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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A goddess
Alice orders have left the legacy of bravery and commitment
Allow me to break the ice
America loves soccer and I do too
An enticing offer
And california has great community pools
And i'm wondering if you were here with I hear
And students that the striking the study in to make ends meet they don't have the textbooks
And you expect me to believe you
Another program
Anything is possible
Are you out of your mind
Arggh! Waaaagh! Chaaa!
Bad news
Baldy mahoba
Because of you alot of people are dead
Biondo rest
But I hope you leave enough room for my face because i'm going to ram it in your stomach and break you got them
But i'm all woman
But this whole thing is crazy
California is the home of more than three hundred and thirty thousand registered youth soccer players
California schools are wasting up to a hundred and twenty five million dollars every
Can you give me the names if you drug suppliers and distributors now filled the church with a nice corporate if killer you are
Chill out dick wad
Class got news for you you are mine now you belong to maine
Cold faster
Come and get maine
Come on baby he's ready to go with my dreams
Come on don't bullshit me
Convert you office today
Could you speak to the drug dealers the house please
Could you tell me who lives here
Crush your enemies see them driven before you they had a limitation of the women
Did you learn the language
Discover narrow trust ****a
Do you still love your husband
Don't be ridiculous
Don't do that
Don't you know the building is on fire
Douglas quaid
Eight seven two
Eight six six
Eight two nine
Ever since taking office i've strived to make government more efficient indeterminate waste fraud and abuse
Every dollar of waste that we can eliminate is the dollar they can go to schools the parks the infrastructure and other important programs
Everything is perfect
Fifty bucks
Fifty two million dollars
Find this time to pass the test kindergarten is the best
First time in my life i'm pissed off
Forty five
Forty percent of the schools do not have fresh drinking water available where kids eat the lunches for instance
Four hundred
From laughing before wins
Fuck you
Fuck you asshole
Fuck you asshole
General robert brewster is program director of CRS cyber research systems 's animus weapons provision
Get pumped up
Get your mother please
Give me a break
Give me address there
Go on
Good morning
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Have you take this john kimble
He molested murdered and mutilated her
He should have gotten the death penalty
He used to be somebody I could trust
He was contractors selling out the international terrorists
He's also time making maine
He's going to washington the flow of another building
Hello cutie pie
Hello does his governor arnold schwarzenegger with another california report
Hey dick head
Hi my name is cheryl ringquist only corporate out consulting company in san francisco
His name is totally insane
How long have you been a member of distraction
How much is Cohagen paying you for this
How much is that
How to real name
Howdy stranger
I am Hercules
I am quaid
I am tired of the same old faces
I am your brother
I can hear my dog I cannot watch it
I cannot jeopardize my mission
I didn't
I do say
I don't have any money
I don't know
I don't understand
I guess you've been busy trying to find the man who killed my family
I have an appointment
I have detailed files
I have no respect for those who notice big for logic
I hear you
I insist
I killed you
I lied
I love america
I mean this is not fear
I need a vacation
I need to speak to my wife
I played as a matter fact in my hometown in austria
I promise I won't kill you
I swear I will not kill anyone
I tell me the truth
I think it's important we try to find our fathers
I want shot him in the olympics in Greece how to do it
I want to ask you a bunch of questions they want to have them answered immediately
I want to ask you a simple question
I want to cut spending
I wanted to do some public service
I wanted to lay low right now
I was born in austria
I was like biology
I won't memory
I work alone
I would have sent quietly at the sideline and allow this injustice to continue
I'll be back
I'll call you back
I'm a brown swagger
I'm a cop you idiot
I'm a cybernetic organism
I'm a police officer
I'm a terminator
I'm afraid
I'm afraid of sarah connor I was told that she's here
I'm back
I'm going to be around you a lot
I'm going to take a shower
I'm like getting the feeling of coming in the gym i'm getting the feeling of coming at home i'm getting the feeling of coming backstage mentat pump up when I post out in front of five thousand peop...
I'm looking forward to it
I'm not authorized to answer your question
I'm offering your choice
I'm really late for my sons karate class
I'm smart unlike someone we know
I'm sorry
I'm terribly sorry to disturb your party and I notice may sound strange but i'm looking for someone that lived here a long time ago
I'm the party pooper
I'm the son of zeus
I'm tom kimball into kindergarten T
I'm very disappointed
I'm working hard to bring the world cup to the united states
I'm your brother julius
I'm your twin brother
I've come to make your life a living hell
I've never played it before
I've seen you before
If it doesn't need any money
If it's the same injury
If we need other peoples lunches
If you learn the history of america
If you work for us it would drop the charges and you can go back to your normal life
Impersonating an officer resisting arrest fraud reckless driving and lying to the sheriff
In approximately one hour depending on traffic conditions
In case you forget
In columbus from
Is a revolutionary groundbreaking film whose great effect fantastic plot an incredible look attribute to the creative vision of our genius direct to change camera
Is even there was a bodybuilder was very young then enjoyed training everyday pumping up
It has to end here
It is not pleasant to lose money once one becomes a cult introduce
It is time
It is time for our state assembly to pass the comprehensive package already passed by the senate
It is your destiny
It's a snow cone maker
It's not a tumor
It's showtime
It's time now to turn his mush into muscles
Jamie please
January nineteenth
Jimmy i'm here come in
Just in a more lies
Just my body discussed you
Let me go man come on kill me i'm here
Let me talk to your mother
Let's forget about the finger pointing
Listen to me very carefully
Marion benedict
Miles bennett dyson
Mrs hauser
My CPU is enrollment processor a learning computer
My father swords house
My mission is to ensure the survival of tongkonan katherine brewster
My mission is to protect you
My mission is to protect you
My name is julius
Naked fat
Nice night for a walk
Nice to meet you
No deal
No I don't stop I don't want my favorite
No it is not true
No mine is superior to hercules
No problem with server
No why helping this raving psychotics
Nothing is more important our future and education of our children
Nothing wrong with that
Now i'm not interested in that
Oh you must be very proud of yourself
One in sweet teens is overweight or obese
One mother fucker
One of us is in deep trouble
One oh one
Or whatever your name is get ready for a big surprise
Our schools are not going through the proper competitive bidding process
People everywhere are passionate about the game and that's why I want to be part of the us a bit committee and bring the world come to our country in two thousand and eighteen or two thousand twent...
Please get your mother
Please plasma rifle in the forty watt range
President bill clinton and I did something very excite
Put a sock in it
Put that cookie down
Put the best man fuck yet
Reading writing arithmetic 's
Right database does not encompass the dynamics of human pair bonding