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Final Destination 5 (2011)

Final Destination 5 (2011)

Final Destination 5 is a thrilling horror film released in 2011, directed by Steven Quale. This installment follows the notorious concept of the Final Destination series, where a group of individuals cheat death but find themselves being hunted down to fulfill the grim reaper's design. The cast includes talented actors such as Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, and Tony Todd, who add depth and suspense to this gripping tale. If you are captivated by the spine-chilling sounds and thrilling plot, you can play and download these electrifying sounds here. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as the characters desperately try to escape fate's cruel grip in Final Destination 5.

A kid had a panic attack and wanted off the plane.
A lucky few survive a disaster.
Aah! Sam, be careful!
All right, ahem, show me how this happened.
All right, bye.
All right, give me this.
All right, Janine next. Let's go.
All right, these are solid. Just making sure.
All right, well, more for me.
All right, well, more for me.
All right, you know what?
All right?
All set, Pete?
All the days and years that they have yet to live.
All we are
Although now I'm not so sure.
Amber, yes, that's what I said.
Amber? Amber, I'm sorry, wait a second. Is that weird sound on your end or mi ?
Among the survivors were eight employees of Presage Paper...
And although they've been branded the lucky eight...
And besides, coach would kill me. Heh.
And I convinced myself that...
And I should have stopped her.
And I thought about Candice, and I thought, Wait a minute.
And I thought about it.
And I'm not gonna spend the life I just earned in prison.
And Isaac, he never got off the bus. He went with it.
And it's your last practice of your college career.
And no one else did?
And now something is trying to set it right.
And so now it's kill or be killed.
And Someone will be in to service you soon.
And then one by one, Death comes for them all.
And they take your place in death.
And what does this really get me?
And you will feel a little numbness in your eye...
And, chef...
And, um, sometimes our older ones too. Come on.
Any day?
Anybody know when this thing's supposed to start?
Anyone could be next.
Anyways, uh, I was up all last night, you know...
Are you gonna be chef or are you gonna be sales guy?
Are you saying that we can't stop this?
Are you sure it's okay if I make her a little something?
Are you sure you wanna share that?
As long as we're together...
At the memorial service. You said Death didn't like to be cheated.
Authorities are calling the North Bay Bridge collapse...
Aw, Debbie.
Aw, Debbie.
Aw, hell, no.
Bald's the new black, sir. Bald's the new black.
Because I really do wanna take you out again.
Because it's only a matter of time before they shut us down.
Because this is the last practice before the championship.
Been up long?
Being here, I mean.
But I didn't need to, Molly...
But I think you know something.
But I'll win him over, even if it kills me.
But I'm not willing to lose you.
But if you come up with any other explanations, let us know.
But it's the only thing you've ever dreamed of.
But she didn't make it. She fell.
But the people that left us on the bridge that day, they were more than that.
But this is amazing.
But we all worked with them, huh?
But you just witnessed the murder of a federal agent.
Call it a hunch.
Can you believe it? Us?
Candice didn't deserve to die.
Candice, now.
Candice! Candice!
Candice? Candice'?!
Candice. Do you actually get paid for this internship...
Come here.
Come on, Candice. You got this.
Come on, Candice. You're up.
Come on, come on.
Come on, let's go! Let's go!
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Hit the floor. You can do it.
Come towards me. Come on, you're almost there! Come on.
Company did an autopsy for insurance purposes.
Corporate has us operating at less than 50 percent until this thing blows over.
Creepy guy.
Deep breath.
Definitely beats the alternative, right?
Dennis, you want me to fly someone up there?
Dennis! It was Dennis.
Did he ever demonstrate any sort of extremist behavior?
Did he just say my name?
Did he seem weird to you when he got on the bus?
Did Sam have issues with authority?
Did you just correct me?
Did you kill him?
Did you or didn't you?
Did you or didn't you?
Did you try the little jam bread whatever your boyfriend made?
Do I?
Do you know what? My assistant's given me an incomplete file.
Do you mind if I come in?
Do you mind if I take the window seat?
Does that mean anything?
Doesn't mean I can't help it.
Don't forget these.
Don't know what that means. No idea. Yep.
Don't worry, Molly...
Dust in the wind
Dust in the wind
Dust in the wind
Dust in the wind
Enough. Molly, I'm serious.
Erotic massage?
Every time, Candice.
Everybody just stay where you are.
Exactly. I wanna be on the road in 90 seconds.
Excuse me?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. We don't have to wait for them, do we?
Feels dynamite.
First Candice, now Isaac.
Five different systems had to go wrong...
For management, the valuable skills necessary...
For some more than others.
For the naked team building.
For the next two days, you will be tested, both physically and mentally...
Forensics came back with the analysis.
Fuck it.
Gee, thanks.
Get in here!
Get off the bus!
Get off the plane. You don't understand!
Get ready for a new adventure at 180 Corporate Consulting.
Getting you to safety.
Go hard this time, Candice.
Go to Paris.
Good morning, Presage employees.
Good. Good.
Got my dessert?
Guess we all should have seen that coming.
Gymnasts are worse than baseball players at this kind of thing.
Ha, ha. Yo, Buddha. Slow down on the rice cakes.
Had to get off the factory floor, man. Roy's driving me crazy.
He should have your death, and you should have his years.
He's yelling about kill or be killed.
Heh. It's not your time yet.
Heh. Like clockwork.
Heh. Terrible.
Heh. That is exactly what the agent kept saying.
Hello, Agent Block? This is Dennis.
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Here we are. Come on in.
Here we go, Candice. Stay loose.
Here we go.
Here, have a seat.
Hey, Agent Block, it's Dennis. Um
Hey, clean that grate.
Hey, coach! How was that?
Hey, guys, come on!
Hey, guys.
Hey, Katrina, how you doing?
Hey, listen. Hey, who's my girl, Kimber?
Hey, man, what are you doing up here?
Hey, Olivia.
Hey, Peter.
Hey, Sam, when I said, Would you put breakfast together for the retreat?...
Hey, Sam? Molly?
Hey, Sam.
Hey, Stan, how's it going?
Hey, that's great. I prefer a professional. In fact, you know what? I kind of demand it.
Hey, there's a fire in here!
Hey, there's a fire!
Hey, what's he doing here?
Hey! Fire!
Hey! Hey!
Hey. Oh, it's, uh, Candice, right?
Hi, Molly.
Hide and I'll distract him. When you can, go.
High winds?
His ex girlfriend, I mean. Molly.
Hold on a sec, let me go someplace a little more private.
Hold on, man, I'll be right back.
Hold on, you're leaving?!
Hold on!
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold up there a second.
Hold up.
Holy crap. Did you guys get your bereavement pay yet?
Holy shit, you're strong.
Holy shit!
How did you explain it?
How did you know?
How did you know?
How do we know for sure?
How do you know?
How many drinks have you had?