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Spit Fetish Erotic Audio Clips

Spit Fetish Erotic Audio Clips

These erotic audio clips are designed to titillate and excite your senses in ways you never imagined. Imagine the sound of Mistress Byakudan spitting on your face, the wetness of her saliva dripping down your skin, the sensation of her playing with your nipples softly. It's a mix of pleasure and pain that will leave you craving for more. Download these sounds here and let your fantasies run wild.

Princess Storm knows exactly how to make you weak. As you listen to her commanding voice, you can almost taste her spit in your mouth. It's a punishment for your staring without tribute, a reminder of your place beneath her. The sound of her spit hitting your skin is both intoxicating and humbling. Play and download these sounds to experience the ultimate submission.

It's a week of madness and bizarre events that led to the creation of these scenes. The compilation of sounds includes coughing parts from smoking clips, a mix of pleasure and discomfort that is strangely alluring. The sound of spit mixing with coughs creates a unique auditory experience that will leave you craving for more. Play and download these sounds to immerse yourself in the world of erotic audio.

The hybrid video of lezdom spitting and POV humiliation creates a captivating audio experience that will leave you on edge. Two Mistresses, Sofi and Jucy, use their saliva as a tool of degradation, with you as the lowest link in their hierarchy. The sound of their spit hitting your skin is a mix of pleasure and pain that will push you to your limits. Play and download these sounds to explore your darkest desires.

Vomiting and spitting may seem unconventional, but for some, it's a powerful aphrodisiac. The sound of gagging and spit mixing together creates a visceral experience that will leave you breathless. The act of collecting vomit and snot is both repulsive and alluring, a mix of disgust and arousal that is strangely addictive. Play and download these sounds to indulge in your deepest fantasies.

The sound of saliva dripping from Mistress's lips is like music to your ears. The way her tongue moves as she speaks, the way her spit glistens in the light, it's a sensory overload that will leave you begging for more. The sound of you swallowing her spit, the feel of it sliding down your throat, it's a sensation that you can't resist. Play and download these sounds to experience the ultimate submission.

These sounds are not for the faint of heart, but for those who crave something more intense and taboo. The sound of spit hitting your skin, the wetness of it soaking into your clothes, it's a sensation that will leave you breathless. The way the mistresses spit on you, the way they degrade you, it's a mix of pain and pleasure that will leave you begging for more. Play and download these sounds to embrace your inner freak.

Don't be afraid to explore your deepest desires with these sounds of spit fetish erotica. The wetness, the sound of saliva dripping, the sensation of being degraded and humiliated, it's all here for you to indulge in. Play and download these sounds to fulfill your wildest fantasies and experience pleasure like never before.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Adriana Chechik and Gabriella Paltrova have set a new bar for nasty in this EPIC girl/girl messy spit video, a bonus scene from the 16 man blowbang movie "Cock Possessed", available from Anatomik Medi
Bitch, You're looking pretty Thirsty... I'm feeling very generous, Lol, Open wide little spit bitch, show me your gulping skills and consume every last drop of my precious Spit. Yummy right LOLThank m
Compilation of coughing parts of my non nude smoking clips. 3 clips all from my mid run smoke break which always makes me cough cause my lungs are getting a great work out.This is when I was still sic
DRINK UP and while you're at it please help with getting these chocolate corduroy pants up over this big ass
Four sexy sadistic girls in shiny black latex want you to take their spit into your mouth and lick their saliva from their latex asses. Kira, Sofi, Jucy and Agma have a lot of saliva today, so they co
Freaky LOSERS like you deserve nothing more than to be swore at, spat on and humiliated for being the dirty little freaks that you are!!!Video length: 5 mins
Get completely mind fucked by my holy spit. Worship and drink my holy saliva. You'd love to be my 24/7 spit drinker bitch, I know that, you pervert.
Gonzo spit on my face
I know how obsessed you are with me, my mouth and my spit. Perhaps you didn't even know this was a weakness of yours, but I can tell how much you like my smile by how often I catch you look at my mout
I love vomiting, especially I like vomiting and spit. So I decided to make a big vomit. I sucked the dick until I vomit. I collected the entire bowl of vomit and snot for you.
It is sweet time for the sub.Mistress Byakudan spits him many times on his face and play his nipples softly.
Japanese Erotic Long Tongue dominatrix Momo's series, (Scene 1 of 2)."Where am I...?"When he wakes up, he finds himself bound to a bed in a strange room.While he was puzzled by the incomprehensible si
Japanese Erotic Long Tongue girl Kana Yura's series, (Scene 3 of 7). She spits a lot on acrylic board many times. She checks her spit with her finger and talks about the smell of it. We also smells it
Japanese long tongue girls Waka's series(Scene 2 of 3). This is Ultimate Face Nose Licking and Face Nose Licking Video!! Firstly, the man smells all of her oral object (lip, tongue, tongue coat, breat
Kneeling beneath Me is pure paradise, you cant seem to stop your eyes from darting down.. looking at My lips, taking note of every glimpse of my shiny tongue, noticing how they make your cock pulse wi
My spit is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. I will use it to control you. I am going to seduce you and drain you of your essence. Every drop of your cum is mine. I will coax every drop of c
Princess Storm knows how to make you weak. And youve been staring at her for too long without a tribute. Thats how you get punished. Open your mouth. Taste her spit. Thats right youre getting a big
Something about being sensually teased and just a tad humiliated turns you on alread.. But especially when paired with the mes of sppit and drool. All over your body, Miss Tabitha loves calling you pl
Spit piss spit
STARRING: LETICIA MILLER SLAVE DJALMA SINOPSE:My slave Djalma tasted so much spit and phlegm straight into his mouth that he almost choked, he swallowed it all, feeling that special taste. Of course
The JOI of a sloppy blowjob and drooling on my tits
The madness continues. Blonde Sugar and Susy Blue get even more sloppy and cover Diana Zilli in their filth! A must watch! Lots of Spit!
This is a hybrid video in which there is both lezdom spitting, as well as a POV component implemented in the hierarchy of humiliation in which you are the lowest link. Two Mistresses Sofi and Jucy spi
WARNING this scene contains one of the most intense throatjobs ever! We found 85 lb sexy slim ebony amateur Uniquee Umami and broke her in the game. Many have seen her in our BEST SELLER 'Sloppy Toppy
We are open to create custom clips with your fetish. Feel free to contact us (email is above).Jenna is trying to seduce her dominant friend Sonya. Shes standing in wide white shirt and a black thong.
Whew! What a week, I have to say that the week of production that lead us to this scene was crazy. I won't go into details but it was the most bizarre set of events I can remember for a while. In the
You have that needy pathetic look in your eyes again... Your dick is so hard, as you stare at my lips.You need my lips to control you as you stroke and pump. The way my lips move when I pronounce the
Your roommate approaches you and tells you how grateful she is to have such a wonderful housemate! You do chores, don't leave everything to her, so she wants to do something special for you... I saw y
1920x1080 HD **This was a sexting show, for your own send me a message**I know you want to goon to my spit; I'm going to tease you so slowly as I drip spit from my mouth having you sit and goon to it.
???? ?????
(I say the name Kyle in the video) I ride your cock while I spit in your mouth and moan your name. At the end I ask you to cum inside me.