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Hidden Figures (2017)

Hidden Figures (2017)

Hidden Figures (2017) is a remarkable film that chronicles the incredible true story of three brilliant African-American women working at NASA during the Space Race of the 1960s. Directed by Theodore Melfi, the movie highlights the remarkable contributions of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson in their pursuit of equality and advancement in a deeply segregated and male-dominated field.

The cast list of Hidden Figures (2017) boasts an extraordinary lineup of talented actors who bring this inspiring story to life. Taraji P. Henson portrays the brilliant mathematician Katherine Johnson, whose calculations were instrumental in the success of the Friendship 7 mission, which saw John Glenn become the first American to orbit the Earth. Octavia Spencer delivers a powerful performance as Dorothy Vaughan, an extraordinary woman who became NASA's first African-American supervisor. Janelle Monáe shines as Mary Jackson, a gifted engineer who fought against racial and gender barriers to make her mark in history.

The film also stars Kevin Costner as Al Harrison, the head of Langley Research Center's Space Task Group, who recognizes the invaluable contributions of these women and supports their pursuit of equality. The talented Mahershala Ali portrays Colonel Jim Johnson, a charming officer who captures Katherine's heart. Kirsten Dunst plays Vivian Mitchell, a supervisor who initially exhibits discriminatory behavior but undergoes a gradual transformation as she witnesses the immense talent and determination of her colleagues.

Hidden Figures (2017) captivates audiences through its captivating storytelling and its portrayal of historical events. Set against the backdrop of the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union, the film showcases the struggles and triumphs of these remarkable women as they navigate a world where their abilities and achievements are often overlooked due to their race and gender.

The soundtrack of Hidden Figures (2017) perfectly complements the narrative, adding depth and emotion to the story. Featuring original songs and compositions by artists such as Pharrell Williams, Mary J. Blige, and Alicia Keys, the soundtrack captures the spirit of perseverance and resilience that characterizes the film.

Listeners can now enjoy and download these exceptional sounds here, immersing themselves in the captivating melodies and lyrics that complement the powerful story of Hidden Figures (2017). Pharrell Williams, who is also one of the film's producers, contributes to the soundtrack with his signature musical style. His hit songs like "Running" and "I See a Victory" feature infectious beats and uplifting lyrics that echo the determination and strength of the film's protagonists.

Mary J. Blige's soulful renditions on the soundtrack evoke profound emotions, resonating with the struggles and sacrifices faced by Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary. And Alicia Keys' evocative ballads, including "Apple" and "Holy War," add a touch of beauty and reflection to the overall musical experience.

Hidden Figures (2017) is not just an entertaining film; it is also an important piece of history that sheds light on the often-overlooked contributions of African-American women in the field of space exploration. By presenting this inspiring story to a global audience, the film brings recognition and admiration to the remarkable achievements of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a lover of powerful storytelling, or simply searching for a film that will both entertain and inspire, Hidden Figures (2017) is a must-see. With its exceptional cast, captivating narrative, and an uplifting soundtrack, the movie offers an unforgettable experience that reminds us of the strength of the human spirit and the power of perseverance in the pursuit of one's dreams. So, don't miss out on this extraordinary film and make sure to play and download the incredible sounds of Hidden Figures (2017) here.

