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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A lightish red
AJ morning
And another girl
And they're all gonna die
And we will be friends
And what the hell does that mean
Anything else OK yeah this here whatever you do don't oh OK never mind dude i'm not supposed to read that part OK just you'll be OK just be very careful that's all
Are you
Backstabbing cock fight
Because I didn't kill you back at sidewinder
Bring to eat my children
But I do know one thing you hated griff and that's the most important thing there is
Catch up the soy sauce gravy
Cock fighting fuck cards
Colored lines
Consult my extraterrestrial travel guide for you
Couldn't move man
Currently two or three six apiece
Dan do sarge I will send an air strike
Did you really stink
Did you see that you're tearing us apart
Do I talk about
Do you wanna go ahead and because it's like ten bucks to get in
Don't come for free
Don't ever be alone
Dude this is getting weird
Eli glass tiara for active army functions of discourse so
File itself
Fire in blank
Firing main can
Focus I never understood a word you said
Getting the warthog and crush your head like a tomato can
God damn it
He's a pussy fest
Hello and thank you for activating the N eight oh eight disease main battle tank you may call me sheila
Hello hello
Here we go
Hey don't ask don't tell
Hey dude
Hey guys do you think I can come hang out at your base for a long
Hope it is a robot
How did he die
How old are you
I could blow up the whole goddamned world with this thing
I hate you guys
I kill church
I like me
I like your mom with the rich do
I love you
I think you are a mean coat
I want to kiss all the boys
I will get power there ha think about their soul
I'm a pacifist
I'm going to tell him to go straight to H E double hockey sticks
I'm gonna kill both of you
I'm telling you it was four shot like fan fan fan
Is this kind of retard
It breaks works close or both crazy and try to kill one of us
Joey lopez la based out of
Lightish red
Look at it
Love the perfect thing
Make purple things
Mother fucker
My name
No dude that's a pedophile
No I thought maybe I was dreaming so I punched you in the face to make sure I wasn't
No way i'm not wiggling your dongle
No you can't i've already did bitch I guess the jokes on you
Oh I see so that way I would be living inside of my own dead body
Oh man that is a firm dude you just got burned fur dude furnell
Oh my god that she has a really big gun
Once when I was a small child I saw a man have claimed to be my uncle do this thing with a garden hose that still haunts me
One minute we're talking about a hole in the wall the next thing I know you turned into grams mcgirt sounded like you needed a lozenge
Or inhale would you give somebody CPR for a bullet wound and I had
Or is it so ridiculous is the most ridiculously perfect idea that you never thought up
Or two of the staff meeting that old rub my neck with aloe vera
Panties in a wad
Play button center on the double
Play my private
Possessing your body
Quit your bitching
Red Vs. Blue Sounds Sound
Retarded monkey
Send me back in time
Shouldn't we help him
Show me somebody it's same thing is doing them a favor
Shut your mouth
Sit down you dumb ass I can't see you
Sixteen days two weeks
So have simmons slit your throat while you're asleep
So that I suck
Something in the water here
Sometimes when I fall asleep at night I think about my parents having sex and I get really really loud for some reason
Start killing everyone
Such excellent motor show
Target acquired
Text lady
Thank you
That guy text is really a robot and your boyfriend so that makes you
That red guy
That's cool
That's not funny
They can't see me I can't see them
They have a girl
This ain't no ice cream social
This is medical officer dufrane
This kind of hard to beat up hundreds of armor piercing bullets using only your face
This one is mine
Two quarts of elbow grease
Was extremely and after the word violent include the phrase blood explore live extraordinary
We want
Well see us
Well that's right suck it blue
What a brave little cumpadre
What a nice name for such as nice soldier
What are one or six months ago
What day was that for
What the hell are you doing
What the hell are you guys doing
What time up and roll into the teleporter
What's going on
What's going on
What's going on dude
Where do they may hard today
Where is the patient
Why buy the cow when you can get them for free
Why would they give me pink armor
Would you die can I have your armor
Would you like me to run the tutorial program
XX other story.
Yeah I hear you come down
Yeah that's right
Yeah this sucks
Yes we get back
You shot church you team killing fucktard
Your own body
Your way