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Laundromat Sounds

Laundromat Sounds

Here is the Soundboard for the Laundromat. This is a series of clips that can be used to make a prank call that sounds as if it is from a Laundromat.

All right
All right
And I brought it down a floor with me on vacation
And I didn't have the fucking intelligence to check if it was done
And I took that laundry with me
And i'm running around with dirty fucking close
And listen to me
Are you a fucking moron
Can you tell him just a little bit upset
Do you hear maine
Filthy fucking dirty
Fuck how do unit which make any fucking business
I don't have the fucking slip number anymore
I take that my fucking clothes at two weeks ago
I think the fucking laundry up I took it to florida with me and it was fucking dirty
I went down to florida
I worry too
I'll be wearing thirty wrinkled fucking close
I'll bring that shit down to you now
If that happened you would you be a little upset
Is it the laundromat
Is this the fucking laundromat
Is this the laundromat
It was wrinkled and dirty at every other fucking thing
It's fucking dirty
It's not very fucking funny you don't hear me laughing
Like an asshole
Listen jerk off
Maybe you forgot to do it and just gave it back to me and took my fucking money
My underwear is every fucking day
Never opened it from the fucking package
Oh yeah
Oh yes you did man
OK well like I said you'll know me by what the fuck i'm wearing
Older clothes are dirty yes they are man
Or else I did fucking very angry with you and do shit that I might regret
Should stay in
Take the fucking chopsticks at a year
That shit wasn't even done
That's down in florida
That's right
They say that I gave it to you
Thinking it you asshole did a good job
This fucking larger was barely folded
Well you didn't wash this laundry
Went down the florida pick up some fucking broads during that bring break
What number
What number
What's going on
Who the fuck is this
Who won
Will look for me out on the fucking street in about ten minutes
Yeah I picked up the fucking laws
Yes hello
Yes I know
Yes it is isn't it
You fucking shit head
You supposed to clean my clothes
You're lucky i'm a very respectful person