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Zapp Brannigan Futurama Soundboard

Zapp Brannigan Futurama Soundboard

Towlie South Park Cartoon Soundboard

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And don't spare the dirty words where appropriate
And get some using to do
And his name is
And prepare to change course sir this is a leisure cruise our past is set by the travel agency that's where schoolgirls now here's a road with some chest hair but that course leads directly through...
As a bubbling crock pot of male hormones I should do
At my pain preceded me or was I too quick for it
But as a gentleman I must warn you if you so much as glance at another woman i'll be all over lila like a fly on a pile of very seductive manure
But I thought we would be good friends
But they told me you guys look like dorks
Can you ask a little more sex fully
Captains journal star date april thirteenth april thirteenth
Commanding officer
Don't ask me
Don't blame yourself kiss we were doomed from the start nothing remains now before the captain to go down with this ship that surprisingly noble of you sir no it's noble of you kif 's
Fly the white flag of war
Getting me I have a word with you no it's an emergency sir come back when it's a catastrophe E
Go ahead I won't stay
Go on
Good good
Here smith zap smith the dragon
I am the man with no name zapp brannigan that's your service
I didn't know where else to turn
I get so lonely
I like your style I find it very
I mean physically
I propose we go out on ten dates how about zero nine zero seven zero eight
I rest my case
I see
I'll just have everything on the menu
I'm afraid I can't allow that
I'm facing a formidable female adversary keith suggestions I fail to see any problem sir you already imprisoned you're under directive be ten point eight one humane brannigans law
I'm just so lonely
I'm not medication did you have sex with someone
In the game of chess you can never let your adversary see your pieces
In the olden days I proudly fought alongside female troops shoulder to shoulder
It likes into that
It makes you think
It right right
It's shameful I agree
Just a broken down hobo whose hit rock bottom
Just let me work for a little food perhaps I could paint a fence or service you sexually or mop the floors
Kill that's a trifle it was simply a matter of outsmarting them wow I never would have thought of that you see killbots have a preset kill limit knowing their weakness I said wave after wave of my ...
Kiss i'm feeling the captains each i'll get the powder sir no these for adventure
Let me ask you a serious question
Let me ask you a serious question lila the company that made your bra make a girdle as well I ask because a friend of mine
Let's get a nice feel to it
Look are you going to rescue us or not get you ask a little more sex fully
Not valid question
Of course
Oh god i'm pathetic sorry
Oh god no
Oh god you're killing me oh god telling maine
Oh i'm sorry you're crying like a woman it's alright i've always thought of myself as a father figure to some of my more pathetic men
Oh yes
Please point out the person in this courtroom you had sex with
Rock crushes scissors
Roger that
She's a beautiful ship alright shapely seductive i'm going to fly her brain
So beautiful yet so neutral
So let's make the most of our time together shall we
Sorry mister president a I didn't realize
Stop testing our love
That last night was a mistake a sexy mistake no just a regular mistake
That's an order soldier
That's using the old noodle
That's whatever you were talking about for you
The flaming star of brannigans rough rangers
Then i've wrist all in last
They stand for everything we don't stand for
They won't have much time to hang out with the boys anymore
We doing
Welcome to my humble chamber or as I call it the love naseam
Well well well
Well well well
What makes a man turn neutral lust for gold power or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality
What's the most humiliating job there is
What's your name
Yeah it's great ordering people around and stuff but through it all you're completely alone
Yes a little tighter hard spanking is in order too hard
Yes definitely
You disgust me gone
You know kiss once my woman returns I won't have much time to hang out with the boys anymore that's a shame sir so let's make the most of our time together shall we
You're a man 's man you're a man 's man 's man
You're obviously confused and aroused
You're the only woman who ever love me
Zap branigan
Zapp Brannigan Futurama Soundboard Sound