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Albert wesker
All right
And relatives
Are you
Bio organic weapons better known as bow
Coding the inevitable
Do As you wish.
Do valentine
Entire world
Find wanted now
Genesis is at hand and I will be the creator
I would need the actual combat data of the tyrant
If you succeeded in developing the world 's most powerful biological weapon what would you do
Isn't this one big
It is time to abandoned the sinking ship that is umbrella
Just accept off thanks
My name is Albert Wesker
Now let's finish this once and for all
Play times for you
Resident Evil Albert Wesker 2 Sounds Sound
Resident Evil Albert Wesker Sounds Sound
Right I don't know what you're talking about
Seven minutes
Smart girl but I think you misunderstand me
Something about this little girl
Thank you to be happier to see us
The fact is you really beautiful
The one and only
The truth can be so full
To have a tire of failing in your mission
Two one two
Umbrella for crisis management reasons of their illegal bio organic weapons development had many of his people working in the police department
Uninstall escorting men
We shall meet again before the conclusion of this drama
Will book
You make me proud
You will learn the history
Your feeble attempts only delayed the inevitable
Your future hinges upon this fight