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Dragnet (1987)

Dragnet (1987)

Dragnet is a 1987 American buddy cop comedy film based on the popular television series of the same name. Starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks, the movie follows the misadventures of two mismatched detectives, Joe Friday and Pep Streebek, as they investigate a series of bizarre crimes in Los Angeles. Their humorous teamwork and contrasting personalities make for an entertaining and lighthearted crime-solving escapade.

This action-packed film is filled with witty banter, slapstick humor, and clever parodies, capturing the essence of the classic police procedural while injecting it with a healthy dose of comedy. Directed by Tom Mankiewicz, Dragnet showcases the comedic talents of Aykroyd and Hanks, who bring to life the iconic characters originated by Jack Webb. The film also features a talented supporting cast, including Christopher Plummer, Harry Morgan, and Alexandra Paul.

Relive the hilarious moments and thrilling investigations of Dragnet by playing and downloading these sounds here. Experience the laughter and excitement as Aykroyd and Hanks deliver their memorable performances in this beloved 1980s comedy.

A cool day in Los Angeles, with westerly winds...
A less experienced officer might have been concerned he was getting potluck.
A little extra gas isn't gonna put the city in hock.
A pattern of serial crimes which had occurred throughout the city.
A pristine virgin in a gown of white.
A Yugoslavian import donated as a test vehicle by that country...
Aboard my jet for a few restful days in Acapulco.
About time you pencil dicks showed up.
Absolutely. You're our main witness.
Actually believes he's going to be alive tomorrow.
Actually believes he's going to be alive tomorrow.
Actually trichlornitromethan and the pseudo halogenic cyanogen.
Actually, I've only been driving with Streebek a couple of days.
After absorbing minutes of gratuitous verbal abuse...
After losing two previous vehicles we had been issued...
Ah, here are two who have not yet sipped the nectar of Shaitan.
Alan Hale, Jr! Wow! Gilligan, little buddy!
All buckled up? Good.
All girls do that, don't they, Joe?
All I can think of is 38 kids standing individually on lonely corners...
All right, boys, let's do it!
All that was left in his room...
All the way down the mountain.
Almost 4 million people work and play here.
Although I was sure he'd be proud to know I was making a concerted effort...
Although, as Mohawks go, it's not that bad. It'll grow back.
Am I glad I got transferred into Robbery Homicide!
An adult male lion and a security guard had been tranquillized with a dart gun...
An aperitif, perhaps?
An exact match.
An illegal drug lab disguised as a legitimate place of business.
Anchovies, people who don't use coasters and...
And attempted to determine the precise identification of the missing gases...
And based on our appearance, seemed reluctant to contact the sheriff...
And briefed Captain Gannon on the outlandish festival we had attended...
And bring you downtown to Parker Center tomorrow.
And do the honourable thing:
And don't forget, you're having your pores sucked at 3:00.
And frankly, you don't belong behind the wheel of a car.
And generally less fun to be around than any person I've ever met.
And I'll control both sides of the equation.
And I'll never forget his face.
And I'll, you know...
And if continuously inhaled, death.
And if I may, a toast.
And it was back to routine duty for me and Pep Streebek.
And light, scattered clouds at 3,000 feet.
And like any other place anywhere...
And maybe file a report.
And me...
And men who smoke in public places.
And mixed those chemicals into a deadly gas before we got there.
And Mr Caesar's sailing on his yacht.
And on a school night, too.
And proceed with us to the San Gabriel Mountains...
And reflecting the cutting edge of Serbo Croatian technology.
And responded to the call at Southern California's largest railhead...
And since having sex in a Yugo was a logistical impossibility...
And Streebek and I were on our way back to Parker Center.
And tampering with public utilities.
And this drawer.
And where the hell is this supposed Pagan festival?
And you stole your landlady's wedding dress...
And you're doubling up on them.
And your balls...
Any idea where Emil Muzz could be now? Friends? Family?
Anybody need boots?
Anyhow, how much do you figure a monthly run of your...
Anyone else?
Anything! Just name it.
Are you crazy?
Are you insane?
Are you on any medication that as your partner I should be made aware of?
Are you the police?
Arsonists posing as firemen had left a Pagan card...
As a politically oriented, socially impacted monthly.
As enchanting as Robin was...
As far as your personal safety is concerned, I wouldn't worry.
As for Streebek and me, we're back on day watch at Robbery Homicide...
Assist officer. I'll handle this. Calm down.
At 7:13 p.m., Captain Gannon authorized us to stake out Muzz's clubhouse...
At ease, Streebek. We got another one.
At his notorious pleasure compound in the coveted Bel Air section.
At Streebek's favourite coffeehouse and an outlay of $50 by me...
At the same desk my late Uncle Joe occupied...
At this point, Captain Gannon became quite upset.
At this time of day, it took us 20 minutes to get there.
Authorize us to wear specialized apparel during a simulation surveillance.
Bait magazine. She was featured.
Be calm.
