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Shrek the Halls (2007)

Shrek the Halls (2007)

Shrek the Halls is a heartwarming animated holiday special released in 2007. It reunites the beloved characters from the Shrek franchise as they navigate the joys and challenges of their first Christmas together. The star-studded cast includes Mike Myers as Shrek, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona, and Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots. This festive tale is filled with laughter and holiday cheer. You can enjoy the sounds of Shrek the Halls by playing or downloading them here.

A family, right. That's me and everybody else.
A festering bottle of stinky swamp juice
A stage where acrobats jump, leap and prance
A white Christmas! Oh, how perfect.
Absolutely not! Bad Donkey! Go home!
Actually, I think what he really wants is a nice family Christmas.
Aggh! Enough! I don't care about any of this nonsense.
Ah! Ow!
All I wanted was a nice Christmas with my family.
All right, everyone, I've had just about enough!
All right. All right.
And [sniffs] everything, and I forgot that it's...
And for mommy a kiss and a good Christmas goose
And get some tinsel and doilies and ribbons
And giving a nod Up the chimney he rose
And he stood there heroic A real Santa... Claws
And honor the day through interpretive dance
And I have no idea what it is or how to do it!
And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
And if you think I'm gonna give you a present now, you are sadly mistaken!
And it's our first one together as a family. Isn't this exciting?
And now what would the perfect Christmas be without a Christmas story?
And said...
And said...
And that's exactly why we're all here! Now, come on, let's finish tellin' my story.
And then to the babies he gave One by one
And there's a cute fuzzy thing which hangs down from his hat
And yodelin' elves on an ambrosia mountain
And, you know, I just want to make sure that it's perfect.
Anyway, step five:
As it's flanked by a choir all singin' his praises
As mother and babe played kazoo in their sleep
Aw, phooey with all your sunshine and lollipops!
Aw. Would you like Daddy to finish the story for you?
Because without marshmallows, sweet potatoes are nothin'!
But I don't even know what Christmas means.
But what? This is not the kind of Christmas I had in mind.
Christmas for Village Idiots. It's all spelled out. See?
Christmas is not just about you or me. Or even the babies.
Come on, everybody, let's dance!
Come on, it's Christmas Eve! And I've brought you a little somethin'.
Come on. It's not that bad.
Comes a huge waffle Santa that's 50 feet tall
Did you hurt yourself when you fell out of heaven?
Don't ruin the surprise for her, Donkey.
Don't say another word. I know exactly what you mean.
Don't worry, if there's one thing I know, it's Christmas.
Don't worry, Shrek, everything is under control!
Don't you know this is where stockings go? You can't be hanging laundry up!
Donkey! Don't touch anything.
Donkey's right. It's Christmas Eve.
Everyone cozy and warm. Happy, happy. Voila!
Excited about Christmas and all the presents and mistletoe
Finishin' up on my Christmas display
Fiona, wait.
Fiona! What are you doing up so early?
Fiona? Where you going?
For 'twas sickeningly sweet as unicorn poop
For my perfect family perfectly. See? Family by the fire,
Get your green butt in gear and go get your marshmallows,
Gingy, cut it out! You're really givin' me the creeps!
Gingy, cut it out! You're really givin' me the creeps!
Go ahead, take a couple. I bought plenty for everybody!
He looked all around and scratched at his beard
He was dressed all in fur from his head to his paws
He wears a fine belt and a leather cravat
He's not made of waffles.
Hey, baby, you mind?
Hey. How's it goin'?
His sword is a cane that tastes like crab cake
Ho, ho, ho!
Ho, ho, ho!
Ho, ho, ho!
How am I ever gonna get this done in time?
How are you gonna have Christmas without family?
I better get back to the house.
I don't care about Christmas.
I don't feel very good. [gagging]
I got it committed to memorization!
I had everything under control until they showed up and ruined my Christmas!
I have to go. I need to apologize to our friends.
I know you're all just trying to be helpful in your own irritating fashion...
I know, Donkey, and... and I'm sorry it ended up in a great big fight.
I shouldn't have lost my temper back there.
I still don't understand why Shrek had to be so mean and cranky.
I'd better be good? How 'bout this? You better be scarce. Now go on.
I'm sorry you took getting kicked out of my house the wrong way.
I'm supposed to tell the Christmas story.
I'm surprised we have a house to go back to.
If you leave now, you can beat the holiday traffic.
Is a spectacle there that'll make your heart flutter
It's about us all bein' together, and I'm... I'm sorry, Shrek.
It's all right here. It's no problem.
It's finally here. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve! You got everything ready?
It's me. Shrek?
Just like him to wait till the last minute.
Let's put it over here. No, that is not with the feng shui.
Look, all I wanted was to make this perfect for my family,
