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Green Card (1990)

Green Card (1990)

Green Card is a romantic comedy film released in 1990. Directed by Peter Weir, it stars Gérard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell in the lead roles. The story revolves around a marriage of convenience between a Frenchman seeking a green card (permanent residency) in the United States and an American woman who needs a fake husband to rent her dream apartment. As their arrangement progresses, unexpected feelings start to arise, leading to a delightful journey of self-discovery and love. The film's charming soundtrack beautifully complements the unfolding romance and the on-screen chemistry between the talented cast members. You can relive the magic of Green Card by playing and downloading these captivating sounds here.

A composer? We don't have a note of that.
A handyman.
A leading French composer.
A political what?
A refugee.
A single gentleman who neglected the responsibilities...
A' Keep your e yes;
A' Keep your e yes;
Actually, it was my grandfather who started the rose garden...
African music.
Against the wishes of my parents, I might add.
Ah, ladies' underwears.
Ah, Lauren.
Ah, well, I need to use it.
Ah! What's a good reason?
All of a sudden this giant shaft of moonlight breaks through.
All over the place.
All right!
Allowed you only 6 weeks.
Always forgetting.
Amuses me?
And about Mrs Faure, did she go to Africa and so on?
And don't forget a good handyman.
And funny.
And he said, “It must belong to Betty.”
And his compositions for the harp.
And I am waiting for my life to begin.
And I was staggering around...
And I wept warm, salty tears for the lost trees.
And I will give them hope, he said.
And if we don't study, I don't get a green card.
And ifyou're mad, we don't study.
And it was he who first kissed those lips?
And now... Georges Faure.
And said he'd help you start over in America.
And that greenhouse, I'm so jealous!
And the hotels are booked up.
And this door is the bathroom.
And this is kindergarten.
And this one...
And we split expenses.
And you fell in love with me because
And you stroll around my apartment touching my things.
And you wind up with two nices.
And you write, what?
And your husband.
And, uh... Ahem...
Another place, if you will.
Anybody spare a little change?
Apartment. Plants.
Are you any relation?
Are you married, Georges?
As an artist, our daughter reserves the right to be late.
As soon as possible. Yeah.
Associated with 12 F.
Because I begin to hear music again.
Before the marriage?
Before this next safari.”
Beginning of the month? The end of the month?
Begonias, the bromeliads.
Big pig! [Squeals]
Birthday, 24th August, 1959.
Bonsoir et bienvenu. Come in.
Bronte, come here. What is this?
Bronte, come on. We have work to do.
Bronte, how exquisite you look!
Bronte, it's too far!
Bronte, you didn't eat anything.
Bronte? Bronte?
Bronte? It is you! Hey!
Bronte? Open, Bronte.
Burger King does this press hype at the Sheraton Centre.
Burger King!
But at least it's doing something.
But g0 to the country if you want trees.
But get that story straight.
But he's not.
But he's the quiet type. We both are, really.
But I didn't know her name.
But I think if you talked to her, she'd change her mind.
But it is irregular to give our approval without meeting
But maybe with the knife,
But more recent events have overtaken that.
But that's not true.
But that's what's wrong with this country.
But there are no trees for the poor, lost children.
But you're not at the restaurant any more.
By Monday evening this'll be over,
Ca c' est fantasflque.
Cactus! Sss!
Can I tell you later? I've got work to do.
Can you get it, chérie? Let me do the talking.
Ce c'est pour toi. Voila.
Come on, come on. Run for it. Take care.
Come on, Georges.
Come on.
Come on. I made a reservation.
Come on. Up there.
Correct. Okay, my turn.
Could I have a chat with you and your husband?
Could you show me where it is?
Dave says, “I know the guy to take it.” Me.
Decay is their toy.
Did they sign the big contracts, Dad?
Didn't have a bean.
Didn't you get the bigjob in California?
Do you mind?
Do you mind?
Do you realize the situation you've put me in?
Do you still have them?
Do you swear that the evidence you're about to give...
Do you want a hand, Georges?
Don't answer the phone...
Don't go in the greenhouse. That's all I ask.
Don't you have any real coffee?
Et merci, Anton.
Evening, Mrs Faure.
Everything in my life's been French lately!
Except you.
Excuse me, young lady. I have customers waiting.
Eyes, green. Height
Face cream, Monticello.
Faites attention.
Finish your wine.
First Peter, then Stephen.
For Bronte.
For the green card, I do anything.
For the poor cyathaceae dicksonia.
For your pond.
Frankly, I think you have your priorities all wrong.
French... oaf!
From Paris.
From Switzerland we have calves' liver.
Garden group. They do good work amongst the poor.
Georges Faure,
Georges Faure, this is Lauren Adler.
Georges writes for the ballet. He's an old friend.
Georges, it's my parents.
Georges' mother.
Georges' visa, a minor problem.
Giant burger city in the middle ofTexas.
Giant shadows being cast from the trees.
Give me camera.
Go on, get up. Up!
Good morning, Mrs Faure. Mr Faurejust stopped by.
Good night.
Great chance to work on her about the trees.
He brought me back some plants,
He c0uldn't find a hotel. He's been in Africa.
He did, yes. Anton.
He didn't have a formal education.
He eats life.
He has passion.
He hasn't written in a longtime.
He hums all the time.
He knows I love salads.
He knows more about feelings than you'll ever know.
He likes all fatty foods, being French.
He named us all after famous writers.
He ran away from home when he was 12.
He said to give you this.
He said you'd been away.
He says he's not sensitive,
He studies their music.
He travels a great deal.
He was a mechanic,
He was a musician, too. He played...
He was all by himself. I really think he wanted to come out.
He was rude. We don't stand for that.
He would like to be a gypsy, travelling.
He, himself, is not... African?
He'd like to give you and your group all the plants.
He'd love the apartment, though.
He's a strong man with very strong opinions.
He's a very sensitive man.
He's an important composer. Y0u'H have lots to talk about.
He's Bronte's houseguest, but she was too shy to bring him.
He's composing.
He's gorgeous!
He's had a hard life.
He's kind and sensitive.
He's not a spy or something, is he?
He's really a snob type. Ahh.
He's such a slob. I'll do it without anybody knowing.
He's there now... again.
Height, five feet seven.
Hello, Oscar.
Hello? Phil!
Her face cream?
Her father is a writer.
Her father is Sydney.
Here we have radishes,
Hey, Georges!
Hi, Lauren.