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Night of the Living Deb (2015)

Night of the Living Deb (2015)

"Night of the Living Deb" is a hilarious zombie romantic comedy film released in 2015. The story follows Deb, played by Maria Thayer, who wakes up after a wild night to discover a zombie apocalypse has taken over her town. She finds herself teamed up with Ryan, portrayed by Michael Cassidy, as they fight to survive and find their way to love amidst the chaos. This film offers a unique twist blending humor and horror. To immerse yourself in the sounds of this quirky movie, you can play and download the soundtrack here.

A broadcast, apparently originating from within the quarantine zone,
A cry of defiance
A gentleman, too! Ooh Ia Ia!
A lot has been said about videos going viral but, for Deb Clarington, it's like an outbreak.
A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door.
Aagh! Aagh!
Aah! Fire escape! Fire escape!
Aah! No, no! Stop that.
Abraham Lincoln said, Ye shall not pass!
Ah, I actually already had my coffee, but...
Ah, yeah.
Aim high, and I'm not talking about life goals.
All right, come on! End it for me, you piss ants!
All right, Joe...
All right, they're drawn to the noise. We'll have to leave quietly.
All right, we're a private security firm hired to handle this situation.
All right! Now, and...
All right.
All right.
All the roads will be blocked just like that one.
Although I'm not sure she was the girl your mother would have wanted you to marry,
Am I...
An appetite for human flesh, and both slow and fast walking.
An unauthorised sock puppet production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
And are there people eating other people's flesh?
And by insisted, I'm sure you mean he gave you a huge kickback.
And Deborah over there... How you doing there, hon?
And even though this person may not return my affections...
And get as far as I can from those gosh darn flesh eaters? Am I right?
And gives them an insatiable appetite for human flesh.
And got put in the hospital? She didn't walk right ever again.
And I don't know how to get rid of her.
And let go of my wrist, you're hurting me.
And maybe we can all hold hands and skip to Yum Yum Town,
And now you're bound to end up like one of us or die a horrible death.
And only seconds to saw the life out of it?
And so through the night went his cry of alarm.
And talking and drinking.
And that's it! You just lock the camera off on the anchor desk.
And that's Jerry Chavez, sports.
And then tap. Poof!
And then you can get to your mom in Virginia.
And though I deeply regret
And thousands left to wander,
And tolling within like a funeral bell.
And what exactly can we do for you, Fraggle?
And you will hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.
And you'd know that if you'd listened on the phone last night,
And you're going to stand watch with Topper.
And you're starting to look like you've lost a lot of blood.
And you've been treating me like I'm just a bag of wet diapers that you have to lug around.
And, just some food for thought,
And... I am really not fishing here...
Anybody? (HE CHUCKLES)
Anyway, it's the Fourth, so I'm gonna go spend some time with my family.
Apparently, he'd been doing it for months.
Are you being weirdly sarcastic or how do you know that?
Are you drinking his White Russian? I told you that was a girl's drink.
Are you going to come out with your hair dryer, is that what you're gonna do?
Are you kidding, me? I freakin' love Christmas.
Are you out of your mind?
Are you ready?
Are you talking about what those people back there have?
As a bizarre disease ran rampant through this normally peaceful
As night falls on Portland, Maine, more questions than answers.
As the chairman of the Zombie Outbreak Authentication Society
As you wish.
At least they're three floors down.
Awkward or...
Basset hound.
Bit by a zombie in a God awful sweater.
Board up the windows. Way ahead of you, chief. Pee corner's over there.
Breaking news... people are kind of foregoing their holiday plans right now.
But for this reporter, it's the headline of the decade...
But he... he insisted that we roll it out before the holidays,
But I bet they won't be zombies. Okay.
But I... I guess I could meet your family.
But I'm going to make it right for the two of you.
But I'm starting to get hungry.
But is this mantra much longer?
But it's the number of her viewers weighing in and creating their own online videos
But look around you, dude.
But now I'm starving.
But people need to know what's happening here.
But really I just...
But that's, uh... Let's get the food.
But then another story broke.
But we don't, we don't have that, so we just have to walk. So here we go.
But weren't you supposed to still be in beta on the process?
But you said the children.
But, Ryan, you take a shower, like, every ten minutes. Why didn't you turn?
But, you know, Ryan's just so good looking, you know? It's...
Buying half off Christmas ornaments. You know it and I know it.
Call me as soon as you drag yourself out of that fine man's bed, you complete whore.
Can we get, like, two seconds!
Can we please come in? We've had really a long day.
Cha cha cha!
Chaz, that one's coming pretty fast.
Chaz, will you just give your ears a rest, please?
CHAZ: Wait for it.
Check that out!
Clearly the more masculine of the two Waverly brothers.
Colonel Newton, I think you saw these three try to rush the border.
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on, you guys, get over here.
Come on, you guys. I'm just right here.
Come on, you numbskulls, you idiots!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! What are you waiting for?
Come on.
Control room's in here. Oh?
Cos I was gonna say it.
Cos that's what you're gonna be doing if I don't get some goddamn answers!
Could I see you in the kitchen for a moment? I need a little help with my brownies.
Crazy better.
Dad, you don't have to talk to me like I'm some kind of kid.
Dad! Dad, look...
Dale! Chowder! Mad Dog!
Day after tomorrow, all these mouth breathers are gonna be in my store
Deb Clarington, News Channel Seven.
Deb, are you all...
Deb, Deb! Come on, come on, we've gotta get going.
Deb, do it now. Go.
Deb, encouraged by your example, I told a co worker that he is the love of my life.
Deb, I'm Chaz.
Deb, if you're still alive out there, I want you to know, you are so hot!
Deb, it's Rubes.
Deb, just give it up. They're going to search Otis eventually.
Deb, right? We are huge fans.
Deb, you would have had a better chance of getting out of here if you were infected.
DEB: A little help here, chief! RYAN: I'm working on it!
DEB: I always knew this town was dead, but this is ridiculous.
DEB: I'm Deb Clarington saying yes, I think these two are worth saving.
DEB: Sorry, I...
DEB: Stay alert.
DEB: Yay! So glad Stacy isn't dead.
Deb! Deb! Deb!
Deluding myself that there might actually be a cure for this.
Did I hurt you in a past life or something?
Did you ever know that you're my hero...
Do we have anything deadlier than a bike chain?
Do what you gotta do.
Do you know, like, what the emissions from this car actually do to the environment?
Does it have to do with the ultraviolet treatment process that you're testing at Waverly Water?
Don't get me wrong, that company seems like pure evil but the buckage must be pretty good.
Don't worry about it! This is like swatting mosquitoes for little Otis.
Don't you ever touch a black man's radio!
Dude, why are you eating a foot?
Earn this. Huh?
Enjoy your life, zombies.
Even as a zombie, his hair is camera perfect!
Even then, it's like a thousand to one. What are you, some kind of zombie phobe?
Excuse me?
Fifty Shades of He e ey!
Fine. Five minutes.
For all of his faults, I loved that boy like he was my own son.
For close range kills.
FRANK: Ah, Longfellow. You know, he's from here. Maine. Portland.
FRANK: Easy does it there. Mmm! (HE LAUGHS)
FRANK: Was that girl ever okay? Now let me do the talking.
From which she's broadcasting, but as a camera person, not an anchor.
George Washington wrote the Declaration of Suffering in Silence
Get off me!
Get the lead out.
Go on! Go!
Go talk to him.
God bless... America!
God knows what they had to do to survive. Isn't that swell?
God, Chaz!
Good afternoon. I'm Deb Clarington.
Good, God! Do you live in here?
Good! It hasn't spread across town.
Good. That's Stacy's car. I'm glad she knew to come here.
Goodbye, Frank.
Got him!
Governor, sir. Mr Governor...
Great! Okay. So we can leave. Now.
Great! Somebody's coming in the store and they look drunk and I feel like ass today.
Hang in there, Rubs.
Have gone unanswered, but we will not rest until we get to the bottom of this situation.
He almost looked like he was asleep.
He moved out after that.
He was always mean to me, but I'm going to do him proud.
He was changing out the propane tank. It was the best cookout ever.
He was exposing himself to their family dog.
He was in my neighbour's backyard...
He was lying there in the backyard,
He wasn't fixing the barbecue.
He's arranged a chopper evac at the county line at 0900 hours tomorrow.
Head back into Portland and stay alive till this blows over.
Hear me, undead!
Help me collect my people, then we can all leave town together,
Help! God, help me!
Hence, alone for the holiday!