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Are you a local
Eight one six
Eight three one
If you continue to call this line we will have a trace placed on your phone and we will show up at your residence and we will cite you for annoying slash harassing phone calls
If you continue to call we will have the line trace an unfortunately will have to send the police out to your residence
If you have any confusion you could call nine one one and address the issue with them
Is there anything else I can help you with tonight man
My badge number is one one eight nine
My name is office trick in soccer with the reno police department
Nine one one
No abla
No father
No no abla english
No no sabe
No obla
Oh a local
OK man well let me explain something to you right now you're talking to an officer
OK well the phone keeps ringing are on our end and it's starting to become harassing annoying
OK well then unplug yourself unplug your house phone and we won't have this problem anymore
OK you have a good night
One one eight nine
Or you could call three three four cops and we'd be more than happy to assist you
So why do you keep calling here
Then unplug your phone and it will keep your phone from calling
Three three four cops
Which is reno municode eight point one six point oh two oh
Why do you keep calling here
You can write that down my badge number is one one eight nine
You did call