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The Maze Runner (2014)

The Maze Runner (2014)

"The Maze Runner" is a thrilling sci-fi film released in 2014, directed by Wes Ball. Based on James Dashner's novel, it features an all-star cast including Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Sangster, and Will Poulter. The story revolves around a group of young boys trapped in a dangerous maze with no memory of the outside world. As they uncover secrets and face terrifying creatures, they must work together to find a way out. With intense action and suspenseful twists, "The Maze Runner" keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout. To fully immerse in the film's soundscapes, you can freely play and download the accompanying sounds here.

A deadly virus that attacks the brain.
A Griever must have pulled him down here.
About a year ago, we started exploring these outer sections.
After Alby got stung, they're not in any hurry to get back out there.
Alby knows what he's doing...
Alby, we might have just found a way out of the maze.
All in an effort to understand...
All of it.
All right, everybody hide!
All right, guys.
All right, ready? On three.
All right?
All right? Trust me. Anything you think of, we've already tried.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Let's go!
Almost there, come on!
And for now, they seem to have taken the bait.
And he learned that the most important thing...
And I'm betting you know who she is.
And it's a good thing, too...
And it's only gonna get worse.
And no one has ever survived a night in the maze.
And now our Greenie, here, has taken it upon himself...
And now the girl.
And now, you've killed one of them.
And the others agreed to that?
And the others don't remember anything?
And then Alby.
And then he tries to convince us to abandon them totally.
And then people started disappearing.
And then we got Winston...
And there we got the builders.
And they haven't found anything?
And this woman's voice saying the same thing over and over.
And we can't just have non runners running into the maze whenever they feel like it.
And we got two med jacks, Clint and Jeff.
And we're not supposed to leave.
And what about the Box? Next time it comes up...
And when the Grievers get what they came here for...
And wherever they are, I'm sure they miss me...
And you told me that everything was gonna change.
And you want us to go in?
And, besides, you gotta get chosen.
Any of it.
Anyone else who wants to come, now is your last chance.
Are you gonna help?
Are you listening to this?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you sure about this?
Are you sure you don't remember anything else?
Are you sure, guys? I can't help in any other way?
Are you telling me there's not a single place we could take him?
As you will no doubt soon discover, not everyone agrees with our methods.
Aside from hide behind these walls all the time?
At least, out there we have a choice.
Back off, Gally! It's not Thomas' fault!
Back off, Gally! This is not Thomas' fault!
Because I don't want to meet this guy's friends.
Because if they don't make it back before those doors close...
Because the people we were before the maze don't even exist anymore.
Because we're all in this together.
Because you're not like the others.
Besides, where are you gonna go from there?
Big day, Greenie. Are you sure you don't wanna sit this one out?
Billions of lives lost to fire...
But circumstances seem to have prevented it.
But finding it would not be easy.
But he saved Alby's life.
But I can't miss them because I don't remember them.
But I know that if he were here, he would be telling you the exact same thing.
But I'd rather risk my life out there than spending the rest of it in here.
But if there is one thing I know about the maze...
But if there's a way out, Chuck, me and Minho are gonna find it.
But last night, when you killed that Griever...
But maybe if you find a way out, you can give it to them for me.
But not a lot going on upstairs.
But not for you.
But someone had to be first, right?
But the Sun has scorched our world.
But they're out there.
But this isn't a banishing.
But what does matter is who we are now, and what we do...
But whatever it is, we need more of it.
But when those other boys started coming up, one after the other...
But why would Alby go into the maze?
But you already knew that, though, I guess, huh?
But you're not going back out there alone.
But you're one of us now.
But you're very important.
Calm down, Ben.
Calm down, Ben.
Can we take this up back at the Glade?
Can you hear me?
Can you tell me anything about yourself? Who you are?
Can you tell me your name?
Chosen by who?
Chuck, get in! Go, go, go!
Chuck, go to the Council Hall and start barricading the doors.
Chuck, look at me, all right?
Chuck, what's going on?
Chuck, why would you give this to me?
Chuck? Hey.
Come here.
Come on, Greenie. We're not done yet.
Come on, guys, can't we send someone after them?
Come on, it's worth a try.
Come on, man. Get me out of here.
Come on, Minho, you can do it!
Come on, Newt! One night in the pit?
Come on, Thomas! Don't look back!
Come on, you can make it!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Don't look back!
Come on! Go!
Come on! Run! Run!
Come on! This way.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Damn it!
Damn it!
Dark days, Thomas.
Day one, Greenie.
Did he?
Do it.
Do you hear me? I said tie him up!
Do you hear me? We could be getting out of here.
Do you recognize her?
Do you still think I'm overreacting?
Do you think he might make it?
Do you think that's gonna stop him from going into the maze?
Do you understand me, Greenie?
Don't back down! Keep pushing!
Don't listen to him, he's just trying to scare you.
Don't worry, you're safe here with us.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Dude, where are you going?
Easy, all right?
Eight sections of the maze.
Either they make it back or they don't.
Especially Gally.
Established order...
Ever since I've been here, I've had these dreams.
Ever since you came up, that Box hasn't gone back down.
Every cycle.
Every month, one after the other, like clockwork.
Every month, the Box sends up a new arrival.
Every morning, when those doors open, they run the maze...
Every pattern.
Everybody, run, run, run!
Everybody, this way!
Everyone get a hand on it. Come on.
Everything goes back to the way it was.
Everything is gonna change.
Everything we've done to you...
Excellent, Thomas.
Feeling like I was drowning.
Feels great, Ben.
First Ben, then Alby...
First he breaks our rules...
First, Ben gets stung in broad daylight.
First, do your part.
Follow me.
For 3 years, we have coexisted with these things.
For a second, I thought you had the chops to be a runner...
For me...
For the moment.
Four! Eight!
Gally has everyone convinced that you're the reason all this has happened.
Gally has taken control.
Gally, it's over.
Gally, listen to me.
Gally! Let me in, let me in!
Get Alby inside.
Get behind me!
Get off of me!
Get some rest.
Get the hell off me!
Get the others.
Get the syringe! Let go!
Get up, boy.
Get up, look out!
Go ahead.
Go get him.
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Go! Get to the village!
God damn it!
Good job, man.
Good job.
Good job... Thomas.
Grab him!
Greenie! Greenie! Greenie!
Guys, 98¢ P!
Has anyone tried climbing to the top?