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Hzandbits Sound FX

Hzandbits Sound FX

The "Hzandbits" package is a collection of diverse sounds that encapsulate various urban and industrial environments. From the eerie howling of the wind in trees to the mechanical churnings of elegant machines, each sound offers a unique auditory experience that can add depth and realism to any creative project.

The package includes sounds such as "Urban Winds," which features the distinct clanking of metal signposts and the nervous howling of the wind in an urban setting. The monotonous vibration of objects rattling and clattering is captured in the "Vibration" sound. The rustling of tall grass and the buffeting of the wind in trees can be heard in "Wind In Trees," while the steady rotation and shallow roll of elegant machines are showcased in "Elegant Machines."

Construction ambiances, industrial exteriors, and HVAC elements are also represented in this package, providing a wide range of atmospheric sounds for users to choose from. The heavy machinery and power hammer impacts of construction sites are captured in "Construction Ambiances," while the industrial drone and clinking of metal in industrial exteriors create a sense of realism in those settings.

The soothing hum of HVAC elements and the ventilation and exhaust sounds of industrial spaces are captured in "HVAC Elements," adding a touch of realism to any project. The package also includes unique sounds such as the clinking of coins and bills being counted in "Money," and the purposeful rotation and squeaks of elegant machines in "Elegant Machines."

Users can download and play these sounds to enhance their creative projects, whether it be film, television, video games, or music production. The intricate details and realistic atmosphere captured in each sound can transport listeners to different environments and add depth to any scene.

Whether it's the forceful howling winds or the monotonous vibrations of industrial machinery, the "Hzandbits" package offers a plethora of sounds to choose from. Play and download these sounds to bring your projects to life and immerse your audience in a world of rich and evocative sounds.

Construction Ambiances — Amb,Construction,Ext,Crane,Hoisting,Various engine speeds
Construction Ambiances — Amb,Construction,Int,Muffled,Power hammer,Drops,Impacts
Construction Ambiances — Amb.Construction,Ext,Engines,Impacts,Clanging,Diffuse
Construction Ambiances — Construction,Ext,Heavy machinery,Piledriver,Impact,Massive,Repetitive,Binaural,Loop
Elegant Machines — Rotation,Metal,Crank,Gears,Sc****,Squeak,Purposeful,Organic,Loop
Elegant Machines — Rotation,Metal,Crank,Gears,Squeak,Rattle,Loop,Short
Elegant Machines — Rotation,Metal,Crank,Woody,Grind,Serrated,Loop,Short
Elegant Machines — Rotation,Metal,Shallow,Roll,Rattle,Loose,Churning,Steady,Loop
Howling Winds — Wind,Int,Howl,Forceful,Tonal,Vocal,Gust
Howling Winds — Wind,Int,Howl,Tonal,Mumble
Howling Winds — Wind,Raindrops,Int,Open window,Long whoosh
Howling Winds — Wind,Sleet,Int,Urban,Rushing,Gusts
Hvac Elements — Hvac,Cooling unit,Refrigerator,Int,Drone,Rattle,Roomtone,Loop
Hvac Elements — Hvac,Heating,Pressure pump,Industrial,Whine,Slight rumble,Loop
Hvac Elements — Hvac,Ventilation,Exhaust,Industrial,Drone,Slight rumble,Loop
Hvac Elements — Roomtone,Hvac,Drone,Hum,Low Mids,Loop
Industrial Exteriors I — Amb,Industry,Ext,Factory drone,Conveyor belt,Clack,Click,2nd pos
Industrial Exteriors I — Amb,Industry,Ext,Factory,Churn,Whine,Condensation drops
Industrial Exteriors I — Amb,Industry,Industrial drone,Metal,Clinking
Industrial Exteriors I — Amb,Port,Ext,Bulk offload,Engine,Gravel,Clatter,Heavy
Money — Money,Bills,Hand,Count,Single,relaxed
Money — Money,Coins,Drop In Cash Register
Money — Money,Coins,Hand,Count,x4
Money — Money,Coins,Handle
Urban Winds — Wind,Ext,Alley,Urban,Howl,Pronounced,Metal,Clinking
Urban Winds — Wind,Ext,Urban,Metal,Signpost,Distinct clanking,Howling,Nervous.Mono
Urban Winds — Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Flutter,Ruffle
Urban Winds — Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Violent.Mono
Urban Winds II — Wind,Ext,Alley,Whoosh,Fluctuating slightly,Wire flapping
Urban Winds II — Wind,Ext,Marina,Masts,Wires,Buffeting,Whistle,Clank
Urban Winds II — Wind,Ext,Marina,Masts,Wires,Whistle,Clank
Urban Winds II — Wind,Ext,Whoosh,Whistle,Howl,Ringing
Vibration — Vibration,Case,Objects,Rattle,Clatter,Rapid,Violent,Loop
Vibration — Vibration,File cabinet,Steel,Rattle,Oscillate,Sluggish,Loop 001
Vibration — Vibration,Panel,Metal,Rattle,Clack,Distinct,Variable,Loop
Vibration — Vibration,Printer,Plastic,Rattle,Dull,Monotonous,Loop
Wind In Trees — Wind,Ext,Breeze,Grass,Tall,Rustle,Buffeting
Wind In Trees — Wind,Ext,Breeze,Reeds,Rustle,Howl,Whip,Whistle
Wind In Trees — Wind,Ext,Breeze,Treeline,Whoosh,Noise,Constant
Wind In Trees — Wind,Ext,Gust,Grasslands,Rustle,Buffeting