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Lucas (1986)

Lucas (1986)

Lucas is a heartwarming coming-of-age film released in 1986. It revolves around a socially awkward 14-year-old boy named Lucas played by Corey Haim. He navigates the challenges of high school, love, and friendship, all while struggling to fit in. The movie also stars Kerri Green as Maggie, Lucas's love interest, and Charlie Sheen as Cappie, the popular jock. With its relatable characters and timeless themes, Lucas remains a beloved classic. If you want to relive the memorable moments and emotions of the film, you can play and download its sounds here.

About what?
Actually, I am. I'm an athlete.
Age differences can be good. You have to keep an open mind.
All right, boys, come on. Let him up.
All right, girls. Let's hit those showers, then it's chalk talk.
All right, then. Blend away.
All right!
All right!
All right!
All right! Everybody inside for chalk talk! Shower up first!
All right. Captain of the team. . .
All right. Captain of the team. . .
Am I a drag or what?
And along comes Miss Designer Jeans of America. . .
And he agrees with me totally. He's a civil rights lawyer.
And I always like a big, strong, handsome man in the kitchen with me.
And I have two hours left on this flight when this man threw up on my shoe.
And I like him.
And if you'll all now proceed in an orderly fashion to the gym.
And it looks real good on college applications. And anybody can join.
And it's not too bad for your social Iife either.
And my mom is all, ''Gee, he's spending a lot of time at work lately. ''
And my parents don't like for me to give it out.
And now this picking fistfights in the Iocker room?
And that ends our talk.
And then there's Alise.
And this fat little marshmallow opens his mouth to me.
Anyways, I do owe a lot to him.
Are you all right, Lucas?
Are you cold?
Are you interested in being kissed?
Are you okay?
Are you talking about Triechel? He blew his head off.
As God is my witness, I saw the thing.
Bananas, milk. Not that I can see, no.
Because a big, strong man. . .
Because it could be dangerous for a boy like you.
Because that's all we were.
Because you're acting weird.
Because you're nice to him.
Ben and Luke I'm gonna puke
Blew his brains out with a book of poetry open and a rose.
Both of my parents, caught in the system.
Boy, they sure were big.
Bruno, Bruno, break that guard Hit him, hit him, hit him hard
But I'll take you to court if you try to before.
But some guy said he'd get great bandoleros.
By breeding with the strongest males, females ensure survival of the species.
By the family tree, you might say?
By yourself?
Bye bye.
Can I get a Feese's, please?
Can I leave now?
Can you get off the stage, son?
Can you imagine that big, strong guy crying?
Can you meet me after school? I'll get you an A in biology.
Cappie and Alise broke up today.
Cappie, Cappie, he's our man If he can 't do it, no one can
Cappie? Can we get out of here right now?
Chorus is sounding pretty good, don't you think?
Coach, you can't do that! You got 1 2 men on the field!
Come on, come on. Climb up. Don't break.
Come on, good! Good!
Come on, man!
Come on!
Come on! Come on! Get off the field!
Come on. All right, we're gonna run power sweep left on one.
Come on. All right, we're gonna run power sweep left on one.
Come over here. The rest of you, hit the tires!
Could you grab that for me?
Could you quiet down?
Could you see me with a man who's 38 or something?
Did I say I was going to any dance with you, Lucas?
Did she say that?
Did someone call his parents?
Did you think we'd be such good friends when we first met?
Do I know those guys? Of course I know those guys.
Do you believe in destiny?
Do you mind if we listen?
Do you think people need more than just one good friend?
Do you?
Do your parents know about this? Going out for the football team?
Does it mean something?
Don't get hung up on all that tradition. Tradition is superficial.
Don't let me spoil your depression.
Don't panic. It's trying to get out.
Don't worry about him. Let's see a movie.
Don't worry. It's just a locust.
Don't you call me a pissant, you dumb fucking jock.
Drinking beer?
Easy. Foll off.
Eat meat! Eat meat! Eat meat! Eat meat!
Eat meat! Eat meat! Eat meat! Eat meat!
Even boys. The Supreme Court says anyone who tries out for a team. . .
Excuse me. I can run really fast when I concentrate on it.
