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Cujo (1983)

Cujo (1983)

Cujo (1983) is a gripping horror film based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. Directed by Lewis Teague, the movie tells the intense story of a friendly St. Bernard named Cujo, who turns into a bloodthirsty monster after contracting rabies. This psychological thriller follows a small town family, played by Dee Wallace, Daniel Hugh Kelly, and Danny Pintauro, as they become trapped in their car due to Cujo's terrifying rampage.

With expert performances and a haunting atmosphere, Cujo keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they witness the escalating terror. The film explores themes of survival, isolation, and the primal instincts that lie within us all.

To enhance the experience, you can immerse yourself in the sounds of Cujo (1983) by playing and downloading the movie's spine-chilling soundtrack. This will surely intensify the thrilling journey into darkness that awaits within the world of Cujo.

A lot oftoys that weren't put away...
All right, I'll get your daddy!
All right, no monsters under Tad's bed.
All right, we're going to go home right now.
All right. I'm coming.
All the Sharp cereals. All of them.
All the way out to the end. You'll see Camber's mailbox.
All through this night.
And he has teeth, and they're curled like this...
And he made sounds.
And here I am, screwing around with the local stud.
And I'm sure, given time, this whole thing will blow over.
And now, kids all over the country...
And scaring the hell out oftheir parents...
And that way, your mom can read them to you every night.
And that's it.
And then I'll tack them on your bedroom wall...
And they're good for you.
And we told them to buy it.
And your dad will take care of him.
Any idea who that might have been?
Are peeing and puking red dye...
Are they all right?
As well as being a hell of a tennis player.
Bad dreams?
Bastard, it's my home!
Before I left, she told me she had quit it.
Bothers me. Kemp came here, right?
Brand 1 6, All Grain, Cocoa Bears, Twinkles.
Breathe! Come on!
Bum, bum, bum, bum
Bum, bum, bum, bum
But I don't want to go to day camp.
Call someone. Call the police.
Can he eat his way in here?
Can he get us in here?
Can he?
Can I have my monster words back?
Can you tell me why?
Can you wait? Just for a while?
Can't hold on out there.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here. Let me make it better.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby. One more time.
Come on, breathe. Breathe!
Come on, Cujo.
Come on, damn it, turn over.
Come on, try. What kind of sounds? Like what?
Come on!
Come on! I don't give a shit!
Come on.
Cujo won't hurt him. He likes kids.
Cujo, what's the matter?
Cujo. His name's Cujo.
Cut it, Frank. We're wasting our time.
Daddy's home.
Damn button's stuck again.
Damn this car!
Damn this car.
Damn well can't afford it.
Dear God, save my baby.
Despite that fact, the scare has reached alarming proportions.
Did we ever reach Missus— What was her name?
Did you fix it?
Do a real good job, and he won't rob you blind.
Don't get out of the car.
Don't open the window.
Don't worry about it, ma'am.
Don't worry, Mr. Trenton. Your boy will be all right.
Don't worry. When the mailman comes, we'll go home.
Don't, you son of a—
Donna, that guy comes into America's living room...
Donna's been having an affair.
Easy, boy. Easy, Cujo.
Everything in this car is broken.
Except for the one in my closet.
Excuse me.
Finished with your table. I brought it back.
Four little monkeys
Fuck you, dog.
Get back in that barn, damn you.
Get the rest ofthe bags, Brett.
Get your pants down. Ready?
Give me your tongue.
Glub, glub, glub
Go on. Go get your mitt. You left it on the front lawn again.
God damn you! Come on!
God, why didn't you get this car fixed!
God, you scared the shit out of me.
Goddamn it, Vic, you can't run out on the Sharp account.
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.
Good night.
Great! It's fixed! We're gonna go home!
Groceries, errands.
He admits that he trashed the house...
He claims that he never even saw them.
He got out of my closet!
He grabs your wife and son.
He has yellow eyes, and his mouth is about this long...
He loves Cujo.
He made them all up.
He was all bloody.
He was dripping foam at the mouth.
He's a great dog.
He's got me!
He's grab your knee is what he'd—
He's in the closet.
He's in there.
He's in there. I saw him. Really.
He's probably following up some lead.
He's upstairs sleeping.
Hear me? I don't give a shit!
Her what?
Here you go, Tadpole.
Hey Tad, maybe it was Mr. Kemp who moved all your furniture around, huh?
Hey, boy.
Hey, Gary!
Hey, Tadder.
Hey, that's really nice.
Hey, what did I say?
Hi, Punkin'.
Hi, Rog.
Hi! Look what I made.
Hold mail until notified.
How am I with you?
How you doing, Cujo?
How'd you get in here anyway?
How's my boy? You having a good time at summer camp?
I already did.
I am telling you, it was Kemp. All right?
I brought your table, but I spilled some—
I can't get my damn old seat belt off.
I can't make like it never happened either, Donna.
I can't make that it never happened, Vic.
I can't see what's happening to you? I see it, believe me.
I can't see you anymore, Steve.
I can't stay for a cup of coffee anyway.
I don't give a shit if I do.
I don't know. We'll see.
I don't want to do it alone. It's no fun. Come on!
I don't want you to go for ten days. I don't want you to go for one day.
I don't want you to go.
I forgot to take the Pinto into Camber's.
I got hit by a swing.
I got this terrific husband and this terrific kid...
I got you!
I gotta go pee.
I have a problem with my front wheel. I wonder ifyou could look at it.
I just wanted to be sure that you knew that.
I just wanted you to know it was over.
I know what you're going through.
I know, baby.
I know. I know that.
I love you, sport.
I miss you, okay?
I need some sugar.
I promise I'll do it for you tonight.
I saw him this morning in the fog.
I see a heinie
I see a pile of blankets on a chair...
I see your heinie Nice and shiny
I think I'll bite it
I think I'll bite it
I thought you were mad at me.
I want my daddy!
I want my daddy!
I want my daddy.
I want my daddy.
I want to go away for a week with Brett...
I want to go home!
I want to go home.
I want to go home.
I want to go home.
I wish Daddy'd get a new car.
I wish he would die.
I won the lottery.
I'll get your daddy. Oh, my God.
I'll give them right back.
I'll have to take it up to Camber's.
I'll show you what a monster would do in the daytime.
I'll take care of it.
I'll try and run it up Saturday if I can get the time.
I'm afraid to try it because the battery is so weak.
I'm going back.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
If I was coming at you with a straight razor in each hand.
Ifyou don't hide it
Ifyou don't hide it
In your head, nowhere else.