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How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

"How to Train Your Dragon" is a 2010 animated film that takes viewers on an exhilarating journey filled with stunning animation and captivating storytelling. The movie revolves around a young Viking named Hiccup, voiced by Jay Baruchel, who befriends a fearsome dragon named Toothless. Together, they defy tradition and embark on a thrilling adventure to protect their village from the menacing dragons. This heartwarming tale is brought to life by an exceptional voice cast including Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, and America Ferrera, among others. With its enchanting soundtrack and breathtaking visuals, "How to Train Your Dragon" has garnered immense praise and a dedicated fan following. You can experience the magic of this film by playing and downloading its sounds here.

A downed dragon is a dead dragon.
A Nadder head is sure to get me at least noticed.
A Zippleback?
All mine, then. Wow. So, OK, I'll see you...
All right, bud, we got to get out of here... now!
All right, I admit it. This is pretty cool.
All right, I'm off to bed. You should be, too.
All right, it's go time. It's go time.
All right, OK, you've gotta kind of angle yourself.
All right, where did Astrid go wrong in the ring today?
All right.
All right. Those who stay will look after Hiccup.
All those years of the worst Viking Berk has ever seen.
Always go for the kill.
And all the while you were holding out on me!
And don't you mind me. I'll just be back here,
And go after the more Viking like teens instead.
And I'll be here.
And mount your first Gronckle head on a spear!
And shipped him off for fear he'd gone mad!
And that's six.
And the Gronckle.
And then there's the Monstrous Nightmare.
And we've killed thousands of them!
And with one twist, he took my hand and swallowed it whole!
And you know it!
And you want to keep it a secret?
Another one has spines like trees.
Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless.
Are wondering what it is we're up to here. Not me, of course.
Astrid, if something goes wrong,
Astrid, Toothless. Toothless, Astrid.
Back into your cage. Now think about what you've done.
Be careful with that dragon.
Bear to port.
Beard of Thor! What is that?!
Because I want to remember what you say right now.
Because I want to remember what you say right now.
Because it wasn't a month before another one of them took my leg.
Behind these doors are just a few of the many species
Between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding.
Blind spot, yes. Deaf spot, not so much.
Bone Knapper. Whispering Death.
Bride of Grendel!
Burns its victims. Buries its victims.
But do we have enough bread making Vikings or small home repair Vikings?
But here we are. And no one is more surprised
But only the left ones. What's with that?
But the ultimate prize is the dragon no one's ever seen.
But who'll win the honor of killing it?
But you just pointed to all of me.
But you will kill dragons.
Can I transfer to the class with the cool Vikings?
Can you not see that I have bigger problems?
Can you stop that?!
Chances of survival are dwindling to single digits now.
Changewing. Even newly hatched dragons can spray acid. Kill on sight.
Chokes its victims. Turns its victims inside out.
Come on, bud!
Come on.
Come on. Give me something to shoot at. Give me something to shoot at.
Come on. Let me out, please. I need to make my mark.
Come on. Yes, you do.
Congratulations, Stoick! Everyone is so relieved!
Count me out.
Dad, he won't hurt you!
Dad, please. I promise you, you can't win this one!
Dad! You're back! Gobber's not here so...
Did you get her?
Do I believe it? Yes, I do.
Do you ever bathe?
Don't remind me.
Don't worry. You're small and weak... that'll make you less of a target.
Dragon classifications.
Either we finish them or they'll finish us!
Even as a boy, I knew what I was, what I had to become.
Every bit the boar headed stubborn Viking you ever were!
Every time you step outside, disaster follows.
Everything we know about every dragon we know of.
Everything we know about you guys is wrong.
Except for you.
Exotic. Two heads, twice the status.
Extremely dangerous. Extremely dangerous.
Extremely dangerous. Kill on sight.
Extremely dangerous. Kill on sight.
Figure out which side you're on.
Find it, hide in it and strike!
First one to ride one, though.
For once in your life, would you please just listen to me?!
