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Goku Soundboard

Goku Soundboard

Most Western audiences were introduced to the adult version of Goku appearing in the Dragon Ball Z anime. Outside the franchise, Goku has made cameo appearances in Toriyama's self-parody series Neko Majin Z, has been the subject of other parodies, and has appeared in special events.
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Arghhh 2
Aura Disintegrate (DBZ Sound Effect)
Black Goku's Time Ring Sound Effect
Complete control
Don't talk like that
Dontt you get bored
Drain its power
Excuse me
Goku Arghhh 2
Goku Black Power Ball Fire Sound Effect
Goku Bubbles
Goku Energy
Goku Excuse me
Goku Greggery
Goku Ha ha
Goku Haaaaa
Goku Hey 2
Goku Hi
Goku His tail
Goku Hold anything back
Goku Hold on
Goku I saw an opening
Goku I'll visit next time
Goku I'm here with king kai
Goku I'm warning you
Goku It s a fight to the finish
Goku It's hard to say
Goku Kameh kameh 1
Goku Kameh kameh 2
Goku Kaoken dodge 10
Goku Kio ken times 3
Goku My body feels so heavy
Goku No
Goku No challenge
Goku Nobody on earth
Goku None of your buisness
Goku Now you re talking
Goku Really
Goku Solar flare
Goku Sorry
Goku Ssj1
Goku Ssj2
Goku Strength
Goku Supposed to do now
Goku Sure
Goku Talking about
Goku That s it
Goku That s right
Goku That wasn t an option
Goku That won t happen
Goku The kia ken
Goku This time you re going down
Goku Time you did some explaining
Goku Uh ha
Goku What has the moon got to do with anything
Goku What you mean
Goku Yeah
Goku Yeah 2
Goku yelling
Goku You will know the horror
Goku You're kidding me
Ha ha
Hey 2
His tail
Hold anything back
Hold on
I saw an opening
I-m here with king kai
I-m warning you
I'll visit next time
Im very angry goku
It-s a fight to the finish
It-s hard to say
IT'S OVER 9000!!!! #meme #power level #dragon ball z #dbz
Kameh kameh 1
Kameh kameh 2
Kaoken dodge 10
Kaoken triple attack
Kio ken times 3
Muffin Button TFSgoku
My body feels so heavy
My name is goku
No challenge
Nobody on earth
None of your buisness
Not welcome here
Now you-re talking
Solar flare
Speed and technique
Start the martial arts
SUBARASHII goku black zamasu
Supposed to do now
Talking about
That wasn-t an option
That won-t happen
That-s it
That-s right
The kia ken
The saiyons are on their way
This time you-re going down
Time you did some explaining
Uh ha
Weak Melee Impact (DBZ Sound Effects)
What do you mean
What has the moon got to do with anything
What you mean
Who are you
Yeah 2
You will know the horror
You're kidding me