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La Dolce Vita (1960)

La Dolce Vita (1960)

La Dolce Vita, directed by Federico Fellini in 1960, is a renowned Italian film that explores the decadence and emptiness of society. It follows Marcello Rubini, played by Marcello Mastroianni, a disillusioned journalist navigating the vibrant nightlife of Rome. As he seeks meaning amidst superficiality, he encounters a cast of characters including Anita Ekberg as Sylvia, a seductive movie star, and Anouk Aimée as Maddalena, a beautiful socialite. This cinematic masterpiece portrays the moral decay of post-war Italy and serves as a powerful critique of modernity. Immerse yourself in the sounds and emotions of La Dolce Vita here, where you can play and download these unforgettable melodies.

A clear, precise art...
A large crowd has gathered in this once deserted and unknown area.
A man who accepts to live like this...
A more miserable life is better, believe me...
A new phrase enchants her.
A nice third page article on the stupid and corrupted aristocracy?
A woman who really loves you, who'd give her life for you.
After all, it's a duty of hospitality towards a foreigner, a tourist duty.
After all, where was Eve? In the Garden of Eden.
After Capranica, the olive grove shortcut.
After Christmas, though, I'm either going to Ostia or to Rome.
Alessi Emilio, Alessi Stefania. Bertolucci Eugenio.
All known means are accepted.
All right, all right. Thanks.
All this yelling, these people, frighten me.
Allow me to introduce you to one of my son's friends.
Allow me to say that you're an incredible vision.
Almost 4 a.m.
Amilcare, tell the generator operator to move down a bit more,
Among the curious there are journalists, photo reporters and correspondents...
An inaugural and commemorative striptease...
And how's Mother?
And I don't want photos, I don't want publicity.
And it insists on looking.
And now it's the lawyer's turn!
And now, Nadia, take off the stole!
And now? Guess.
And that's Don Giulio and Nico, his Swedish friend.
And this is the historic Irene, this year's debutante. Who I really want to marry...
And what is this gynaeceum?
And where do your parents live?
And where was the Garden of Eden? In the Orient!
And with age, these things get worse. Here it is.
And you know what I'll do? I'll break your little face.
And you? I'm so happy to see you again.
And you...
And you're just beautiful!
And your problem is you don't have enough.
Andrea! Start turning off the lights.
Annamaria, come and look!
Anything at all.
Anyway, only the fossils must be left at this hour.
Apologize to the lady!
Apparently, before the killings...
Are they done with the pictures in there?
Are you a photographer? A photo reporter!
Are you alone with her?
Are you comfortable on my carriage?
Are you coming with us?
As if you were the only one in the world.
As soon as they get to the tree, get a nice dolly shot.
As soon as we're out of Rome, you're driving.
As you see, these priests don't fear the devil.
As you wish.
Ask her which Italian historical figure she would like to play.
Ask if it's the same person as last time.
At least they do certain things with elegance.
At least, I don't remember.
At least, I don't think so.
At the same time, the Tunisian girl will approach the lawyer...
At times she invents beautiful ones herself. I noted some of them.
At times, I wonder if I envy him.
At times, though, the little one sneaks into our room...
Bats? They're my favorite subjects.
Be careful, I go very quickly, even if I don't have an English car.
Be careful, this place must be full of rats...
Beautiful night to all of you!
Beautiful women. They all have the same eyes, did you notice?
Because I could tell you everything. You know everything.
Because I thought they were beautiful. Do you really want to hear them?
Because one can't have everything. You can have one thing or the other.
Bertone Mario, Bertone Letizia,,,,
Blow them out. Blow them out.
Bravo! Bravo, Frankie! You were great!
Bravo! Very good! Look, you made me cry. Bravo!
But I just came up. Don't worry.
But I left her the apartment.
But I live kind of far.
But I was glad to see him again tonight.
But I'll call...
But I'll take care of the champagne.
But I'm not asking you that.
But I'm so unlucky. If you only knew how unlucky I am.
But if you want my help...
But on the phone, you said we could come. Kiss.
But really, you could write more often, son...
But then, would I really go there?
But we have to drink another drop. Yes, we do.
But who cares anymore? It's time for me to retire anyway. I feel that...
But you can't. Because you don't love anyone.
But you seem so different. What do you do with your days?