For the love of... I was a coward. I was weak. I wouldn't kill a dragon.
From the time he could crawl, he's been... different.
Get back to the house.
Get clear!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get him!
Get it off!
Get Snotlout out of there.
Go back to bed, you overgrown sausage!
Go help the others!
Go on, Hiccup. Give it to him!
Go, go!
Gobber, go with men!
Gronckle. Zippleback. The Skrill.
Gronckles are tough.
Gronckles. Nadders. Zipplebacks. Hoark saw a Monstrous Nightmare.
Hard to port!
Has anyone ever seen one napping?
He can barely walk through the village without being swarmed by his new fans.
He could crush mountains, level forests, tame seas!
He doesn't listen. He has the attention span of a sparrow.
He must have passed the word,
He was protecting me! He's not dangerous.
He'd be killed before the first dragon is out of its cage.
He's alive. You brought him back alive.
He's amazing.
He's going to get out there again. He's probably out there now.
He's gone?
He's never where he should be.
He's up!
Here you go.
Here, I brought you something,
Hey, it's OK. It's OK.
Hey, it's us, idiots!
Hey, look, it's Hiccup!
Hey, so, how would one sneak up on a Night Fury?
Hey, Toothless.
Hey, Toothless.
Hey, you know, I just happened to notice the book had nothing on Night Furies.
Hi, Astrid. Hi, Astrid. Hi, Astrid.
Hiccup already killed a Night Fury, so does that disqualify him?
Hiccup is not that boy.
Hiccup would go from, well, being Hiccup
Hiccup, get in there!
Hiccup, get me down from here!
Hiccup, we just discovered the dragons' nest,
Hiccup, your final exam is tomorrow.
Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup!
Hiccup? Are you in there?
Hoist the torches!
Hold on tight! Here we go!
Hold, Toothless.
How about I give you one?
How many does a Gronckle have?
I am a Viking. I am a Viking!
I am not listening to anything you have to say!
I believe in learning on the job.
I bet he's really frightened now. What are you going to do about it?
I brought breakfast. I hope... I hope you're hungry.
I can almost smell them.
I can buy them a few minutes if I give that thing someone to hunt!
I can show my face in public again!
I can't believe that worked!
I can't miss! What's wrong, buddy? Something in your eye?
I can't stop myself. I see a dragon and I have to just kill it.
I could do that but I don't have time!
I could have sworn you had...
I did it. This fixes everything! Yes!
I did this.
I did this.
I don't have any more!
I don't know what you're...
I have brought down this mighty beast!
I have his mess to clean up.
I have?
I hit it. Yes, I hit it!
I hope you had more success than me.
I just didn't know how to...
I just want to be one of you guys.
I knew it. I'm dead.
I know it seems hopeless, but you won't always be around to protect him.
I know this looks really bad, but you see...
I know we did. That was before... It's all so messed up.
I know you're always the man with the plan. But some,
I know.
I left my axe back in the ring. You guys go on ahead. I'll catch up with you.
I looked at him and I saw myself.
I manage to lose an entire dragon.
I might make a few tweaks.
I mistimed my somersault dive. It was sloppy.
I moved into my parents' basement. Come by sometime and work out.
I need to speak with you, too, son.
I normally don't care what people do, but you're acting weird.
I ordered an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side.
I said, stop the fight!
I saw the look on his face... I was delicious.
I scared him?!
I screwed up. I should have told you before now. I just...
I should have known. I should have seen the signs.
I swear, I'm so angry. I'll avenge your beautiful hand and your beautiful foot.
I take him fishing and he goes hunting for trolls!
I think I'll stay, in case your thinking of doing something crazy.
I thought it was crazy, but I didn't question him.
I want to know what's going on.
I was thinking, you know,
I will. Just promise me it won't go wrong.
I would have gone for the hammer.
I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was.
I'll be back. Probably.
I'll chop off the legs of every dragon I fight, with my face.
I'll pack my undies.
I'll take my chances. Sword. Sharpen. Now.