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Dwayne Johnson Soundboard

Dwayne Johnson Soundboard

Johnson was a member of the University of Miami's 1991 national championship team. He starred in the animated film DC League of Super-Pets and the live-action superhero film Black Adam. Johnson is a 10-time world champion, a two-time Intercontinental Champion, and a five-time Tag Team Champion.
See also: Dwayne Johnson filmography, Dany Garcia, Black Adam (film), Rocky Johnson, San Andreas (film), Baywatch (film).

All I'm saying is
Doesn't seem like a pressing concern at the moment
Don't cry don't cry don't cry
Don't push me pt1
Don't push me pt2
Eye Roll #eye roll #ugh #negative #thumbs down #yikes #dwayne johnson #annoy
Get on my back
I am spencer
I don't know
I don't wanna do this
I gotta what
I have to warn you pt1
I have to warn you pt2
I think he's an NPC pt1
I think he's an NPC pt2
I think the game is trying to tell us
I'm afraid so
If you smell what the rock is cooking
In order to complete the game you gotta complete all the levels
It just happens naturally
It worked
It's a thing
It's hot
It's very important
Let me see your backpack pt1
Let me see your backpack pt2
Let me see your backpack pt3
Like to see you try
No 1
Oh my God
Professor Shelly oberon
Remember to aim
Smouldering intensity
Spencer Gilpin
We have to finish the game pt1
We have to finish the game pt2
We just got to stick together
We need each other pt1
We need each other pt2
We need to find the missing piece
We're in the game pt1
We're in the game pt2
We're in the game pt3
We're in the game pt4
We're not friends because pt1
We're not friends because pt2
What just happened
Where's my hair
Who are you
Who's good at staring and not blinking
Why do I sound like this
Yes 1
Yes 2
Yes guys i'm telling you
Yes yes yes that's it
You mean other people have been stuck here too
You're ruby roundhouse