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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right, folks, come on. This is a party. Come on, let's have some fun.
All right, get the delirium and get ourselves back to the future. Oh, listen, Doc, it's horrible in the gas tank when I was landing, so we're gonna have to patch it up and get some gas. The gas. Ye...
All right, Marty, all set? Yeah, yeah. Go hang pulling all the stations. Come out. Switch God. Now that switched. Switch. Hold up. Move the door. Yeah, pushing the lawyer up. Period. Economy simpler.
All right, now break it. I'll put you all this about you causing trouble here, Tannen. Trouble Marshall. Just a little personal matter between me and Eastwood. This don't concern the law tonight. E...
All you have to do is drive the time vehicle directly toward that screen, accelerating 88 miles an hour. The dock. If I drive straight towards the screen, I'm going to crash into those Indians. Par...
And in the future, we don't need forces. We have motorized carriages called automobiles. If everybody's got one of these auto watches, does anybody walk or run anymore? Of course they run. But for ...
And please take care of Einstein for me. Einstein. He's your dad, doc. Einstein. It's why you call your dog in 1985. I know you will give him a good home, remember to walk twice a day and that he o...
And so, Marty, and now say farewell and wish you Godspeed. You've been a good, kind and loyal friend to me, and you made a real difference in my life. I will always treasure our relationship and th...
And that do you think we'll ever be able to travel to the moon the way we? Travel across the country on trains, definitely, although not for another 84 years. And not on trains. We'll have space ve...
And they fly. But I don't tell you never to come in. You want to shame this, McFly? You look like no, especially when a dog ugly head. You can do that. Hey, Barbara.
And what might your name be, Sir? Well, it's. Eastwood. Clint. Clint Eastwood. Well, you hit your head, Mr Eastwood. Not too serious, but lucky for you, Shamus found you when he did.
Are you coming out here or do I have to come in there after you?
At least gotta tell her goodbye. Come on, duck. Think about it. What are you going to say to her? I got to go back to the future. I mean, he's not going to understand that dog. Hell, I'm in it with...
Bro. No. I thought we could settle this like men. You thought wrong, dude.
Buford Tannen was a notorious gunman whose short temper and a tendency to drool earned him the nickname Mad Dog. He was quick on the trigger and bragged that he had killed 12 men, not including Ind...
Cameo, tannon. God damn you. God damn you.
Check the cavalry.
Chris Scott, I know this is heavy.
Come on, doc. Wake up. Wake up, doc. How many do you have? Just one. Just the one. Come on, doc. Here's a fella that can't hold his liquor.
Damn it. You may have dark tannic. Mad Dog. I hate that name. I hate it, you hear? Nobody calls me Mad Dog. Especially not some dude it up egg sucking gutter trash. Dad, come on.
Data sunny November 13th, 1950, five 7:01 AM last night's Time Travel experiment was apparently a complete success. Lightning struck the clock tower precisely 1004 PM, spending the necessary 1.21 g...
Dear Marty, if my calculations are correct, you'll receive this letter immediately after you saw the DeLorean struck by lightning. First tell me assure you that I am alive and well. I've been livin...
Doc. What are you doing? Nothing. I'm just out enjoying the morning here. It's really lovely here in the morning, don't you think? Yeah, it's lovely. Dark. Listen, we get a load of glory and up. Ge...
Doctor brown. I brought this note back from the future and. Now with the rain. Of course it's the race. But what does that mean? It means your future hasn't been written yet. No one has. Your futur...
Doctor thought I'd never see again.
Don't shoot the fleas off a dog's back at 500 yards. Cannon head. It's pointed straight in your head.
Evan. What can I get you? The usual. Need something a lot stronger than that tonight? Sass? Barella whiskey? Chester whiskey, ma'am, Are you sure you know what happened to you on the 4th of July? W...
Excuse me, Mr Eastwood, I just need to take your measurement. Oh, look, pal, I don't want to buy a suit. It's for your coffin. My coffin? Well, the odds are running 2 to one against you. Might as w...
Excuse me, what?
Excuse me. I don't know who you think you are, but we're dancing duck. You what we have here, and you're going to introduce me to the lady. I'd like a dance. I wouldn't give you that pleasure. You'...
Get him out of that shit.
Give me some coffee. Black joy coffee.
Good evening. Evening. You look very nice. Thank you. Would you like? But the parents are there to.
Great, Scott.
Great, Scott.
Great, Scott.
Great, Scott. It's me. It is true. All of it. It is me who goes back there. Good shot. It's not going to happen, Doc, after you fix the time circuits and put new tires on the DeLorean, I'm going ba...
