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Rocky II (1979)

Rocky II (1979)

Rocky II is a beloved American sports drama film released in 1979. Directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone, it is the second installment in the iconic Rocky franchise. The movie continues the heartwarming tale of underdog boxer Rocky Balboa as he strives to prove himself against all odds. With his uncompromising dedication and unwavering spirit, Rocky faces numerous challenges in and out of the boxing ring. The film also features powerful performances from Talia Shire as Adrian, Burt Young as Paulie, and Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed. The captivating story and intense training montages make Rocky II a timeless classic that resonates with audiences of all ages.

For fans of the film, playing and downloading the sounds from Rocky II can bring back memories of epic fights, triumphant victories, and gritty determination. You can find these sounds available for play and download here, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of Rocky Balboa and relive the excitement and inspiration of this cinematic masterpiece.

A $16,000 mortgage
A bum!
A bum?
A go right, a go left.
A good office job, you know.
A lot of people say you lost the fight, a victim of the Southpaw Jinx.
A lot of reporters, including me,
A million laughs. You know, it was great. You need some help with that?
A nice kitchen.
A one time lucky bum!
A right hand! A right hand! It's Creed.
A right to the head of the champion.
A tremendous,
About 37 grand.
About messing up that guy over there.
About what?
Absolutely, okay?
Absolutely. Yes.
Accusing me of being a fake,and insulting my kids at school.
Adrian and Rocky, congratulations!
Adrian don't like this.
Adrian, baby,
Adrian, he's the best I've ever seen.
Adrian, how do I look? Different.
Adrian, I can't believe you done this!
Adrian, I did it!
Adrian, I wish the doctor'd let you go to this fight.
Adrian, I wish you could go.
Adrian, it costs six bucks a bottle.
Adrian, it's me.
Adrian, that's a great spot for a radio. Right over there, you know.
Adrian, what's the matter?
Adrian, you better go home
After breakfast, Bruce watched the party get away on the chase.
Aii right, a left and a right combination.
Ain't gonna be no rematch!
Ain't this robe nice?
All he has to do is stay away and he retains the title.
All kinds of commercials.
All right, I'm ready.
All right, kid.
All right, pick it up!
All right, then you should've had him.
All right, wet him down!
All right. We're ready. Let's go, Arthur.
All right. You call. Here.
All these floors are solid oak, solid.
All this happens pretty soon.
An outer space monster you brought me?
And after that
And any trainer worth anything wouldn't have nothing to do with him.
And Apollo clearly protecting his right side, his ribs.
And fight this guy hard
And he said you're
And he's got him back in the corner.
And here comes Balboa!
And how far did you go in high school?
And I just wanna say thanks to Apollo.
And I love you, too!
And I never hurt Rocky.
And I recommend that I do.
And I see like a beagle or something like that.
And I'll tell you just what it is, it's a plain old butchering.
And if it's a boy,
And it better not leak, or else.
And it surrounds my face with class.
And it'll protect that bad eye.
And just in case...
And no matter what happens don't go back to fighting southpaw till I tell you.
And now, he's kind of hauling speed around the ring.
And that frog. What's his name, Kermit?
And that was our first date
And that'll make history.
And the champion, Apollo Creed.
And the crowds here in this section are beginning to chant his name.
And the man kept coming after you.
And the sudden loss of blood has caused her to slip into a coma.
And then I ain't gonna say it again.
And then ya change sudden
And they wanna make a Rocky doll.
And they're taunting each other.
And those left and right hits are coming back at him.
And watch your kidney punches.
And welcome to the Philadelphia Spectrum.
And you ain't ready.
And you can call me collect. Call me, Balboa!
And you kept trying to slip
And you're gonna be swapping punches
And, you don't have to thank me for the watch either.
