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All this so it's uh
Belong to a secret society that's been around for thousands of years
But maybe it's time you all face reality
Defender of the alliance
Do you hear me
Does it now that I need to come over and use your computer
Dumb tax maine
Excuse me
For, uh
Forget it
Give me the sword
How am I supposed to see internet porn that way
I am falcone
I am pretty smart yeah
I can't jack off advance
I don't know
I guess it was pretty big
I haven't jacked off in over two weeks
I haven't taken a crap in over three weeks the question is why
I know right
I need to play world of warcraft
I really wanted to wait until you were older but
I'll take it from here
I'm a hunter level two
I'm not apart hard
In the outside world I have a simple geologist but in here
Instead of video games that take batteries and software but kids will play with swirls
It came back
It is time to stop pointing fingers
It's just not the same
It's not working
Just calm down calm down alright
Must learn to only use the internet for porn twice a day
No art hard is an MMO RPG
Now we gotta get her computer that works
O zone is ready
Oh here it comes
Oh my god
Oh my god today
Oh no you're not
Once you check out the japanese girls puking in each others mouth he can't exactly go back to playboy
Our house it has no internet
Please help us
Problem solved
Randy Marsh Sounds Sound
Randy Marsh Sounds Sound
Randy Marsh Sounds Sound
Randy Marsh Sounds Sound
Randy Marsh Sounds Sound
Randy Marsh Sounds Sound
Slice hotdogs in tomato slice
Sometimes the woman lays on top of the man facing the other way so that they can put each others genitals in their mouth
Telling people to shop dangerous
Temperature outside will fall to over seventy million degrees below zero
That is not the way we're remembering it
That is stupid
That's impossible
That's why I gotta make sure to keep it safe
The internet went away
The poor nose
The video sandwich
There was a there was a ghost
They're gonna kill me give him the rabbit
This is more important than anything i've ever asked you to do
Touch spending to only the bare essentials water and bread and margaritas yay
We have a country must stop over logging
We must use the internet only when we need it
Well that wasn't me that was a spooky ghost
Well wait a minute
What is it what's going on
What's he doing
What's important is figuring out whose fault this is
Who are you
Why did you do that I would have proudly died for that rabbit
Why would you do this
Yeah how did you know
Yeah playing from the office
Yeah you like that
Yes it is
You are a member yet you can't know where our secret meetings take place
You been on your computer all weekend so you go out and socialize with your
You don't understand
You have no right to wear that hat
You monster
You see a man puts his penis into a woman 's vagina for both love and pleasure
You want to go watch
You want to see it
You're right
You're welcome