He'll be a spectacular wreck, too bad, and all will be around to see it.
Here, stick this close pin on his nose. And when he opens up his mouth, go ahead and pour it on down his gun. Oh, it stand back.
Hey Frisbee, far out. What was the matter that it was right in front of him?
Hey, Butthead, get away. Watch your beer, 40. I didn't mean to scare you. I didn't recognize you in those clothes. How are you doing? Just putting on the second coat now. You go to cowboy, huh?
Hey, good morning, Mr inkwood. Morning. Have a cigar, Mr Eastwood? Anything I can do for you today, Mr Eastwood? No, it's fine. But we'll be praying for you. Thank you. Good morning, Mr Eastwood, i...
Hey, just tell me one thing. Where did you learn to shoot like this 711?
Hey, look at that, the tombstone. Mark, let me see that coming back again. My name is vanished. Hey, it's great, doc. Don't you get it? We're going back to the future tomorrow. So everything's bein...
Hey, Marty, who you supposed to be? Clint Eastwood?
Hey, Mr Mr Eastwood, here's your gun. Mr Thanks, kid.
How do you do this time?
How fast would you go? Wow. Had her up to 55 myself. I hear that fairness. Frank Burgo about one of these after near 70 out by his 30 junction. It's possible to get it up to 9090 carnations. Practi...
How many brown? How to service Miss? I'm Clayton. Clerically. What a beautiful name.
How much does he have? None. That's the first one. He hasn't touched it yet. He just likes to hold it.
I apologize for the crudity of this model, but I know it's not the scale. It's OK, doc.
I can assure you, Sir, there are other women. I have peddling this barbed wire all across the country has taught me one thing certain is that you never know what the future might bring. The future ...
I could repair it right away and have it for you tonight.
I don't dance very well with my partner has a gun in his hand. All you are, you learn.
I don't know. Maybe we can just take Claire with us. To the future. She reminded me, Marty, I'm a scientist, so I must be scientific about this. I caution you about disrupting the continuum for you...
I found myself up as a blacksmith as a front while I attempted to repair the damage to the time circuits. Unfortunately, this proved impossible because suitable replacement parts will not be invent...
I got it. We can simply roll it down a steep hill. No, we never find a small enough service. Unless, of course, ICE will wait until winter when the lake freezes over, went through dark. What are yo...
I hate manure.
I have buried the lion and the abandoned Delgado mine adjacent to the old Boot Hill Cemetery, as shown on the enclosed map. Hopefully it should remain undisturbed and preserved until you uncover it...
I really like that hat, Marty.
I think you'll find that barn comfortable. Never had any complaints about it from the pigs.
I told you to watch your backs for me.
I wanted to do that all my life.
I wish I'd never invented that infernal time machine. It's caused nothing but disaster.
I'd like you to have this brand new Colt Peacemaker and Gun Bill free of charge. Free. I want everybody to know that the gun that shot the few pretended was a Colt Peacemaker. Hey, no problem. Than...
I'll tell you what I'll do, Mr Eastwood. I hope you find your blacksmith friend. You can stay the night in the barn. And tomorrow I'll take you as far as the railroad tracks. You can follow him str...
I'm not want to pry into a man's personal affairs, but exactly how is it that you came to be way out here? Is that a horse or boots? Or hot well. My cock horse broke down and and ferret my boots an...
I've been hanging McFly.
I've been hanging McFly. Hey, needles. Nice shadow wheel. Let's see what she can do next. Green light? No, thanks. What's the matter, chicken?
I've come to say goodbye. Goodbye. Where are you going? I'm going away. Well, I'm afraid I'll never see you again. Damn it. I don't know. I want you to know that I care about you deeply. But I real...
I've never seen a man so broken up over a woman. What do you say her name was? Cara. Sarah. Clara. Clara. Excuse me, ma'am. But with this man, tall, with great big brown puppy dog eyes and long, si...
In about 10 minutes, he's going to be a sober as a priest. On Sunday, 10 minutes. Why do we have to cut these things so damn close?
It's a derringer Smithy. Small but effective. Last time I used it fell. It took two whole days to die, led to death inside. It was real pain. That means you'll be dead by about supper time Monday.
It's a war, right? I knew it. I have seen that look in a man's face 1000 times all across the country. All I can tell you, friends, you'll get over her. Claire is one in a million, one in a billion...
It's all right, Copernicus. Everything's going to be fine.
