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WingsofRedemption Soundboard

WingsofRedemption Soundboard

Kyle Lamar Myers is an American podcaster and former YouTuber known under the stage name FPSRussia and FPSKyle. His YouTube channel features Myers portraying the fictional role of Dimitri Potapoff, a heavily accented "professional Russian" from Moscow.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All They're Doing Is Hurting M'Livlihood
All You're Doing Is Sniping
Appear Offline Does Not F*cking Stop It!
Appear Offline Doesn't Work, I'm Fuckin' Offline
Appear Offline Doesnt Work
AutoMobile Wreck
Banning Anybody Trying To Give Advice
Big A$$ Thick Burger
Brandy Got Blacked
Can You, Can You, Can You Please Stop Dude, Honestly, Can You Stop Kuhzoh
Come Da F*ck On!
Criticize M'Gameplay
Dude, Shut The F*ck Up Dude, You're A Little Kid
F*ck Everything About You
F*ck That N*gga
F*ck You Lion!
F*ck You! 1
F*ck You! 2
F*ck You! 3
Fat is What I Am
Force Him To Cum On Top Of Me
Fresh Milk
Go Play Fortnite
Harassing A Grown Man
He's Following Me Right Now, Shooting At Me
Hes Been Sneak Dissin' All F*ckin' Stream
How Are You Supposed to Deal With This Sh*t
Human Equivalent
I Can't Take This Sh*t No More
I Don't Give A Fuck
I Don't Know Why People Call Me A Cunt And A Bitch
I Don't Know Why People Call Me A Cunt And A Bitch Full
I Dont Know When Ill Stream Again
I Flop More Than My Chin Wobbles
I Hate 'Em, I Hate 'Em
I Hate Call Of Duty
I Hate Everything To Do With Life
I Hate My Life
I Hate Snipers!
I have To Play Games For A Living
I Have Untreated Diabetes
I Havent Seen My Penis in 8 Years
I Just Wanted to Have A Good Game
I Knew He Was A Troll
I Live Off The Charity of Others
I Lose Both Ways
I Might Drink A Pepsi Later On
I Really Need To Make This Money
I Really Needed To Make This Fuckin' Money
I Suck Dick
I Wanna Just Fuckin' Stream... Have A Good Time, Maybe Have A Good Game
I Wanted This Surgery So Fuckin' Bad
I'm Banning Anybody Trying To Give Me Advice
I'm Bigger Now
I'm Considering Suing Them
I'm Getting Sniped!
I'm Not Here To Be Your Friend
I'm Not Here To Be Your Fuckin' Friend
I'm Not Here to Conversate
I'm Not Smoking Weed
I'm Seriously Considering Suing Them
I'm Seriously Considering Suing Them Full
I'm Sick of His Lil B*tch Ass
I'm Sorry. I'm So Sorry
I'm Taking You Out Da Sky
I'm Team Killing You
If Somebody Could Please, Like, Get Me Their Information
Imma 450 Pound Dude
Jokes On Them
Jokes On Them, If They Join One More Time, I'm Goin' Back Online, And I'm Stackin' A Team Up
Just Go Away
Lemme Just Start Cussing
Let Play These Games
Like, Why Are You Doing This To Me
Look At It
Look At That Bull Sh*t!
Look Here
Look Here!! Look Listen!!
Look Like Harambe
MuhFu*ka 1
MuhFu*ka 2
MuhFu*ka 3
My Health is Starting To Fail
My Mods Should Be Doin' This, I Gotta Play
Njager Fetch Muh Shoes
No, They're Joining Through Recent Players
Oh Muh Lord 1
Oh Muh Lord 2
Oh Muh Lord 3
PureT MouthFullaDick Garbage
Quit Being A Bitch
Quit Being A Chump
Quit Sniping; Get Some Skill
Really Talk
Reel Tawk 1
Reel Tawk 2
Shoutout To Muh Fellow Finger Sniffers
Sieg Heil
Sugar Controls Muh Life
That Nasty Troll Community
The Birth
The Gun Man, Boom Hehehe
These Snipers!
They're Affecting M'Business
They're Affecting My Ability To Make M'oney
Try Hards
Webby F*cking Leave
What The Fuck You Doin' Campin'
When You Tell Wings There's Underage Girls In The Vicinity
Where Them Dollars At Son
Why Do You Always Fight With Young People
Why Would You Do That
Wings Admits To His Homosexuality
Wings Fuckin' Kids
Wings Goes Full Retard
Wings Has A Stroke At The End Of His Sentence
Wings Sucks More Dick
Wings The Rapist
Wings Wants Uncut Dick
Wings Wishing Death Upon Someone Again
Wings' Hygiene
Wings' Opinion On The Gays
Woody's Retarded Son
Yo Richard, You Got Any Of Them Pillies Kenny's Been Bangin' Full
Yo Richard, You Got Any Of Those Pillies Kenny Been Bangin
You Caught Your Dad Sniffing Your Underwear
You Just Wanna Sit There And Poke At Me
You Sound Like A Retard
You're Not Helping Me
You're Sitting At the Back of the Map
'I'm a poet by heart' WingsofRedemption
*Chair Squeak 1*
*Controller Throw 1*
*Controller Throw 2*
*Controller Throw 3*
*Sigh 1*
*Sigh 2*
*Sigh 3*