Excuse me. I hate to bother you again. . .
Excuse me. Making a movie. Excuse me.
Femember, the guys are gonna get him when he comes back.
Fight. I'll get Margaret for you.
Figure it out. And in the meantime, don't call people superficial. . .
Football players.
Football players.
For instance, I'm 14, you're 16.
Freshmen take the pink form, sophomores take the gold form. . .
Get off!
Get one off, and let's get this game going!
Get out of this place. Get out of our way.
Go away.
Go eat pizza.
Go for it, Gus.
Go, go, go, Pirates, go! Go, go, go, Pirates, go!
Go! Go away!
Gonna bring it to Karlson?
Guys, come on. Please! The joke's over. Come on!
Have fun, Luke. Have fun.
He didn't seem like the type.
He had tears in his eyes when he came over tonight.
He kind of needs someone with him tonight.
He shoots! He scores!
He's a great kid.
He's dead.
He's kind of alcoholic.
He's very special.
Help me! Help me!
Here he is.
Here's your net.
Here's your umbrella.
Hey, Alise.
Hey, Blye! You want me to get your tickets?
Hey, Bruno! Hey, let him go!
Hey, Cappie! Your buddy's coming out for the team!
Hey, don't nobody bend over to pick up the soap!
Hey, guys, what's happening? Hey, Cappie! How's it hanging, bud?
Hey, hey, guys! What's going on?
Hey, I'm okay.
Hey, Laura, wait up.
Hey, Leukoplakia! They got a jockstrap to fit you?
Hey, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke Get that ball away and puke
Hey, Luke! You want something?
Hey, Luke.
Hey, where's my towel? Who took my towel?
Hey, who is that? Who's going in?
Hey! Look who's going out for the football team!
Hey! You two are going out?
Hi there. Sure is a warm day.
Hi there. We're with the Chicago Conservatory.
Hi, Lucas.
Hi, Lucas.
Hi, Rina.
Hi. Hey, thanks for waiting for me. I've gotta talk to you.
Hi. I'm Lucas.
Holy shit.
How many trips are we going to take?
How old were they? Do you know?
I bought the tie. I get to keep it. And I bought the shoes.
I can wait till tomorrow to collect tadpoles.
I didn 't believe it. But you saw it. You saw it, didn 't you?
I didn't wanna say anything. Here.
I didn't want to run over it with the mower.
I do too.
I don't know anybody.
I don't know if there is a mother. . .
I don't know why.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know. Because he's strange, I guess.
I don't like to get caught up in that stuff. It's superficial.
I don't think so.
I don't think we can go, Lucas.
I don't wanna leave him by himself.
I don't wanna see you walking with her and smiling at her.
I don't want her in this car on Friday. We're not giving her a ride.
I don't want you talking to her anymore.
I gotta go anyway.
I guarantee the dryer will be a lot worse.
I guess so.
I guess you had to.
I hate to say this, but there's something in your hair.
I have a sign up sheet here for the fall fiesta.
I have my bike. We can still go.
I hear you're terrific.
I just wanna get out of here!
I just wish that school would never start.
I know you're in there. I can see your feet.
I like you, Mr. Kaiser. I'd hate to see you lose your job.
I love it. I love it.
I mean, just keep doing what you're doing. Go to bed with him.
I mean, we don't hang out or anything.
I mean, wimps do that. Didn't you know?
I mean, you've never used a blender before.
I said, in an orderly fashion!
I said, turn it in. Now, get off the field.
I still don't know why he did it.
I think he's got a gun or something!
I think it'll cheer you up.
I think it's kind of beautiful. The poetry, I mean.
I think maybe you should too.
I think there's a gizmo to put this in. . .
I think we should go to the hospital. Come on.
I think we should go.
I thought about what you said to me, about you needing to meet people. . .
I thought maybe Cap can give us a ride next Friday. Is that okay?
I thought maybe we could introduce them to my mom. . .
I thought you had a date.
I thought you were beautiful.
I thought you were interesting.
I thought you were unconscious.
I told Alise I thought you should try out for cheerleading.
I turn around, and you're walking with her or looking or smiling at her.
I used to treat him like everybody else does.
I was just outside. They aren't making any noise anymore.
I was out with this case of hepatitis for a couple months. . .
I wonder if we'll still know each other.
I'd be willing to play football if all that other junk didn't go along with it.
I'd like them to come in and see me.