But you're never around. You're always in Rome and you don't take care of it.
But you're the one who's off the road.
Buy one.
By 1965, it will be total perversion.
By the way, a friend of mine who was here told me...
By the way...
Bye, Marcello.
Calm down, keep calm.
Can I give you a little kiss? Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Can I go home?
Can you give me a light?
Can't you say anything else?
Careful not to spill everything. I don't get the meaning of this walk.
Carlo, come and see. Marcello is going to break the glass!
Cheers to you.
Clear the way! Let him through!
Clementelli, go over to customs, immediately.
Come along.
Come here! Stop!
Come here.
Come in.
Come on, come up with something!
Come on, get in.
Come on, let me do it.
Come on, Nadia. This is it. We want to see.
Come on, now.
Come on, pass him. Run him over!
Come on, smile!
Come on, why don't you come?
Come on, with this phone!
Come on, you fool, get in.
Come on, you know very well that you're pretty.
Come on!
Come on! Quickly!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. I'd like to dance.
Come, I'll be your guide. This way. Come, this way.
Could it really have been the Madonna?
Countess, keep the contact. Don't laugh!
Dad. Dad!
Daddy hardhead? All right, everyone knows now!
Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!
Dangerous stuff, but very beautiful.
Darling, don't worry. This will help you.
Dawn always makes me emotional. So emotional.
De Angelis.
Did she tell you she was the Madonna?
Did she tell you she was the Madonna?
Did you ever feel me so close?
Did you notice if there was something strange in his life?
Did you take your drops?
Did you write it down?
Didn't he say he was his father?
Distance between the back wall and the bullet hole: 5 meters.
Distance between the floor and the bullet hole: 1.5 meters.
Distance between the left wall and the bullet hole: 4 meters.
Do I pick you up at 8 tonight? Yes or no?
Do I worry about your being cuckolded?
Do we give her the flowers first or the pizza?
Do you believe in friendship among peoples?
Do you ever practice yoga?
Do you have a message for one of us? Give me an answer.
Do you have any idea where the prince is?
Do you know this is the first time I've seen the dawn?
Do you like bearded men?
Do you want a drink, Dad? You want a gin fizz?
Do you want to do it, Jane?
Do you want to go into the children's room?
Do you want to take a ride with us?
Do you want to think about it and discuss it later?
Do you work with my son?
Do you... Do you want to ruin me, huh?
Doctor, it's 12:15. I must go to the bus stop and meet his wife.
Don't awaken desperate sorrow, because my heart would suffer!
Don't be frightened. It's a tractor. In the summer, they also work at night.
Don't go speeding with that car, now!
Don't go too fast!
Don't leave her alone!
Don't lose hold of this man.
Don't make fun of them, because one of them is the senator's lover.
Don't make that face. Do you think we're any better?
Don't scream. It's a respectable building.
Don't take off the slip. Cover yourself with the stole and then pull it off.
Don't think that safety is being locked up in one's home. Don't do what I did.
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry, honey. The Madonna hears us. She's good.
Don't worry. You'll hear some jazz at the most.
Don't you all remember the story that the farmers tell about the hunchback?
Don't you see that you offer me the life of a spineless worm?
Don't you see that you've already found the most important thing in life?
Emma, answer me. Stop it now.
Emma, honey...
Emma, what's wrong? Answer me, what happened?
Emma, why did you do it? Tell me. Why?
Emma, you stay here. Good evening. I'll be right back.
Emma! Emma!
Enough, enough, enough.
Enough, guys. Get lost!
Eugenio, enough! Try to be serious, otherwise go away!
Even in love, it's better to be chosen.
Even now, when I travel, I can keep up with any of these young men...
Every night the same story. Don't they ever get bored?
Everyone has a right to their own image.
Everything gets shelved here. Anyway, you look well.
Excuse me for a moment.
Excuse me, Mr. Giulio, I saw them myself. They had Valpolicella.
Excuse me. Do you know where I can I buy some milk? Some...
Excuse me. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you.
Excuse me. One moment.
Father Franz found this book for me.
Father, meet Mr. Rubini, someone who looks like he has a real job.
Federica, the wolf. She likes to milk the young ones.
Fine. Bring us three glasses of whiskey, please.
Fine. Thanks.
First give me the million.
First I toasted to your beautiful legs...
First of all, I write other things, and then, you're really not that interesting.
First to St. Peter's, then to the Quirinale.