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Secret Source Sound FX

Secret Source Sound FX

The package of sounds titled "Secret Source" contains a diverse array of audio clips that can be used for a variety of creative projects. From the subtle hum of a hybrid car to the intense crashing of metal, these sounds are sure to add depth and realism to any production.

One of the standout sounds in the package is the recording of the Jaws Of Life in action. The powerful tool used by first responders to extract people from vehicles emits a loud, mechanical sound that is both startling and awe-inspiring. This sound, coupled with the Glass Impact recording, can create a realistic and intense scene of a car accident or emergency situation.

On the lighter side, the package also includes recordings of a Boat Pulley in motion. The gentle creaking of wood and the tension release of the pulleys can add a calming and natural element to any project. Whether it's a scene set on a dock or a boat adventure, these sounds can enhance the atmosphere and immerse the listener in the environment.

For those in need of car sounds, the recordings from the 1964 Mercury Montclair and the 2014 Prius C are a valuable addition to the package. The revving of the engines, the driving at different speeds, and the on-board sounds can be used to create a dynamic and realistic driving scene. Whether it's a vintage car chase or a modern city drive, these recordings can bring the scene to life.

The variety of sounds in the "Secret Source" package allows for endless creativity and possibilities. From the Doppler horns of passing cars to the fast swerve and uphill drive of the Mercury Montclair, these sounds can be mixed and layered to create a unique and immersive audio experience. Whether it's for a film, video game, or music production, these sounds are a valuable resource for any audio project.

To play and download these sounds, simply click on the link provided. With the "Secret Source" package at your fingertips, you have access to a wealth of audio resources that can take your project to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your production with high-quality, professionally recorded sounds.

001 Boat Pulley — BOAT 011 PU003 Med Pull Drop Hang w 3 Pound Weight ST
001 Boat Pulley — BOAT 042 PU011 Fast Pulley Tension Release w Wood Creaks Series
001 Boat Pulley — BOAT 078 PU020 Swing 2 Pulleys Medium
001 Boat Pulley — BOAT 082 PU021 Swing 2 Pulleys Fast
002 1964 Mercury Montclair — AUTO 64MM025 MM005 Ext Drive 03 Med Strt Idle Away Distant Stop
002 1964 Mercury Montclair — AUTO 64MM163 MM021 Int Onbrd Drive Fast Idle Away Turn Stop Rvrs Turn
002 1964 Mercury Montclair — AUTO 64MM344 MM050 Int Onbrd Downhill Swerve Drive Rvrs Uphill
002 1964 Mercury Montclair — AUTO 64MM445 MM065 Ext Doppler Horns W Eng
003 Jaws Of Life — JOL 0187 MetalDestruction 14 Holophone 5ch
003 Jaws Of Life — JOL 0194 MetalDestruction 15 DPA4061
003 Jaws Of Life — JOL 0707 GlassImpact 02 COMP
003 Jaws Of Life — JOL 0753 GlassImpact 07 Senn8020
2014 Prius C (Hybrid) — PRIUS 054 Driving 60mph 07 NTG3
2014 Prius C (Hybrid) — PRIUS 055 Driving 60mph 07 RSM191
2014 Prius C (Hybrid) — PRIUS 080 Driving OB Fast Hiway 03 Int OB Holophone
2014 Prius C (Hybrid) — PRIUS 088 Driving OB Fast Chase 04 DPA4061