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Poseidon (2006)

Poseidon (2006)

"Poseidon" is an exhilarating disaster film released in 2006. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, this thrilling movie takes place on New Year's Eve aboard the luxurious and iconic ocean liner, the SS Poseidon. When a colossal rogue wave strikes the ship, it capsizes, leaving a group of passengers fighting for survival in an upside-down world.

The cast features a talented ensemble, including Josh Lucas as the determined Dylan Johns, Kurt Russell as former firefighter Robert Ramsey, Richard Dreyfuss as the suicidal Richard Nelson, and Emmy Rossum as the resourceful Jennifer Ramsey. As they navigate through treacherous obstacles and face dwindling hopes of rescue, the relentless tension and ruthless suspense keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The soundtrack for "Poseidon" adds to the intensity of the film, delivering a pulse-pounding score composed by Klaus Badelt. With its soaring melodies and heart-pounding rhythms, the music perfectly complements the high-stakes action and captures the magnificence of the doomed vessel.

To fully immerse yourself in the world of "Poseidon," you can play and download these exhilarating sounds here. Experience the cinematic adventure and be captivated by the epic struggle for survival amidst overwhelming chaos.

Again. One, two, three.
All crew, report immediately to your emergency stations.
All in.
All right, all right. There you go.
All right, baby. Hold on.
All right, Conor, I want you to jump into this curtain.
All right, get that corner.
All right, grab hold.
All right, grab hold.
All right, we got to get back up to high ground.
All right.
All right. Come on, come on. There we go. There we go.
All right. Hold on, hold on, hold on. We got ourselves a situation.
All right. What's through there? Is there a way up?
And I take their money. That's what I do.
And I wanted to, I really did, but she made me promise not to say anything.
And I wasn't trying to surprise you.
And so, what better way to celebrate the birth of a new year...
And then we will have some wine.
And we can throw junk up into the props.
Any night, but particularly tonight.
Are you hurt? Are you hurt?
Are you okay?
Assholes, both of you.
Be with me. Be with me.
But I can.
But I think that I could make it. I think I could do it on one breath.
But you're not the boss anymore.
By flooding this entire tank.
Can you grab him? Grab him. You got him?
Can you just? One more button, please?
Can you reach it? Don't drop it.
Captain's saying we should stay here.
Careful. Careful. All right.
Carpe diem, my friend.
Chris asked me to marry him.
Chris, wait. Come back and get Conor.
Chris, we need to shut them off.
Chris, what are you doing? Come back.
Chris. Chris, come here.
Chris. The red tank.
Christian, do you think it's possible for you to stop calling me "sir"?
Come give me a hand. We will hold it steady. You will be all right.
Come here, come here, come here.
Come on, everybody.
Come on, I think I found a way.
Come on, Jen, you will be fine. Come on.
Come on, let's go. Look for a way up, everybody.
Come on, paddle.
Come on, sweetheart, let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Come on, come on.
Come on. Come on, look for an opening.
Come on. Keep coming.
Come on. Stay there.
Come on. That's right.
Coming through.
Conor, go back to Dylan.
Conor, you're going to do this. Don't worry. Here we go.
Conor. Come here. Grab the other side of that.
Conor. Hey, Conor, what are you doing?
Control room's underwater. He wouldn't let me go. He shut them down.
Could you call me? Please?
Cover your face, honey.
Dad, we're just sitting. People sit.
Damn it.
Damn it.
Depends. Was it?
Do you ever win?
Do you ever win?
Do you feel that?
Do you see him? Where is he?
Does your husband..?
Don't look down.
Don't touch anything, sweetie.
Don't walk off from me like that, okay?
Don't worry, sweetie, Dylan's right behind me.
Don't you think we could find a zillion places...
Dylan, give me your hand.
Dylan, listen to me. Hey, Dylan, wait.
Dylan, no.
Dylan, over here.
Dylan, we got water coming in over here.
Dylan. What did you say to him?
Elena, you don't want your little brother to think you didn't come.
Elena. Elena.
Elena. How bad is it?
Everybody start looking for an emergency exit, any exit. Let's go.
Everyone, remain calm. Remain calm.
Everything's okay.
Excellent, excellent, excellent, yes.
Excellent. Put your hands up.
Fifteen to call.
Find something we can pry it with.
Fire, life and safety crews, proceed to your muster stations immediately.
Follow the directions of my officers and stay calm.
Forty more to you, sir.
Get away from it.
Get away.
Get back, get back.
Get back. Get back.
Get Lucky Larry another drink, would you? Martini. Okay, babe?
Get me out of here.
Get me out of here.
Get me out. Get me out.
Give me your water and your hankie, sweetie.
Go back down? We just came through there. There is no other way.
Go easy.
Go up.
Go. Conor?
God. How the hell did you fit through here?
Goddamn, boy.
Goddamn, this is getting good.
Got elected. Man of the people.
Got it?
Got it? Hold on tight, honey.
Grab my ankle. That's it. That's it. That's it.
Great kid. Yeah, he is. Still amazes me, actually.
Guess what. Your friend the captain wants you to blow the New Year's horn.
Half the people here have families somewhere onboard.
Hang on a second. Wait, wait, wait.
Hang on.
Hang onto the side.
Happiest time of my life is when I was broke.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Hard to starboard. Starboard engines, full astern.
Have you found anything?
He didn't mean to hurt me.
He made his home on the ocean floor in a palace of coral and gems.
He never thought that this would happen to him.
He reversed the engines. He's creating suction.
He says I can bunk with him, you know, for passage.
He was mayor of New York for a while. When I was a kid.
He was pretty nice.
He's a genius.
He's going to take them both down.
He's met someone.
Hello? What is it?
Help me up.
Help me up.
Here we go.
Here we go. Hang on, baby.
Here, finish this.
Here. Take a look at this.
Hey, guys. Down here. Down here.
Hey, hey. Nelson tells me you're on your way to see your little brother.
Hey, is she like this with you?
Hey, kids, how we doing?
Hey, lady. Up there.
Hey, man. Hey, you got it. Knock yourself out.
Hey, Mom, are we going with them?
Hey, Mom, this door is the way up.
Hey, Ramsey. Ramsey.
Hey, what if we go through up there?
Hey, who's shooting at us?
Hey. Easy there, fireball.
Hey. Hey, map. What's through here?
Hey. We need some help over here.
Hey. We're going out through the bow thrusters.
Hold on.
How are we going up there?
How long? How long?
How much for the game? I don't know, what's it worth to you?
How would you get back? You'd already be out of air.
How'd you get in there? I don't know, but the water's really high.
Hurry up.
Hurry. Hurry.
I am actually begging, aren't I?
I am getting out of here.
I am going to look for a way out of here.
I am hoping it was a flash fire, but this whole area could be superheated still, right?