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Grindhouse (2007)

Grindhouse (2007)

Grindhouse is a captivating movie released in 2007 that pays homage to the gritty and exploitative cinema of the 1970s. Directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, this double-feature consists of two distinct yet intertwined stories, "Death Proof" and "Planet Terror," both showcasing a blend of horror, action, and dark humor.

The star-studded cast includes Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan, Bruce Willis, and many other talented actors who breathe life into their complex and intriguing characters.

With its vintage appeal and innovative storytelling, Grindhouse immerses viewers in a world of thrilling car chases, gunfights, and supernatural elements. The film's soundtrack adds another layer of excitement, featuring a mix of retro tunes and original scores that intensify the onscreen action.

If you're eager to revisit the exhilarating sounds of Grindhouse, you're in luck! You can play and download these memorable tracks right here, transporting yourself back to the adrenaline-fueled world of 70s exploitation cinema.

A 1970 Dodge Challenger with a white paint job?
A friend will be here before ten to pick up Tony.
A girlfriend in six years is because girls will fuck him.
A missing leg that's now missing?
A small percentage of people are not affected by the gas itself.
A termite's nest of caves on the Afghan border,
Abernathy, don't get on my nerves right now.
Abernathy, get your ass up here.
About a jacket, then fucking take it.
About as useless as a pecker on a pope.
Abs, I'm supposed to be the illiterate one.
Actually, I do want you to have a shot.
Actually, I still have those in my fridge.
Actually, yes.
Actually, Zoë is not, but Kim and I are. So, we're totally track down able.
After that, we'll see if they got another Jäger in them.
Ah... Good for you, Nate.
Ain't got no roll bar, chicken wire, none of that shit.
Ain't nothing good about it. I bottle it myself.
All four souls taken exactly at the same time.
All I said was, I had a sexy friend named Butterfly
All Kim's boyfriends start out as somebody else's boyfriend.
All right, all right. Come on. You guys know the drill, huh?
All right, y'all, head out. I'll hold 'em off.
All right. Get it together.
All survivors gotta come with us.
All the classics.
All the fucking time, and surprise me every once in a while with pot.
All three?
And a deer darts out in front of you,
And admittedly, we were a little fucked up.
And after that...
And after this one...
And be careful where you point that thing.
And damn if she doesn't fall in the fucking ditch.
And everybody I ever meet goes in this book.
And for that, I will pay you $150,000... cash.
And have a bye bye slip.
And have the opportunity to play Ship's Mast on the fucking
And he brought me with him on that until...
And he'd get his ass down here more often than he does.
And here you're saying in front of everybody someone up and snatched it?
And I described you, and I said that if they spotted you while we were out
And I don't think you want everybody in Austin thinking you're a chickenshit.
And I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep
And I have promises to keep And miles to go before I sleep
And I looked for it for two weeks.
And I looked like him a bit.
And I saw you outside of Guero's, too.
And I want to drive a Dodge Challenger, fuck me, swinging balls out.
And I was afraid of what you might do to me...
And I'm just getting too fucking old for that shit.
And I've been checking the classified at the back looking at cars for sale.
And I've been to Morocco.
And if anyone comes to the door that isn't me,
And if he had, he would have ended up in this group
And if you ask me, he should have.
And if you fuck Cecil, you don't become one of his girlfriends.
And it's a cheerleader movie, and she's one of the cheerleaders.
And it's no guys. Absolutely no guys.
And Lee's on a will notify for the next four days.
And me calling her on it and indulging her at the same time.
And my turtle. And my scorpion.
And now I've met you and you're going in the book.
And now they're out there in the night doing God knows what.
And old Hooper in there came out clean as a whistle.
And on my birthday, he'd give me a fucking phone call.
And our balls in our throats, looking for America's most wanted.
And she still fell in.
And that just happens to be one of Zoë's.
And that now they're gone?
And that you shot them with a gun you never should've had in the first place?
And the little bullet hits you right there.
And the most important, while we're taking the car out for a little spin,
And the son of a bitch, he bit my goddamn finger off!
And then Bob did another show, Gavilan,
And then that show turned into The Men of Shiloh,
And then, if they say that...
And this year, there will be no leftovers.
And two... We're not really fighting.
And two... We're not really fighting.
And we can't cut that off.
And we would be going out somewhere in Austin tonight.
And when I said it, if I had of known I was gonna come to America,