Be careful. This is a dangerous road.
Because even in the City of Angels, from time to time, some halos slip.
Because I have a whole lifetime to catch up on.
Because now he was going to play the detective game by my rules.
Besides, this looks bad.
Big, bad, stupid looking.
Blow it out your pants, cop.
Bogus cops!
Boys, as you can see, I've got my work to do.
Bust him now, tomorrow you'll be mucking out stalls at Horse Patrol.
But according to the girl's mother, she hadn't come home either.
But did it ever occur to you that by going 8 miles an hour slower...
But he refused to divulge the time or location of that meeting.
But his wings were about to be clipped...
But I had the pleasure of spending the evening in the company of Connie Swail.
But I knew that any detective the department had to offer me...
But nothing like this.
But that doesn't mean we can't follow up on one of their thefts.
But that's probably all Greek to you, isn't it, Mr Gingivitis?
But the difference between you and me is you made the promise, I'm gonna keep it.
But then I realized Joe would never spring for the price of a motel room.
But there's one thing that never changes.
But this won't be a Pagan investigation. We can bring Narc in on it.
But unlike some people, I have a heart, goddam it!
But until the laws are changed, my job's to get back your boxes of smut.
But when dealing...
But when they attack great institutions like our city zoo, my hackles turn red.
But, my dear Sergeant Friday, I'd always planned on killing you.
But... But... But, Commissioner...
By his total disregard for departmental procedure.
By the time I had returned with coffee, Muzz was singing like Beverly Sills.
By the way, my name is Pep.
By this time tomorrow, thanks to that poison gas...
Caesar is reuniting all of his former Baitmates.
Calm. Police.
Can you swim?
Captain Gannon had assigned me to investigate the Pagan robberies...
Captain Gannon, this is Streebek.
Captain Gannon, this is Streebek.
Captain, call the sheriff's department. I have the directions to the compound.
Captain, Commissioner...
Certainly not the behaviour your Uncle Joe would have approved of.
Chemical train hijack at the freight yards.
Chewing gum, Snickers bar, and my attorney, badge kisser!
Chief, where's the fire?
Chose, in His infinite wisdom, to deposit here...
Cleaner streets, better schools, a good hockey team.
Clear the road.
Cloud 9 to Thunderhead. We're startin' the gas.
Come in.
Come on, Joe!
Come on, Joe. Slow down!
Come on. Let's go to the car and find that notebook.
Commissioner Kirkpatrick, how nice to see you again.
Commissioner, won't you please change your mind?
Could you tell us where he is?
Creed and persuasion...
Curiously enough, I still hadn't heard from my anal retentive ex partner...
Damn Pagans must be living on No Doz.
Deadly toxic chemicals are on the loose. What next, Mr Mayor?
Detective Streebek to you. Let's get this mop trimmed.
Didn't she say she threw some of his stuff in the trash?
Distract it.
Do call the name Gathool!
Do I know you long enough to lend you money? I don't think so.
Do you have any idea what time it is?
Do you know the things that can fall into an industrial sausage press...
Do yourself a favour, friend.
Don't forget to leave a Pagan card...
Don't forget your goat leggings.
Don't get too friendly.
Don't just stand there, you petrified monolith of legal propriety!
Don't order anything more expensive than the Cobb salad. That is an order.
Don't tell me. Your favourite movies are The Sound of Music and Yes, Giorgio.
Don't you mean the virgin Connie Swail?
Don't you realize that's my partner?
Don't you remember those films they showed us in high school?
Dozens of them.
Dr Whirley.
Dream on, Streebek, dream on.
Especially tonight, right? Huh?
Essential for good strong bones and healthy teeth.
Even going so far as to demonstrate the goat dance...
Even though he knew I was waiting in a part of town...
Ever been to Hawaii?
Ever forward.
Every man has a dream to chase. Frank's was that goat farm.
Every single copy of our 25th Anniversary double issue of Bait.
Evil bringeth here our plea.
Exactly! That kind of behaviour...
Except for you and canned cling peaches, I'd be hard pressed to find anyone...
Excuse me, miss. I never did catch your name.
Excuse me. Jerry, it's time for your collagen treatment.
Filled with polluted water and a giant Bolivian jungle snake.
Follow us, fellas. The party's just starting!
For crying out loud!
For example, George Baker is now called Sylvia Wiss.
For my actions.
For that special someone to come along.
For the final touch to our brew tonight...
For the first time in 12 years, I rolled into traffic with a new partner.
Forget it. We're responsible for a civilian's safety.
Forgotten about them?
Founder of MAMA, the Moral Advance Movement of America.
Frank quit. Bought a goat farm.
Frank's late. Must've been held up in traffic.
Fresh, wholesome milk.
Friday, I think we finally found your look.
Friday, January 9, 3:12 a.m.
Friday, Streebek, good work.
Friday, Streebek, Los Angeles police officers.
Friday, Streebek. Robbery. You have some Pagan cards?
Friday, these animals...
Friday, we're allowed to go 55.
Friendships start with first names...
From my brother, the traffic cop, to my sister, the metre maid.
From Orange County, here we go!
From the owner of the chemicals company, a Mr Roy Grest.
From their respective hijacked tanker cars.
Get out of my way!
Get smart. Give it up by not taking it up.