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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A hundred and twenty million dollars in the last five years
Absolutely this time you can count on me
All the other major candidates take their money and pandered to them
Always have always will
And the people have a right to know what that means
And then we end the crazy deficit spending
Are we going to be united or are we going to be divine
Are we going to win in unity with our common fiscal conservative principles or let the liberals win becaus we are split
Are you going to help me now or not
Arnold schwarzenegger
Audit everything
Bipartisanship always
But I hope you leave enough room for my fist because i'm going to ram it into your stomach and break your god damn sprang
California is spending twenty nine million dollars per day more than it takes in
Come on baby he knew the girl of my dreams
Come on down bored should maine
Do it now
Do you own a calendar?
Don't be ridiculous
Don't you understand I feel like it was meant for something more than this
Douglas Quaid
First I would like to just get to know you
For details and how the register and get absentee ballots go to my website
For me, children come first
Fuck you
Fuck you asshole
Game over
Get your mother please
Give me your vote
Give this people
Good morning
Governor great davis
He used to be somebody I could trust
Hello cutie pie
Here's my plan
His high brooks
How are you
Howdy stranger
I am Quaid
I don't need to take any money from anybody I have plenty of money myself I will make the decisions for the people
I don't play that game
I guarantee you things will change
I have detailed files
I have the upmost respect for women
I have to enerji I have intelligence after know how I know that we have to first one most important bring business back to california
I know that the people of california wants to have better leadership they want to have great leadership they want to have somebody that will represent
I speak directly to the people
I stand for fiscally responsible government
I swear I will not kill anyone
I want to ask you a bunch of questions they want to have them answered immediately
I want to be the people 's governor
I will bro honestly without fear or favor
I will do the people 's work and that will take responsibility and be accountable to you
I will go to sacramento and I will clean house
I'll be back
I'm running for governor delete a movement for change
I'm smart
If I'm not me, who the hell am I?
If you want to change this state then join maine
If you're happy with the way things are then keep your current leaders
Indian casino drives have money power dicks in sacramento
It doesn't matter if your democrat or republican if you're young or old
It really comes down to this
It's time for them to pay their fear sheer
It's time now to turn this bush into muscles
It's up to me now to sell to the people and to convince the people that I can do the job that i'm passionate about it that no one will be able to pay me off
Join arnold dot com
Join me
Just do what I tell you
Let me talk to your mother
Listen to me very carefully
Money comes in favors go out the people lose
My candidacy is all about big change in sacramento
My principles of leadership progress over politics
Nice night for a walk
Nice to meet you
No deal
No it is not true
Nothing works if it isn't thought out
Now why helping this raving psychotics
On october seventh we the people of california have the opportunity to send a message to the political establishment that we want action and we won't change
Open the books
Other states require revenue from indian gaming but not us
Outrageous and I will repeal it
Rebuilding california 's economic injun pudding the needs of children first and reforming our political system so that the public interest comes before special interests
Show me dick head
So why am I still alive
Special interest we will listen to them but we would not be swayed by their money
Special interests have a stranglehold in sacramento
Stay one
Stop it
Stop whining
That is the bottom line it will be a different ball game altogether
That's amazing where are we
That's right I am
The casinos make billions yet pay no taxes and virtually nothing to the state
The fuck are you
The most important thing is money
The most important thing when you run the state is leadership
The will of the people is paramount
There's been a change of plan
There's only one more question
This is experience that you cannot buy
This is me arnold schwarzenegger
This is old news let it go
Trust me
Trust me
We can fix this mess without hurting discourse
We have businesses leaving here everyday with people leaving the state every day we see a budget that is the biggest budget deficit that we've ever had in the history of california
We need to send a message
We now have been put into a situation that is worse than ever in the history of the state of california
We're california always at the forefront of innovation our farm brothers feed the world in our technology is second to none
Well i've got news for you you are mine now you belong to maine
What are you afraid of
What do you want
What do you want from me
What I meant was
What is your political crime
What the fuck did I do wrong
What the hell were you thinking
What's a matter
What's going on
Whatever your name is get ready for the big surprise
Who are you
Who is your daddy and what does he do
Why not
You lie
You like discipline
You need to be registered to vote by september twenty second in order to vote in this historic election
You son of a bitch
You want to fuck me
You want to fuck with maine
Your fucking choirboy compared to me a choir boy