A book.
A brave space traveler.
A damn dog!
A female engineer?
A female engineer.
A few decimal points further than that hunk of metal.
A height of over 93 feet ..
A lead comes up.
A mainframe machine.
A mean, ole salty one.
A simple pearl necklace is the exception.
A truly historic day for America..
Absolutely. And she speaks.
Advanced Extension Courses are available at Hampton High School.”
Affirmative, Capcom.
After the Glenn launch, NASA’s dissolvin’ the Computing Groups.
After years of waiting, and NASA delays,
Ah! Yes!
Ah! Yes.
All I’m saying
All right then, we have nothing to lose here.
All right, Mrs. late!
All right!
All right! Now this time...really go to bed.
All right. 10.5 hours to go. If we make 7 round trips.
All right. Give them some space to work.
All the final tests and checks are being conducted, John Glenn is ready to board the Friendship 7.
All under 5’11”, 180 lbs.
All you have to do is get there.
Allowing that side of the equation to equal zero.
Almost forgot how to.
Also Navy pilots.
Although I suspect his wife did the picking out.
Always changin’ ‘round here. It's hard to keep up.
Amen to that.
America's greatest engineering and scientific minds
An orbital launch with an Atlas Rocket is going to take time.
And a crushing blow for America in the race for space.
And a damn mannequin!
And a little fuller... But you look good.
And all of the information as soon as it’s available.
And because it’s never been done. Everything we do
And before Alan Shepard sat on top of a rocket,
And compute over 10,000 calculations by cosine,
And everybody smile.
And getting that one beebee through a hole so tiny, you can’t even see it.
And handsome must be a requirement too.
And he's been declared a national hero.
And he’s watching over us.
And I can’t change the color of my skin.
And I can’t use one of the handy bikes.
And I have no doubt in my mind that they’re going to be
And I work like a dog day and night,
And I, sir.
And I'll do it for you!
And it may not stay in place.
And it's not my imagination. So where the hell do you go everyday?
And it’s never been done before.
And it’s not because we wear skirts..
And just so you know, he’s not wrong about what he said in there.
And Katherine Goble
And Katherine Goble.
And landing for the Redstone Rocket test.
And new rights to be won...
And nobody dare stand in the way of Mary Jackson’s dreams. Myself included.
And now, he will forever be remembered as the US Navy man from New Hampshire.
And push it into space.
And simple necklace pearls. Well, I don't own pearls.
And since you made the trip...
And so, as of right now,
And Stafford’s heat shield calcs?
And taxes pay for everything in that library.
And tell them how it’s gonna be.
And thank you for what you've done.
And the first State Judge to be re commissioned by three consecutive Governors.
And the reason I have to..
And the rest is on us. So, let's get to work.
And the speeds are there.. in the data.
And then a 1.6 megaton RDS 37 thermonuclear warhead
And then scheduled manned tasks,
And this is Katherine Goble.
And truth be told, we can’t keep up with that IBM anyhow.
And two, don't expect your paychecks reflect the extra time
And we have liftoff!
And we have vowed... that we shall not see it governed.
And we start our calculatings.. over?
And we’re at T minus 10..
And we’re proud to be doing our part for the country.
And you figured out all that with this?
And you. Have some respect! Get your damn feet off my dash board.
And.. New pencil!
And.. pray we can get him back down.
Any changes in mass, weight, speed, time,
Any day now, Capcom.
Any day now, Mr. Harrison.
Any upward movement is movement for us all
Apparently, it can do our calculations in a fraction a the time.
Approaching 16.11984.
April 12, 1961 Yuri Gagarin first man in space
Are the Russians fixing to attack us?
Are you sad, Mamma?
Are you?
As a FORTRAN specialist, on the frontier of electronic computing, she was regarded as one of the most brilliant minds at NASA.
As we can calculate launch, landing
As well as others on this floor from time to time.
As you can see, there are thousands of people here to witness this history today..
Ascend angle: 46.56.
Asking us questions about our work.
At 17,544 miles per hour..
At a descent angle..
At Langley.
At lunch counters in North Carolina.
At NASA...
At the age of 97, Katherine was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.. and celebrated her 56th anniversary with Jim Johnson.
At the time the rocket delivers the capsule into low space orbit.
At the University of Virginia,
Based on true events
Because he has to tell us what he saw.
Because now that they can get up there, a bomb will follow.
Because there is new knowledge to be gained..
Because there’s nothing to slow it down?
Because without it, we’re not going anywhere.
Before the Russians plant a flag on the damn moon.
Between now and then is going to matter.
Bill, we’ve got numbers.
Bomb into a Freedom Riders’ bus south side of Anniston, Alabama.
But cannot take Glenn.
But for the sake of human survival.
But I can’t do that without taking those classes at that all white high school.
But I can’t do that without taking those classes at that all white high school.
But I don’t know? Is that possible?
But I know marrying you.. includes me and the girls as well.
But if that were the case,
But it is not the way this works.
But it’s enough to help you to settle in the end.
But it’s going so fast that it keeps missing the Earth.
But not the title or the pay.
But the capsule..
But the friction, it’s under during reentry..
But we’ll run it again, to see what it comes up with.
But without this conversion, the capsule stays in orbit, we can’t bring it home.
But you want the job, right?
But, this is a very delicate piece of equipment.
Button it up, Mary! Nobody wants to go to jail behind your mouth.
By a hostile flag of conquest, but by a banner
By hand. There are 20 bright,
By precisely the right amount
By: Paul Stafford
Can I go, sir?
Can I make it while we dance?
Can I see the time?
Can't get'm. Are you are getting out now?
Cape Canaveral
Case you haven’t read it!
Circling the earth. And we’re certainly not touching the moon. And in my mind..
Civil rights ain’t always civil.
Colonel Glenn is just beginning his third orbit.
Colonel Glenn launches in a few weeks.
Colonel Glenn’s launch coordinates accounting for the window change, sir.
Colonel Glenn’s launch coordinates accounting for the window change, sir.
Colored seats are at the back of the courtroom.
Come on, babies!
Come on, Kath! Let's dance.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Keep up!
Come on! let's dance, girls.
Come! Use the big hammer. You know that, man. Let's go!
Come. I'll get her a chair.
Complain about the way things are which are as a play cards.
Computers don’t author reports.
Computing uses it as high speed storage unit and..
Copy that.
Curses on me!
Damn Russians are watching us right now.
Danger. No time to be scared.
Darker ink.
Dear Lord! Thank you for this meal..
Defending our freedom!
Degrees.. distance..
Delivers the capsule into an elliptical orbit.
Despite what you may think.. I have nothin’ against ya’ll.
Didn’t think of comin’ all the way down here.
Director of the Space Task Group.
Distance, friction... or a puff of wind.. would alter the Go/No Go.
Do it.
Do you have any idea what you’re asking?
Do you know any idea how exacting these calculations have to be?
Do you know what your job is, Paul?
Do you need vin?
Do you think you enlightened the Administrator?
Do you think you..
Does she handle how's Analytic Geometry?
Doesn’t matter, just get us up there, Harrison
Don’t embarrass me.
Don’t give her any more again.
Don’t pay attention to all that. We’re not part of that trouble. Go on!
Don’t play the fool.
Don’t talk to Mr. Harrison lest he talks to you.
Dorothy Vaughan became NASA's first African American supervisor.
Dorothy Vaughan, sir.
Dorothy Vaughan?
Down the highway in Hampton, Virginia
Drops down in the middle of Des Moines.
Earth’s gravity keeps pulling it,
Eighteen. Prime.