Look, I know it didn't go like you wanted.
Magical peacocks and a dancin' roast turkey
My mama used to say, Christmas ain't Christmas till somebody cries.
No one here gives a hoot about Christmas!
No Santa, no presents, no stockings?
No, I said it was our first Christmas together as a family.
No, I'm really, really seriously not kidding.
No, no, uh, we're closing now. Merry Christmas.
No, none of that.
No, wait. What I meant to say is
Not a swamp rat did creep
Now maybe we can...
Now, missin' all this would be nothin' but tragic
Now, out in the yard in a glorious clutter
Now, the sight of the house would make any ogre droop
Now, there's somethin' more to this. Come on now, what's goin' on?
Ogres don't celebrate anything.
Ogres don't celebrate Christmas.
Oh, a family Christmas.
Oh, Christmas is all about big fights.
Oh, come on, I was just teasin'.
Oh, isn't that... nice.
Oh, man, now I'm all emotional.
Oh, nice job, honey.
Oh, no, Donkey, that's not what I meant. And get out of my chair.
Oh, no, you don't. I'm not fallin' for that again.
Oh, yeah. Ooh!
OK, all right, I just... guess I got... a little
OK, I know you're not a party person, but...
OK, I will assume the position.
OK, you a dead man. You know that, right?
On Christmas, that's how it works. Yes, it was crowded.
One: decorate house. Two: the stockings by the fireplace.
Ow! Hey! Ow!
Pigheaded? Stubborn? Mean?
Red are his boots
Shrek, I think... it's beautiful.
Shrek, you just kicked everybody out on Christmas.
Shrek, you just kicked everybody out on Christmas.
Shrek's gonna want help, my advice, and he's definitely...
Smelly Christmas to all, and to all a gross night
So despite the fact that you drive me crazy at times...
So he grabbed up his belly and screwed up his face
So here's the thing. [clears throat]
So just follow me and I'll show you the magic
So we are pigs, pigs in the blanket, ja?
Step three: the Christmas feast. Mmmm!
Surprise? Oh, I love surprises!
That transformed the place
That was a natural disaster!
That wasn't even funny! Who did that?
That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds
The Christmas parade comes right down the street
The foul, the vile and handsome Ogre Claus
The Night Before Christmas? That's the best Christmas story ever!
The Santa I know was a hot Latin cat
The telling of the Christmas story.
The thing is, this is my first Christmas too.
The tree goes inside the house?
Then he lost his temper like that.
There's a baton twirlin' snowman all happy and perky
There's a lot of work to do.
There's only 159 days left till Christmas, so you better be good.
There's somethin' Shrek needs to tell you.
They got you good, Shrek!
They're our friends, Shrek. They all mean well.
This is gonna be the best Christmas ever. And we're going to do it together, so come on.
This is the step that says I created the perfect Christmas
This place is worse than I thought... uh, feared.
Uh, oh, yeah! How 'bout that?
Uh, sorry, but this is my spot. I never get the good spots, so I specifically...
Uh, yeah, that. Surprised?
Um, hold that thought. I'll be right back.
Very inappropriate, amigo. Please, allow me.
Wait, wait, wait! I need your help. I have to make a Christmas,
We haven't heard a bedtime story. Right, everybody?
We tell a very different tale of the Santa Nicholas.
We were tryin' to do what you wanted us to do!
We're here to smother you with Christmas love!
Well, I must agree with the Princess. And you, especially, were no Christmas angel.
Well, maybe I am all those things, but I'm an ogre, OK?
Well, thanks for stopping by for that brief visit, but as you can see,
Well, we all did it together.
Were my sweetheart beside me in the bright Christmas lights
What I wanted was a perfect Christmas for me and my family.
When they looked at the car door handle, and they found a hook!
Where I come from, Christmas is a nightmare.
Whoa, hold up, Shrek! You mean to tell me that you never had...
Whoa! Ah!
Whoever did this means business! Get rid of all this junk
Why didn't you say so? That's super.
Will you get it through your thick head?
With 20 foot cheese balls and a big eggnog fountain
With a gleam in his eye His work here was done
With holiday floats all in silver and blue
With sugarplum fairies and a reindeer or two
With syrup and butter the sight just amazes
Yeah, well, that's a real nice way to treat your guests on Christmas!
Yeah. It's the first one with the kids.
Yes, Donkey, I'm lookin' at you.
Yes, it got a little out of hand.
Yet who was arriving to help this lost cause?
You just don't get it.
You know, Donkey, none of us really asked Shrek what he wanted.
You know, you and Shrek wanted to have a big old noisy family Christmas.
You want to give me a present? Then go away!
You're the best. Come on, let's go make some cookies.
[# Seals & Croft: Summer Breeze] [laughing]
[all shout] But just when you think the display is complete
[all] Ol? All right, everybody,
[bells jingling] Ho, ho, ho!
[crickets chirping] I have shamed myself.
[crunching] No! No! No!
[gasping] Ow! My eye!
[gasps] No nut cakes?! Donkey!
[giggling] # Make me feel fine #
[giggling] Ahem.
[glass shatters] [pig] How many babies did Fiona have?