Another right and another right!
Another right! A left to the head!
Another round for Apollo Creed.
Another round for the champion.
Anybody want a refill?
Anyplace, anytime!
Apollo can't believe it!
Apollo Creed will provide the ultimate gala spectacle on Thanksgiving,
Apollo is barely protecting himself.
Apollo is going right.
Apollo is saying Come on!
Apollo, don't go for the knockout.
Apollo, you said no rematch.
Are these new bricks?
Are they really good? They're pretty good.
Are you getting tired?
Are you ready for it? !
Are you sure? Next
Are your standards still speed, speed! ?
Arthur, step out, please.
Arthur, will you organize here? We're going to the alternate set.
As usual,
At nine and a haIf percent.
At the last minute, the girl
Attention please.
Avon lady.
Back in the ring together.
Balboa appears to be getting hit often.
Balboa has nearly floored the champ!
Balboa is down
Balboa right into the cord.
Balboa tries to stay away,
Balboa's getting up.
Balboa's tags: Left, left and right combinations by the champion.
Balboa's taking another beating in the corner.
Balboa's trying to get up
Be happy with that.
Beast After Shave
Beautiful. Beautiful.
Because after this fight,he's gonna have to donate what's gonna be left of his body to science.
Because as long as I got this ring
Because he's gonna kick your face in pieces!
Because I liked ya better when ya was carrying spit!
Because I want this man's home town to see this.
Because I'm gonna be busy healing here for a while.
Because I'm gonna be here when ya wake up.
Because I'm too old
Because their horns don't work.
Because there's still a lot of people out there that think he won.
Because ya snarl on your punches.
Because you can't read!
Because you're a tank.
Because you're training like a damn bum. You know that?
Believe me, we did.
Bell nothing, man! I can beat that chump!
Besides, you're ltalian.
Black, I like black. It's kinda my favorite color. You wanna buy 'em?
Break it up. Break free.
Break it up. Break it up.
Break that damn jab!
Break? What break?
But can he repeat that
But come November,
But do I wanna? Do I wanna be doing something I ain't gonna be happy doing?
But don't sit down in front of him like this!
But first, we gotta get speed,
But here it is. A left and a right,
But I gotta go now.
But I kept giving you lip,
But I knew it was gonna happen from the start.
But I think you're a hell of a lot more than that, kid!
But I was wondering if you could do me a small favor, you know?
But I'll tell ya, I gotta be almost punchy to be
But I'm the one who's supposed to support.
But if you want to blow it.
But it really don't smell manly.
But not because
But now I'm ready to have a rematch
But now it is Creed coming back. Creed with the left hand.
But some kind of a freak the first time out!
But that's what I do.
But the champ came back with another left!
But the house here,
But there won't be much. That, I can guarantee.
But there's only one problem:
But this man does not have the honor to meet me in the ring.
But this time, you all will see
But tonight, it's twice as bad.
But we didn't go upstairs.
But you ain't got the tooIs no more.
But you look terrific now.
But, all right, I'll take one, too.
Butkus, could you get down? Go on.
Butkus, look at that.
By God! Fellas, grab your rifles an' take color cover.
Can I be honest?
Can I do it over again?
Can I finish out the day?
Can I have my locker back?
Can I show you the kitchen? You're gonna really like it.
Can I take this off?
Can I talk to you?
Can you fix my nose?
Can you get out for the weekend?
Can you hear me, Adrian?
Can you just do it the way it's written?
Can you read that, Rocky?
Can't you catch a little chicken?
Can't you catch that little squirt?
Can't you think of anything tougher to say than ''whoops''?
Can't you? !
Catch that punk!
Chico, listen. What's with the grin?
Christ! Cut!
Collecting or something? What else?
Come across and tell him it's all right.
Come here, Butkus. Come here, boy.
Come November, you're mine.
Come on at it! Go on and get him!
Come on boys, break it up. Break it.
Come on, Adrian.
Come on, Chink, hit that right. Bang!
Come on, Cuff. Hello, Link,
Come on, I'm doing okay.
Come on, Rocky, it's just part time. We need the money.