It's been buried here for 70 years, two months and 13 days. Astounding.
It's perfect. Nice long run that goes clear across the bridge over the ravine, you know, over near that Hilldale housing development right there. But according to this map. There is no bridge. Well...
It's refrigerator.
Ken. You hear me wrong. That's the next thing, you gutless yellow pie Slinger. He's an asshole. I don't care what Tannen says, and I don't care what anybody else says either.
Ladies and gentlemen. As mayor of Hill Valley, it gives me great pleasure to dedicate this clock to the people of Hill County. May it stand for all time.
Let's finish it right now. Marshall's got our guns. Finish this tomorrow. Tomorrow we're robbing the Pine City stage. What about Monday? We doing anything Monday? No Monday. Be fine. You can kill t...
Let's go boys, that they didn't have their party.
Let's just get the DeLorean ready and get the hell out of here.
Listen, you gotta back order this place. Yes, in the back.
Listen. I'm not really feeling up to this today. So I'm going to have to forfeit, forfeit, forfeit. What that mean? It means that you win without a fight. Without you. You can't do that because you...
Look, if your horse threw his shoe, bring them back and I'll show him. And don't shut that horse.
Man, hey, I just told you that even a baby can handle this weapon. Surely you're not afraid to try something that a baby could do? Hey, I'm not afraid enough to. Come on, man. Let's just step up he...
Marty Luggage on the dashboard would tell us the boiler temperature. It's color-coded to indicate when he saw wildfire being yellow and red. Each destination will be covered by a sudden burst of ac...
Marty, why are you wearing that gun? You're not considering going up against talent tomorrow talk tomorrow morning. I'm going back to the future with you review for 10 and comes looking for trouble...
Marty, yeah. I've made a decision. I'm not going with you tomorrow. I'm staying here. What are you talking about, Doc? There's no point in denying it. I'm in love with Clara. Oh, man, Doc, we don't...
Marty, you're going to have to do something about those clothes. You walk around town just like that. You'll have to get shot or hanged. What idiot dressed in that outfit? You did.
Money boy.
My gay fetch the water. We get a hard spot here.
My God, you see the way she was looking at you? She did have quite a scare, right? After all, Miss Clayton almost ended up in the bottom of Clayton Revie. Holy shit. Hey, Doc, Clayton Ravine was na...
Never consider the future. Poor Martin. God rest his soul. Sure, and I hope you're considering the future mysterious wood. I think about it all the time.
No. Stop.
Oh, thank you Sir. You saved me. Life.
Peter. Where are you going now? Back to the future? Nope, already in there.
Prepare to meet your maker, blacksmith.
Proud of my back by Beaufort Patton over a matter of $80.
Rage. There's a whole lot. Exercise 6 periment.
Reminds me of the time I attempted to reach the center of the Earth. I've been reading my favorite author, choose Fern. I spent weeks preparing that expectation. I didn't even get this far, of cour...
Right. Let's get going.
Shot in the back, but you've had cannon for a matter of $80.00. What kind of a future do you call that?
Smile, Marshall. After all, this is a party. The only party I'll be smiling at is the one that sees you at the end of a rope.
Take a gander at them. Moccasins. What kind of skins is them? What's that rotten mean knee Kay, what is that, some sort of Asian talk or something?
Take a look and see what just breathed in the door. Why? I didn't know the circus was in town. Must have got that shirt off on a dead Chinese.
Take this camera. I want to document everything.
Tell him an excuse me, but my friend and I have to catch a train. Here's Julian blacksmith and to the future. Amen. Amen. Helmet no. Back. Come on, doc. Wake up. Wake up, doc. How many do you have?...
Tell me when, gentlemen.
That brought, I'm going to test your mother with the latest product from Colonel Samuel Colt, Patent Firearms manufacturing company, Hartford, CT.
That guy. What are you doing? I've lost to Marty. There's nothing left for me here. All right? That's why you got to come back with me. Where? Back to the future.
That was just a reflex action. Going to take a few more minutes with stuff to really clear up here.
That's how you handle him, son. Never give him an inch and maintain discipline at all times. Remember that word. Discipline. I will, Paul.
That's the next thing, you gutless yellow pie Slinger.
The clothes fit. Yeah, everything except the boots, doctor. Kind of tight, I don't know. You should have stepped up their Dick, of course. Have you ever seen a Western? Yeah, I have doc. Clint East...
The place. Now it goes. You never can tell. Go.
There are plenty worse places to be than the Old West. I could have ended up in the dark ages. They will probably would have burned me at the stake as a heretic or something.
