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New Jack City (1991)

New Jack City (1991)

New Jack City is a crime thriller film released in 1991. It takes place in the heart of Harlem and tells the gripping story of Nino Brown (played by Wesley Snipes), a drug lord whose empire is rising in the crack cocaine epidemic. As Nino and his crew mercilessly build their criminal empire, two determined police officers, Detective Scotty Appleton (played by Ice-T) and Detective Nick Peretti (played by Judd Nelson), strive to bring them down.

This intense and gritty film, directed by Mario Van Peebles, offers a raw portrayal of the battle between law enforcement and a ruthless drug kingpin. With its memorable characters, gripping storyline, and powerful performances, New Jack City has become a classic in the crime genre.

You can immerse yourself in the sounds and atmosphere of New Jack City by playing and downloading the official soundtrack here.

A big reason for this success is you.
A drive by shooting in Harlem resulted in the death of a 7 year old boy.
A junkie just like you killed my mother in 1974.
A little experimentation type thing. Like what?
A little panel on the wall opens up, you get the crack.
A lot of people. You owe, Pook.
A man like you, Nino, needs to leave a legacy.
A million dollar a week business reduced to rubbish!
A son. A mark to let the world know that he was here.
A toast to my family, in life...
A toast.
A wild man no one else wanted.
A workout like this boosts worker morale.
Absolutely. The American justice system is the greatest in the world.
Add all that up...
After that, you can take your goodies home or stay at the Enterprise.
Ain't no Uzis made in Harlem.
Ain't that right, Gee Money?
Alert us of 5 0.
All here, baby.
All my friends were doing it.
All right, let me think about this a little bit.
All right, man.
All right, Pookie. Parks, come help me out.
All the best, babe.
All you kids, get out of here!
Am I my brother's keeper?
Am I my brother's keeper?
Am I my brother's keeper?
Americans whose income is below the poverty line has risen to 2 million...
And helped me build the brothers. But I was your ticket out of a boring life...
And I also got it so Nino Brown definitely doesn't trust Gee Money.
And I got a feeling that they can cut you a sweeter deal...
And I'll hook you up with some of them collard green linguinis and shit.
And if this dreadlocked boomboorah even blinks wrong...
And its name is The Carter.
And make us rich.
And now that we are, you're here living your Michael Jordan fantasy.
And now you're taking me for granted. How can you do that?
And the brothers too, now. Don't forget us.
And the poor don't get a thing.
And the product is 60 percent cheaper than what the brothers is paying now.
And this is gonna do it.
And we'll get it on videotape.
And you are gonna turn over control of The Carter.
And you didn't notify Don Armeteo, who takes such things as an insult.
And you fuck up, it's all on me.
And you will be obligated to report to me...
And you're just a lookout.
Another I have a dream speech?
Are you 5 0?!
Are you with me?
At the clubs, some of the guys step away from the blackjack table or the bar...
Be cool.
Be not deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters...
Because I know your ass, Stone.
Because I was one of their first loyal customers. I used to get fucked up.
Because if you don't...
Before we eat up all this cake, we ought to give a toast...
Behind door number one, your head explodes like a melon.
Behind door two, you hook us up with Gee Money and get the prize, Nino Brown.
Blow his brains all over the sidewalk in broad daylight.
Brother, I think there's been a little misunderstanding.
Business must be good.
But he'll sell it to his boys in the street.
But here's something you might not find so funny.
But I don't want any waves.
But I was forced into this way of life.
But I'll tell you how we can make it right.
But just because you go out, don't mean you can come back in.
But nothing comes between us.
But now I got the mayor and the governor on my back...
But one thing does concern me, though.
But something's wrong with your guy.
But something's wrong with your guy.
But then you got shot. Now you's a basehead.
But this ain't about success.
But this guy, man...
But watch out. He got bodyguards on the roof.
But we'll do it differently.
But we're in this together now, partner.
But you better find something because you owe a lot of people.
But you come see me next week.
Call themselves the Cash Money Brothers.
Can we catch him in a drug buy? Or get a witness who will testify...
