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Perdi Soundboard

Perdi Soundboard

These sounds are like a cacophony of chaos, each one telling a different story of loss and confusion. From the exasperated cry of "Estoy to perdido" to the mournful lament of "Perdigueiro," it's a symphony of disorientation and bewilderment. The sharpness of "Como que no perdió gonorrea" cuts through the air, while the resigned acceptance of "Perdi minha maconha" hangs heavy in the atmosphere. Each sound is a piece of a puzzle, a glimpse into a moment of uncertainty and disarray. But among the chaos, there is a strange kind of beauty in the raw emotion and vulnerability captured in each word.

The sound of "Eu perdi" echoes through the empty space, a hollow admission of defeat. "Perdida onde" floats aimlessly, searching for a sense of direction in the vast expanse of confusion. "Ai perdi no argumento" is a sharp reminder of a misstep in a debate or discussion, a moment of realization that what was thought to be true is, in fact, lost in the haze of conflicting opinions. And then, there is the whimsical innocence of "LA HORMIGUITA SE PERDIO," a childlike declaration of a lost ant, lost in a world much too big for its tiny frame. In these sounds, there is a sense of universality - we have all been lost at some point, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally.

"Estamos perdidas perdidas perdidas" reverberates with a sense of desperation, a triple repetition driving home the feeling of being utterly adrift. "Aiii Perdi o K Style!!!" is a cry of frustration, a loss of a personal touch that was once a source of pride and identity. "Andamos perdidas" suggests a collective sense of aimlessness, a group of individuals lost together in a sea of uncertainty. "Poxa Vida," a Brazilian Portuguese expression of disappointment and resignation, encapsulates the feeling of being lost in a moment of defeat. In these sounds, there is a shared experience of being adrift, of losing one's way in the vastness of the world.

"To perdido com os cria" speaks to a sense of disconnection, of feeling lost among one's peers. "Perdi" is a simple declaration of loss, a word heavy with the weight of what was once held dear. "Eu tava tank" is a unique term, referring to a state of being mentally prepared for something, only to be caught off guard and left vulnerable. "eu perdii" is a cry of anguish, a realization that something cherished is no longer within reach. "Perdida nada véi" offers a sense of defiance, a refusal to accept the loss that has been experienced. In these sounds, there is a sense of resilience, of facing loss head-on and refusing to be defeated by it.

"EU PERDIIIII" is a wail of despair, a sound of anguish that fills the air with sorrow. "To Perdido Aqui!" is a cry for help, a plea for guidance in a world that seems impossibly vast and confusing. "Me perdi, desculpe" is an apology for one's own confusion, a recognition of being lost and a desire to find one's way back. "Casaca Perdida" is a phrase that refers to a lost jacket, but in this context, it hints at a deeper sense of displacement and longing. "Eu perdi meu dinheirinho" is a lament for lost money, a tangible reminder of the ways in which loss can impact our lives. In these sounds, there is a rawness and vulnerability that is both heartbreaking and profoundly human.

You can play and download these sounds here. Each one is a snapshot of a moment in time, a glimpse into a world of confusion and uncertainty. In their own unique ways, these sounds capture the essence of what it means to be lost - in thought, in emotion, in physical space. But amidst the chaos and despair, there is also a sense of resilience and hope, a reminder that even in our darkest moments of loss, there is still the possibility of finding our way back.

Ai perdi no argumento
Aiii Perdi o K Style!!!
Andamos perdidas
Casaca Perdida
Como que no perdió gonorrea
Estamos perdidas perdidas perdidas
Estoy to perdio
Eu perdi
Eu perdi meu dinheirinho!
Eu tava tank, eu perdii
Me perdi,desculpe
Perdi minha maconha
Perdida nada véi
Perdida onde
Poxa Vida
To Perdido Aqui!
To perdido com os cria