There is people. Where they're dancing with that piece of calico. What are you going to do, ball? Big boy this muzzle deep enough in this back, nobody will hear the shot. Careful before you ain't g...
Thumbs up, run.
Time said it's on.
To Lou.
Tomorrow night, Sunday. We loaded the lion onto the tracks here on the spur right by the old abandoned silver mine. The switch track is where the spur runs off the main line, 3 miles out to Clayton...
Too early like you, Mr Eastwood.
Travis, wouldn't expect to see you here this morning. Hey, what's something inside me? Told me I should be here. As if my future had something to do with it.
Umm. Mom, is that you? They are there now. You've been asleep for nearly six hours now. And this horrible nightmare. Trim down. Dreamed I was in a western. I was being chased by all these. Indians....
Wake up. I can't. You got me to run to Kim Hill early. Boss, you hurry. Hungry.
We got ourselves a new courthouse part time. We had to hang here.
We may have to blast.
Well done. Now we know Claire is. Marty, it's impossible. The idea that I could fall in love at first sight is fermenting. Nonsense. There's no scientific rationale for that. Come on, Jackson. Scie...
Well, back. It's destroyed. Like you want it.
Well. Good luck for both of our sakes. See you in the future. You mean the past exactly.
What do you mean you can be seeing lots of robots? Well, I might see you again, just in passing.
What does this mean? Point of no return. That's our fail safe point. Up until they are. We still have enough time to stop the locomotive before it plunges into the ravine, but once we pass this win...
What the hell?
What's wrong dude? You yellow? That's what I thought. Yeah. Nobody calls me yellow.
What's your name, dude? Mark. Eastwood. Clint Eastwood. What kind of stupid name is that? I'd say he's the runt of the litter. And now boys, would you take a look? See these pearly white hell, Eins...
Whoa, what a hate.
Whoa. I think you woke up the dead with that flash.
Why do you have to wear the boots? You can't wear those futuristic things back in 1885. You shouldn't be wearing them here in 1955.
Why, Mr Eastwood, Nice to see you. I see you got yourself some respectable clothes. Not not fine hats. Yeah, well, a couple of people didn't like the way the other one looked on me. Sure, and that ...
Will it be stranger? Ah. I'll have. Ice, water, ice. Water. You want water? You better go dunk your head in the horse troff out there. In here we pour whiskey.
Wow, that worked great.
Yeah, right when hi, noon, noon. I do my killing before breakfast 7:00 o'clock. 8:00 o'clock. I do my killing after breakfast.
You are nice one. The Charger clock and I'm calling you out. It's not 8:00 o'clock yet it is my mom watch. Let's settle this once and for all. Run. Alright, you got the gumps.
You better get out there, son. I got $20 gold band on you, so don't let me down three. I got $30 gold better, genius. So don't let me down 4. You better face up to it son, cause if you don't go out...
You can't keep a good time is down.
You heard of Mr Eastwood. You could have just walked away and nobody would have thought to Leslie for it. How it would have been was words. Hot air from a buffoon stayed. You let him roll you, roll...
You know, erased.
You know, on purpose. I think I'm stupid enough to race that asshole.
You know, Smithy, maybe I'll just take my $80.00 worth out of her. Whoa. Yeah, I bet there's something you can do. It's worth $80. I believe you've underestimated me, Mr. Ohh.
You owe me money, blacksmith. How do you figure? My horse threw a shoe, seen as he was the one that done the shoe. When I say that makes you responsible, well, since you never paid me for that job,...
You talking to me? You talking to me, Tannen? Well, I'm the only one here. Go ahead. Make my day.
You want to sober him up in a hurry, son? You're going to have to use something a lot stronger than coffee. Yeah. What do you suggest? Joey. Let's make some wake up juice.
You, gentlemen, will have to check your firearms if you want to join in on the festivities. We will make us tenderfoot you I am. Motion strictly, I didn't know you was back in town. You can't read ...
You. Hey, lighten up, jerk. My strong words were on you, man, enough to back them up with more than just a pipe plate.
You. Hey, lighten up, jerk. My strong words were on you, man, enough to back them up with more than just a pipe plate. Look, just leave my friends alone. What's wrong dude? You yellow? That's what I.
You're just not thinking 4th dimensionally, right? Right. I have a real problem with that.
You've been run squirrel.
Young man, how about you? You want to give it a try?
8:00 o'clock Monday. If you ain't here, I'll hug you and shoot you down like a duck. It's duck for you. Shoot him down like a dog.
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