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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A who ha worth of shit
All right here's the thing
An AMD sixty four bit four thousand series
BF two
By over clock in the living crap out of it
Close this came off gotta go
Dual core motherboard
Earth heart
Everybody 's computer is different
Gotta get a digital camera
Hang on
Hang on a second
Hang on let me go into system will tell you exactly what it's running at right now
How can I downsize that
Hundred and sixty
I blew it up
I fucking smoke that card
I got a wind tunnel hooked up to the god damn thing at fifty five hundred RPM
I just have it fuck an overclocked and screaming
I mean I already blew one ninety eight hundred pro up
I think it's like
I'm on my second one now
It sounds like a fucking hair dryer three feet away from me it sounds like a hair dryer running
It's corsair
It's individualized it souped up on my system
It's running at four thousand plus biots even though it doesn't illustrate
Jesus christ
Just for the processor
Keep it cool
My dad
My fucking
Ninety eight hundred pro
No I don't
No lights no neon no bullshit
Noise Ratio Computer Lies Sounds Sound
Noise Ratio Computer Lies Sounds Sound
Not all the time
Not bad eh
Nothing but air cooler
Now what I need to get
Now you can't hide ram
Oh yeah
Oh yeah CPU fifty three degrees
OK i'm back
One giga hurt
Over clocking
Overclocked like by fifty percent
Part of shit
Same reason you can take the ninety eight hundred pro and make it into the X eight hundred but actually are the X seven hundred same god damn chipset
Shit now
Smooth as a babies ass
So on and so forth
Sorry about the file size
Thank you sir
The bioses fully upgraded with the brand new whatever versions that's out there
The MD four thousand runs stock at two point two and i'm running at three point five three
The motherboard that I have only supports so many pipelines
The processor
The rams
The real big thing is
The sky is the limit
The tech guy
The wife has requested my presents
There it is
To do the
To shoot air
Two gig
Uh it took me thirteen months to save up the money and then about four months worth of benchmarking and playing and crashing and
Very select is awesome
Video card
Well I can tell you is the biggest tricked out
What do you mean
What's up
Whatever the fuck it is
When I was building this cyst
With better graphics
You lucky here