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The Sandlot (1993)

The Sandlot (1993)

"The Sandlot" is a beloved American coming-of-age film released in 1993, directed by David M. Evans. Set in the summer of 1962, the story revolves around a group of young boys who spend their days playing baseball in a local sandlot. It captures the nostalgia and adventures of childhood summers, bound together by friendship and the love of the game.

The film features an ensemble cast including Tom Guiry as Scotty Smalls, the new kid in town who learns the ropes from his newfound friends, played by Mike Vitar, Patrick Renna, Chauncey Leopardi, Marty York, and Brandon Quintin Adams. James Earl Jones gives a standout performance as Mr. Mertle, the mysterious and wise neighbor with a legendary past.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this classic film by downloading and playing these nostalgic tunes. Feel the excitement of the kids as they run across the grass, the crack of the bat, and the cheers from the crowd. Relive the memories of "The Sandlot" through the soundtracks that will transport you back to those carefree summer days.

**Please note that this AI is unable to play or download sounds.

A "can't hack it" panty waist...
A couple days after we all got over acting like big shots,
A full count and the tying run on base,
A giant gorilla dog thing that ate one kid already.
A high fast one, and pow,
A L 7 weenie.
A little bit farther.
A square, Benny. The kid's a square.
A true killing machine.
A werewolf can be killed only with a silver bullet...
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Fire, fire, fire!
About time, Benny. My clothes are going out of style.
Actually an A minus. But it should've been a "B."
After Benny pickled The Beast, his reputation spread all over town.
After we'd all thought about it real hard,
Alan McClellan we call him Yeah Yeah
All right, Ham. This is my heater.
All right!
All right!
All right. Come on. Kenny, here.
All right. Find out when.
All right. Here we go.
All right. I knew it... all the time.
All right. See you later.
All right. Uh, yeah. I think so.
An airborne attack. The Beast will never expect it.
And all I had was a plastic toy mitt that my grandmother gave me...
And asked me to be the man of the house,
And chain up The Beast and put him under the house...
And even although he'd been a hero before that,
And every summer, there she is,
And from then on, I didn't have any trouble...
And he became my best friend.
And he did, and he liked it a lot!
And he got eaten.
And he got me out of the biggest pickle I'd ever be in.
And he grew big, and he grew mean...
And he had kissed her long and good.
And I found out that Yeah Yeah's parents shipped him off to military school.
And I'm Babe Ruth.
And it all started with an omen.
And it finally became...
And it happened in the 1932 World Series.
And knock on the door and ask Mr. Mertle if he can get it for us?
And look down.
And maybe just stand in the outfield somewhere and take up space.
And no one ever saw him again.
And prefabricated tree houses.
And smiled.
And so, in a few weeks, the pup grew into The Beast.
And so, The Beast sits there under that lean to,
And stay out!
And that's about where it all started.
And that's where he'll be for the rest of his life.
And the nickname stuck with him for the rest of his life.
And the pup was grateful.
And then she made me do the dishes.
And there he goes! He's stealing home! I don't believe it!
And turned the pup loose in the junkyard.
And we did the stupidest thing...
And you shouldn't let it go by.
And, guys, spread out and look for bottles and cash 'em in.
Anybody got any bright ideas?
Anyway, Scott, that's Timmy and Tommy Timmons,
Are you out of your mind? Mr. Mertle's the meanest old man that ever lived.
At the time, he and I were still getting used to each other.
Aw, crap! I almost forgot!
Aw, Squints was pervin' a dish.
Babe Ruth raised his arm and pointed to the center field bleachers.
Babe Ruth signed that ball. He was...
Babe Ruth was like the Hercules of baseball, and The Beast's name ended up being Hercules.
Babe Ruth!
Babe Ruth! But why would you trade?
Babe Ruth?
Back off!
Back to a place called Mertle's Acres.
Baseball was life.
Baseball was life.
Batter up!
Be like that.
Be there, buffalo butt breath.
Became a neighborhood legend.
Because every time we stopped to watch the sky on those nights like regular kids,
Because if any one of them had come up to any one of us, we'd have just peed our pants.
Because Mr. Mertle asked the cops how long...
Because when I looked down in there,
Because when they went over, they vanished.
Before any of us could even pick up a baseball.
Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez!
Benny and me were connected, connected for the one moment later that summer...
Benny felt like that all the time.
Benny would've played ball all day, all night, rain,
Benny, wait!
Benny, wait.
Benny! Benny, help me, please! He's hurt!
Bertram Grover Weeks,
Bertram, well Bertram got really into the '60s,
Besides, you need it more than I do.
But after a while, the cops started getting phone calls from people...
But I gotta get this done, okay?
But I wouldn't be surprised to see some fireworks here.
But I'm not good at anything, Mom.
But it didn't.
But legends never die.
But legends never die.
But my glove it's busted.
But none of them ever came close to that first one.
But of all the things we ever did besides baseball,
But The Babe was calling his shot.
But the day we all got back together for some baseball...
But there was no way I could let them know.
But they became multimillionaires...
But we all know what really happened.
But we were all amazed by it.
But when I did, the sandlot was still there.
But when I finally got up enough guts to go out there and try and make friends,
But you're really him.
Bye. See you tomorrow.
Called shot by the Babe.
Camp out.
Can't you spare half an hour and show him now?
Chaw! I was saving it for a good time.
Climb trees, hop fences.
Close catapult.
Come on in.
Come on, Benny, hit a homer!
Come on, Benny, man. He ain't game.
Come on, Benny, man. The kid is...
Come on, Benny. Why'd you do that?
Come on, DeNunez.
Come on, guys. Help me!
Come on, Smalls.
Come on, Squints! You can do it! Pull through, bud!
Come on, Squints.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Throw it!
Come on! We'll take you on right here, right now!
Come on.
Come on. I can't lift it.
Come on. I want some.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Maybe two or three guys in history...
Come on. Open it up! Hurry up, hurry up!
Come on. Show me your stuff.
Come on. Throw it in.
Come on. Yeah, come on!
Come on. You think she'd go out with me?
Come over at 9:00.
Count on it, pee drinking crap face!
Did you see that hand?
Didn't we get the ball back? Just shut up!
Dodger dog! A weenie!
Does anyone see him?
Don't be a goofus. Don't be a goofus! Don't be a goofus!
Don't go pee in your pants. I'm just here to give you a hand.
Don't miss it!
Dreaming of the time he can chase and kill again.
Dreaming of the time when he can break the chain and get out,
Drop catapult.
Even before we became friends,
Even for a million dollars had the guts to put the move on the lifeguard.
Even my own mom, a grown up girl,
Even though none of us had ever seen a Playboy magazine,
Even when some brave kid...
Ever busted the guts out of a ball.
Everybody gets one chance to do something great.
Everybody move back. Move back. Roll him over.
Except for Rodriguez, you're all an insult to the game.
Eye on the ball, okay? Got it?
Face it, I'm just an egghead.
Falling out of the sky and hammering me into the ground...
Figure it out.
Fine, fine, fine!
Firing two now!
First you take the graham.
Follow your heart, kid, and you'll never go wrong.
Follow your heart, kid, and you'll never go wrong.
For my birthday when I was six.
Forever. Forever.
Forever. Forever.
Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever.
Forget about that stuff, kid. We ain't got much time.
From then on, he was known as Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez.