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The War of the Roses (1989)

The War of the Roses (1989)

The War of the Roses is a dark comedy film released in 1989. Directed by Danny DeVito, it stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny DeVito himself. The movie portrays the tumultuous divorce between Oliver and Barbara Rose, escalating into an outrageous battle for their opulent home. With its remarkable performances and twisted humor, The War of the Roses has become a cult classic. To relive the sounds of this wickedly funny film, you can play and download them here.

A bump of some sort.
A civilized divorce is a contradiction in terms.
A family tiff seems to be developing.
A few of them good.
A field of crystal.
A good dog to the last bite.
A nor'easter was blowing the last of the tourists
A rare relief of a Shinto goddess
A solid reason.
A wealthy French couple had ordered a special design
A woman?
About the sweetheart of your youth.
Actually, I read that kids who are deprived
Actually, we got it quite reasonably.
After the Larrabee confirmation hearings.
After this many pretty god damn good years of marriage,
After what happened to the Roses.
Against your law practice
Ah ha ha!
Ah, what a night!
Ah! Ah! Oh!
Aha! How about that?
Ahh! I feel great.
All I am and all I have I owe to you.
All I have and all I am, I owe to you.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. All right.
All right. All right. I'm leaving right now.
All right. Go on. Go home.
All those lives going on out there,
Although I am getting going my own catering business.
Although women would, women like me.
Although, I suppose,
An excellent start.
And a little money.
And about drugs, don't do them,
And after 3.8 billion years of evolution,
And Barbara labored seven days a week
And cat people should marry cat people?
And even that gray stove in the kitchen.
And face the awful question...
And fill my heart with love
And find a large Ziploc bag?
And God bless you.
And has dedicated her life to him and her children,
And have a bunch of strangers tromping through it.
And here.
And how do you get rid of someone who won't go?
And I can work on her, get her to fold on this house thing.
And I cling to your image.
And I convinced the man to sell us his half cheap
And I couldn't stop.
And I got so scared, I had to pull over.
And I knew what it would feel like to be alone in this house,
And I was getting on the expressway,
And I'm going to stay.
And I'm not going to let you get away. [Crack]
And it all became clear.
And it was.
And it's red for you.
And knocks you right on your ass.
And look at this.
And nobody's called.
And Oliver looked at me, and then... Oh. Ye... No.
And sex, don't catch anything.
And she said she did,
And she said that you weren't dying.
And she sweated every one of them.
And suddenly I had this very strong feeling
And suddenly, from the next room,
And that Art Deco rug,
And that does not necessarily make me
And that phony laugh.
And that phony laugh.
And that wasn't enough, and then I tripled it,
And then I'll make a celebration dinner, and I'll bring it up,
And then, one Thursday afternoon,
And they were always yellow, too, remember?
And they will be 18 in one year,
And they're over the edge.
And through all this
And try to find some shred of what you once loved
And we came upon
And we live here.
And we live here.
And when she left...
And when trouble begins,
And you can have everything in this house.
And you owe me a reason that makes sense,
And you'd better get yourself a damn good lawyer.
And you're helpless.
And, uh, that's our Baccarat story.
And, well, everything seemed to be under control.
And, well, you know what that feels like...
Any dealer would give you at least $1,000 for them.
Anyway, here we were in this immense room
Are you all right? You OK?
Are you expecting a call?
Are you OK?
Are you talking to me?
As a cry for help.
As a professional and a friend,
As people go, and...
As quickly and cleanly as possible
As you are all my favorite clients.
At 15, I became an evolutionist,
At least not the kind of house that we want.
At our core is still mud.
At the bottom of a New Jersey scum swamp.
At the bottom of the ocean?
Barbara and Oliver Rose.
Barbara Rose.
Barbara Rose.
Barbara, against my advice,
Barbara, I have work to do.
Barbara, let me finish.
Barbara, Susan's here.
Barbara... Barbara, I'm sorry.
Because her children are about to leave her
Because I can't stand who they are.
Because I decided to put it there. That is my house.
Because I have a bit of a cold.
Because I never think anything really terrible
Because I've got her to accept the ground rules.
Because it might be viewed by some as unethical.
Because the all important thing here
Because you do not buy a house
Before I met Oliver.
Being a waitress on Christmas Eve
Bennie. Come on. Let's see if he'll go for it again.
Besides money...
Better get me while you can afford me.
Between what she does...
Bless you.
Brilliant. What about you?
But Barbara came up with the idea of time allotments.
But Barbara came up with the idea of time allotments.
But he was definitely moving up in the world.
But I am proud of what I have accomplished,
But I could pay you.
But I didn't.
But I got a scholarship.
But I just wanted it, OK?
But I knew you were OK
But I still love you.
But I think you should have a drink for this next part.
But I was wondering if I could borrow a sleeping tablet.
But I'm going to do it.
But if you don't want me to, I...
But it's probably fine.
But let's face it. I don't need to work, not for the money,
But now I think I know.
But now you'll never get it.
But she had so many friends.
But somebody's got to pay for all this.
But that won't interfere with my duties.
But the gloves are off!
But the little kids who get it all the time,
But the way I saw it,
But they are all my favorite dishes,
But this morning I woke up screaming,
But we can use it, too.
But you'll like it. It's peppermint flavored.
By studying photography or opening an art gallery
By the time it was ready, they were getting a divorce.
By the time summer school starts,
By the time you receive this,
By the time you... Boy, what a handwriting.
By your invitation.
Call my wife.
Can be all bad.
Can I take some more dessert to our room?
Can thrill me like you do
Can we go up and pick our rooms?
Can you hang on just one second
Can't you see the guy's dying over here?
Certainly, sir.
Chicken shit.
Child support.
Civil code title 16904, section C.
Come here, sweetheart.