Cancel that bitch.
Change the product, you change the marketing strategy.
Check it out.
Check this out, homeboy. God's on your side, right?
Check this out.
Chicken Alfredo. Chitlins Alfredo.
Chill out. You been out two minutes and already you want a job.
Clean yourself up, maybe I'll give you a job.
Come here, punk!
Come here. Hold on. Keep your head down.
Come on in, little man.
Come on!
Come on. Let's do this, man.
Come on. We can't go out like this.
Coming through, excuse me.
Cool it! Relax, all right?
Cool out. You're jumping the gun.
Cool. You've been inside, checked out the operations.
Copped me a bag of that Red Devil angel dust.
Cover me!
Crack came on the scene and spread like wildfire.
Crack has got me.
Crack is the final frontier. That's why they call that room the Enterprise.
Cut out this self pitying shit about you killing Pookie.
D.J. Clark Kent.
Detective Appleton, when you infiltrated the CMB...
Devils ain't got no love.
Did he? Can Michael Jordan slam dunk?
Did you sell out CMB?
Didn't I hook you up? Didn't I walk those 6 blocks...
Didn't I speak to your mother after the bitch called me a homeless bastard?
Didn't take money or jewelry.
Do this now. What's your price?
Do you remember when you said I didn't care?
Don Armeteo.
Don Armeteo's on the phone for you.
Don't blow this.
Don't everybody speak at once.
Don't forget what we talked about before at Frankie's.
Don't hurt me.
Don't leave before the miracle happens.
Don't nobody know nothing?
Don't nobody know nothing?
Don't start bitching up.
Don't throw no shit in my face...
Don't try it, old man. Don't even think about.
Ease back, goddamn it! I'm a cop!
Ease back, playboy. Ease back.
Economists say that the economic inequality...
Enough to maybe throw in a finder's fee for me.
Even if it means my life, I will testify.
Everybody down! Police!
Everybody out! Get down!
Everything I thought I wanted.
Everything is mine. Everything!
Evidence of murder, drug trafficking...
Excuse me. Is this some kind of black thing?
Firemen were summoned to extract a man from a ventilator duct of a building.
First, at the entrance, you gotta show a membership card to this runner.
For a key? You must be doing the dope. Bring this down.
Forget Peretti and Appleton. The risk is too high.
Frank Needles out here.
Frank, come on. Let's go. Let's get out of here!
Frankie's an all right guy.
Freebase. So what?
Fuck that ho bitch! I don't give a fuck about her!
Fuck the Mafia! I'm gonna wax your high yellow, narrow ass butt!
Fuck them cars and them bitches and all that shit.
Fuck them scungili eating motherfuckers.
Fuck you, then.
Fuck you.
Fucking Cain.
Gee Money knows something.
Gee Money should've seen it coming.
Get away! Get the fuck away!
Get down!
Get out of my shit.
Get the fuck out of here!
Get your ass out here right now!
Get your ass up.
Give me the gun. I'll do it.
Give me your number.
Give this man something to eat.
Good. Because you gotta rob to get rich in the Reagan era.
Good. Real good. Because you'll be working in the Drug Store.
Goodbye, Pookie.
Great. Love the hair.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year. What's a matter...
He ain't got no papers or a leash on me.
He beat this kid who scrambled for him with a bat.
He controls The Carter. Time to sing that fat bitch a lullaby.
He gave up his connections and Powell wanted to make the deal.
He promised me a job. I'll take his money and report to you.
He used you, Gee.
He was born blind.
He won't sell it to his sister. He won't sell it to his mother.
He'll be hanging with Elvis.
He's already on the inside. With a little more time...
He's becoming Mr. Untouchable.
He's inside! Yes!
He's light fingered. Keep an eye on the product.
Help me! I'm gonna die!
Here. How's that, all right?
Hey what?
Hey, don't walk away. Listen to me!
Hey, dreadlocks. What did Bombock have to say? That bitch!
Hey, man, suck my dick.
Hey, what's up? You still mad at me?
Hi, Daddy.
His sidekick, Gee Money wells?
Hold it there. Scotty, on three...
Hold up. I know him. He's cool.
Hold up. The Carter Apartments, that joint is big.
Homelessness is at an all time high.
Hook me up.
Hospital officials say...
How could you let this happen?
How many more gotta get killed? I could have smoked this fool myself.
How the hell can you wear this and sell poison to our people? You ain't shit!
How the hell you used to be Pookie?
How the motherfucker get in?
How you feeling, Gee Money, my man?
How you gonna tell me you killed Pookie?
How you've been bringing in lots of customers.
I always had a need for acceptance.
I am!