, I wish to make a small contribution.
But everything that I know as a human being, everything I am...
But for now, almost 2 full weeks after the message's arrival...
But I did. I did go.
But I guess I'd say...
But I have so many questions.
But I just... I wanna go on record one more time.
But I'm not stopping.
But other people need to see what I've seen...
But our goal is one and the same.
But right now my job is to protect American lives from any threat.
But that doesn't justify taking an alarmist position.
But the choice of these 10 candidates has not been without controversy.
But the headset didn't record a single image?
But the military presence arriving...
But there's a bad drive on 16.
But they have failed!
But they're also putting together a selection committee.
But what can I say to this?
But while our foundation arm has a mandate to support experimental programs...
But, uh... But...
By doing this, you're willing to give your life.
By God, move all the fire and rescue personnel into position one.
Call her in the morning, tell her why you didn't show up.
Can I help you?
Can we hear all the way to China?
Can we talk about Einstein?
Catalogued November 4, 1982. Pulsar.
Center that segment.
Changes in NSF policy gave rise to certain funding problems...
Chicago has all the stuff, but let me know how it goes.
Clearly, I've never been there, but...
Clever girl.
Come back?
Come in.
Come on, I got something for you to hear. Is this great?
Come on. It's like you're saying that science killed God.
Confirmed, we have a good picture from Dr. Drumlins PRD.
Consortium officials had no comment, but sources within the delegation...
Control, if you're reading me...
Controlled by Americans...
Convinced it has some dark military purpose.
Coordinates confirmed. Willie's checking the system now.
Copy that, 30 percent.
Copy that, 35 percent.
Copy that, 50 percent.
Copy that, Control. IPV is secure.
Copy that, Dynamics.
Copy that, K 4 WLD. How's the weather down there in Florida?
Copy that. Willie...
Copy, W 9 GFO. K 4 WLD here.
Could be a Trojan horse. We build it and out pours the entire Vegan army.
Could we talk to Jupiter?
Could we talk to the moon?
Could you face reality, please? Just this once, Ellie. We lost.
CQ, CQ, this is W 9 GFO. Is anybody out there?
CQ, this is W 9 GFO here.
CQ, this is W 9 GFO here. Come back?
CQ, this is W 9 GFO here. Come back?
CQ, this is W 9 GFO.
CQ, this is W 9 GFO.
CQ, this is W 9 GFO. Come back?
Crew Ops, verify all pre test procedures are complete.
Dad, could we talk to Mom?
Dad, it's starting, you're gonna miss it.
Dad, there's another one. Hurry up.
Dad, this is Ellie.
Dad, this is Ellie. Come back.
Dad, what's that star there?
Daddy, don't go.
David Drumlin is supervising the on site portion of the test.
David, explain this to me, please.
David, he's got something in his hand!
Davio, Dr. Vernon. Dr. Arroway.
Declination, plus 36 degrees, 46 minutes...
Deficit finance trips to the mall to buy more things...
Did you really think these stories wouldn't get out?
Didn't, uh, expect to see you here.
Different nations are being compensated in different ways. For example...
Digital microchip good for thousands of hours of recording.
Do me a favor, go get the blinds. There is a lot of glare.
Do we get to come back?
Do you copy? I want you to go off axis on 27 the second we're there.
Do you know where I can find, like, a really great dress?
Do you know where I can find, like, a really great dress?
Do you think there's people on other planets?
Doctor Arroway, despite your obvious enthusiasm...
Doctor, are you familiar with the scientific precept...
Doctor, both the IMC Board and the SI team reviewed the matter...