And when shit goes down, I'll sit back and laugh.
And within this small percentage lies a cure.
And you can't get around the fact that if I go down to the laundry room
And you don't even want to know what she did for that billboard.
And you know the rules.
And you pull the little trigger here, and a little bullet comes outta here.
And you want to buy it?
And Zoë starts fuckin' around.
And, if I fell in that fucking thing,
Answer the question, motherfucker. Did you or did you not say that?
Any girl leaving early must check out with their finger
Any that are left we'll get on our way to the helicopters.
Anyhoo, I could explain what I said, which would be boring,
Anyhoo, I'm sorry. You forgive me?
Anyway, I did a lot of Virginians doubling Gary Clarke.
Anyway, I subscribed to the local paper a month ago.
Are being forced out of our country at an alarming rate.
Are you a wrecker, Wray?
Are you sure you wanna do this?
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Arlene, you've forgotten what hanging out with Jungle Julia is like.
As of this moment forward, except for you, Wray.
As opposed to disappearing for six months.
As... Fu Manchu.
At this old military hospital, this one guy came back from Iraq with this.
Auckland, to answer your question.
Ava Gardner, do you like her?
Aw, I like it.
Bam! I'm in the fucking ditch, you know.
Because he kinda looks like The Rock so we all just call him The Rock.
Because you didn't believe in us or in me.
Because you expected guys to be pestering you all night,
Because you're insane.
Besides, he's probably not gonna let us do it anyway.
Best barbeque in Texas round the clock.
Bet your ass he is.
Bill Moseley...
Bitch, you might be acting like you're 12 years old,
Bitch, you two are still into each other and you know it.
Black men and a whole lot of motherfucking white men
Blood is salty. That's all my sauce needed was just a little more salt.
Blow up the joint..
Bobby's here.
Bonnet, my ass. You're on the hood.
Break a leg.
Brother, ain't no Texan's ever gonna give you his BBQ recipe.
Brought to you from your friends at the Weinstein Company.
Bullshit on that.
Busted nose, broken collar bone, smashed up his left index finger.
But aside from that, I'll be sweet.
But because Zoë wanted to drive some fucking Vanishing Point car, I'm here.
But does it have to be a Dodge Challenger?
But don't worry. He'll say yes.
But especially...
But from your look, I can tell nobody pestered you at all.
But he fucked another woman on my birthday.
But I must warn you of something...
But I'd die before I ever gave Julia Lucai my chocolate milk.
But I've got a pocket bike in the trunk.
But if you don't stop crying, I'm gonna fire your ass.
But if you don't, everybody in Austin's gonna think you a chickenshit.
But maybe, a little later in the evening, you've had a few drinks,
But not funny looking guy who you could fuck.
But nothing...
But now, while I'm here, I'll be your back cracking slave.
But other than that, he's putty in my hands.
But that I had permission to physically restrain your ass if necessary.
But that's OK.
But that's OK. We're stunt people, we ain't got good sense.
But the world I live in, a bitch need a gun.
But then, later, I started feeling a little bad about myself.
But until that day, it's wild west, motherfucker.
But when I said it, I didn't know I'd ever come to America.
But when I said it, I didn't mean in America.
But why that girl wanted a picture of me is because I'm a local DJ.
But you also said, if you ever do what you're trying to do now,
But you got good sense. And anyone with good sense
But you gotta get her out of here before Christian Simonson shows up.
But you have to be real nice to me for the whole rest of the time I'm here.
But you know...
But you need to be here in the next 20 minutes. Thank you.
But you're not.
But you've written each other?
But, don't mention it. She's shy.
But, my ass! You said, not only are we never gonna play Ship's Mast again,
Buy you a drink, repeat that poem, you gotta give them a lap dance.
By the way, don't choke on all that food you're eating.
Bye bye.
Can anyone else fly a helicopter?
Can they, alone, supply the blood needed to save Hitler's mad dream?
Carlos, go get him.
Check it out bitch. You want it fucking faster?
Check it out, bitch.
Check with management. We're registered for the next month.
Cheers, Butterfly.
Cherry Darling, I told you too many fucking times,
Cherry Darling.
Cherry Darling...
Christian Simonson, the filmmaker, is in town.
Class A clusterfuck. He wasn't supposed to be there,
Come on now, sis. You just tell us.
Come on, come on!
Come on, come on!
Come on, Judy, how about it?
Come on, Wray. You know you're not supposed to be doing that stuff anymore.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Move your ass! Come on!
Come over already. We're waiting for you.
Cool it, Judy!
Could act it out for you, which I think
Could it be the same guy as your leg snatcher?
Cut the shit. What the fuck is going on?
DA says there ain't no crime here.
Dakota! We're sorry about Tony.
Damn it, Wray!
Damn it!
Damn it!
Damn shame.
Damn skippy, you meant it.